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Who Are You?

Posted on Sun Aug 13th, 2017 @ 9:38pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure & Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Tactical/Security Office; Armoury 7
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 12:00

Emilie had left the cannon for the time being as she wanted to catch up on some paperwork in the office. Although she was acting head on loan from Starfleet Tactical the Belgian woman knew she still had to do all the paperwork that came with it. The doors to the office swished open and behind Emilie - who was in a world of her own until she heard a noise in the room. Emilie looked up and found it was from a man who she didn't recognise sitting in the chair behind the desk.

"Don't tell me. Captain Ainscow found a new Tactical Chief and didn't bother to tell me about it?" Emilie said.

"Clearly." Mark said. "Lieutenant Mark Whistler. I've been asked to fill in as Security and Tactical Chief." He said, putting a PADD to one side and picking up another. "Plenty of paperwork to go through. Apparently someone at Starfleet feels paperwork is a good use of time. Personally, I disagree."

Emilie nodded. "Well at least that means I can return to my assignment on Nova Mercia sooner than I expected. As for paperwork our opinions are much aligned - I dislike doing it and would much rather work on improving tactical systems and security protocols...but I suppose it's something that comes with being a department head. Unfortunately."

Mark nodded. "This is why I prefer being in battle." He commented, placing a PADD down on the desk. "What can you tell me about the alien shuttle?" He asked.

Emilie sat down in front of the desk - secretly relieved the paperwork was no longer her responsibility and she could focus on the hands-on tasks that she preferred doing.

"Not a lot at the moment. All I know is that the beam cannons are loosely similar to the weaponry used by the Borg. We removed one and have it in secure storage in one of our armouries which is off limits to avoid it being tampered with. If you aren't busy we can go and take it apart" Emilie responded.

"Works for me." Mark agreed. "You'd better lead the way, I don't know my way around yet."

Emilie nodded and turned on her heel - walking out of the door towards the turbolift. Making sure that Mark was in earshot so she didn't have to speak too loudly Emilie decided to find out a bit more about Mark's temporary assignment.

"Was this assignment arranged or was it just a chance encounter that Captain Ainscow asked you to stop by? I'm just curious by the way as it means I can get on with what I enjoy doing on a starship - until I can go back to my actual job that is" Emilie replied.

Following her, he held a PADD as he made notes. "Chance encounter, actually. I just finished a mission, kicking the crap out of kidnappers who thought they'd kidnap a little girl, daughter of a high ranking politician. I...educated them in the error of their ways."

"Ah so that's why the USS Georgia was here earlier. A recent transfer to the Gamma Quadrant if I remember correctly" Emilie said.

With the lift arriving Emilie entered and waited for Mark to enter before stating their destination.

"Deck 14"

Emilie spoke. "Well you'll be pleased to know the department is in decent order. We're still a bit short on numbers but not enough for it to cause any issues with manning levels. I expect some of the arrivals from the Georgia were security personnel...or at least I hope so"

"Couple of them. Not sure how long I'm here for, but apparently there was a need for me. Guessing shit's really hit the fan." Mark commented.

"You could probably say that. I'm half expecting something else to happen at some point but I guess that's part of being in Starfleet" Emilie responded.

The turbolift came to a halt on Deck 14 and Emilie led the way to the armoury. With her access code given the doors parted to let them enter - closing again once they were inside. Emilie walked up to the cannon on the table and turned on the portable screen positioned next to it.

"These are the internal schematics of the cannon. I feel it would be best to start with the emitter and learn what we can about that so I can create a simulation to gauge the true extent of its power" Emilie said.

"If I'm here, something's going to happen. It's why I get called in." Mark said grimly. "I'm the one person people call when there's a mission that people don't want." He said, as he looked at the cannon. "If you want to know the power, look at the source." He said. "This looks like it'll pack quite a punch."

Emilie grimaced and looked over at the schematic once again before giving the man an answer.

"If something happens it happens. That's why we're a part of Starfleet - expect the unexpected and home for the best but prepare for the worst. As for the power is located in a rather deep position inside it so we will have to take a lot of this casing off" Emilie replied.

Picking up a hyperspanner from the tool case next to the cannon the Belgian woman started to unscrew the bolts of the panel she wanted to remove.

Mark nodded. "Sounds like you know what you're doing. Have you made schematics of everything as you've taken them apart? If we can make our own versions, they might help. Some aliens tend to be weak against their own weapons, because they don't expect them to be used against them." Mark said, thinking back to a battle.

"I know Engineering are working on a simulation of their warp drive technology. I haven't made schematics of anything other than this yet - but I hope now you're here we can get it done quickly and formulate a defence" Emilie responded.

Emilie removed the first piece of the casing and started looking around inside the cannon and then up at the schematics to ensure she was looking in the right place for the power cell. A few minutes later she had the emitter removed and on the table behind them.

" we have it. Certainly looks more advanced than ours..." Emilie said.

Emilie started a scan of the emitter. As the scan progressed various parts of it appeared on a screen next to the table to form a schematic of it.

Mark looked at it and then at the screen. "Looks like the energy output is different to ours, makes their weapons stronger. Can we plug their energy source into our shields? Might give us a boost." He said. "Granted, I don't know much about engineering, but we might also need to reinforce our shield grid."

"It could be possible. We should speak with Captain Ainscow and Lieutenant Atkinson to see what they think about it...although will either of us be here long enough to complete the job?" Emilie said.

A few minutes later the scan had completed and a full schematic of the beam emitter was on the screen. Emilie touched the screen and moved the 3D schematic around to get a closer look at how it worked.

Emilie mused. "A junior officer made the determination that these emitters can switch between particle and forced plasma streams...I really would love to test one of these for real...although I doubt we'll get that chance. This is very similar to Ferengi technology although I would bet a year's salary that it is far more powerful"

"Well, let's see if we can copy the emitter into a Ferengi weapon. I'm assuming we have some aboard. Makes them stronger, gives us an edge." Mark said.

Emilie pondered for a moment. It did sound theoretically possible but it depended how long they had - and if they could get a Ferengi weapon in the first place.

"If we can get one from somewhere then it's worth a try. I feel it might be a good idea to take out the power cell as well because it's entirely possible a Ferengi weapon might not have enough power for this emitter. If there aren't any Ferengi weapons here then we could probably build one...but we would need to get the Captain involved and have assistance from Engineering too" Emilie responded.

"Shouldn't be that difficult to get a Ferengi weapon. Specs will likely be on file. If not, I'm sure there's a quartermaster somewhere around that can help." Mark replied. "Shove the power cell and the emitter in, or see if we can make our own weapon with Ferengi and this alien tech. Either way, we have a new weapon."

Emilie nodded. "Alright...let's get this power cell out. If you'd like to do that I'll get the Captain to come to us if she isn't too busy"

"Sure." Mark said, as he picked up a tool. Thankfully, whilst he wasn't good with engineering, he was very good with weapons. He could be good at engineering, but he found it so damned boring.

=/\="Delameilleure to Captain Ainscow. If you're free could you come and visit us in Armoury 7"=/\= Emilie said.

Claudia had left Akiva with Biynah to extract the information from the alien shuttle out of her database when she got the call from Emilie. She was hoping to get back to the bridge and order her lunch - but Emilie's call meant she would have to wait.

=/\="On my way"=/\= Claudia replied.

A couple of minutes later Claudia entered the armoury and looked around at the various components on the two tables. One was a partially disassembled cannon and another was a beam emitter with its associated power cell. Walking up to the duo Claudia asked why her presence was requested.

"What can I do for you?" Claudia asked.

"We have an idea. We need a Ferengi weapon." Mark said. "Preferably a good one, if such a thing exists. We figured this thing is similar to a Ferengi weapon, so shoving the power core and the emitter in a Ferengi weapon might let us make a new, more powerful weapon."

Claudia nodded. "Alright. Let's say we have one on board - which I'm not sure we do - how are we going to use it?"

"We can use one of the runabouts instead Captain. That way we can do the work without altering any of the Vindex's systems. Not only that it would give any enemies two targets to deal with instead of one" Emilie suggested.

"There's also the chance that their shields will be weak against their own weapons. Seen it before, an enemy doesn't expect their own weapons used against them." Mark added.

Claudia thought for a moment and then nodded.

"Alright. Use one of the runabouts - but make sure you speak to Lieutenants Atkinson and M'Rohass first. It could be an interesting project for you all to take part in" Claudia responded.

"I'll have to let Lieutenant Delamail....Dela...Lieutenant Emilie handle that. My knowledge of engineering is restricted to building weapons." Mark said. "Once this is done, you might think about promoting her to the Chief Role." He added. "She has a sharp mind."

Emilie wasn't surprised at Mark not being able to pronounce her surname - in fact she was often surprised if anyone could before she told them how to say it.

"Lieutenant is fine - but I'm not sure about that Mr Whistler. I have a job to go back to on Nova Mercia but I imagine I could stick around until you head back that way again" Emilie responded.

Claudia nodded. "Very well. As we're not due to arrive at Starbase Unity for another couple of days at least I'd like you two to get started with the project. Once you've determined a plan of action let me know and I'll see what materials I can have delivered to the ship when we get to the starbase"

Whistler nodded. "Yes ma'am." Mark said. "In the meantime, I've placed armed guards around the armory, and make sure only Security and Marines have access to it. Had a bit of an issue with your Intel Chief, and I'd rather not deal with him again if I can avoid it."

Claudia gave Mark a single nod with another to Emilie before turning on her heel and leaving the Armoury. With other things to be getting on with Claudia was looking forward to seeing how it would turn out.

"So...shall we get started?" Emilie asked.

"Sure." Mark agreed. "I love making stuff to blow up. Where shall we begin?"


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