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Flurry of Blows

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 12:02am by Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: USS Vindex - Deck 26 (Marine Tactical Fitness Room)
Timeline: Mission Day 101: 11:35

As he looked at the now ruined punch bag, Mark sighed and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. A towel hung over his shoulders, and the bag was on the floor. He shook his head and picked it up. He took it over to the large equipment replicator, and created a new punching bag, recycling the old one.

Hanging it up, he began to punch the bag, again and again, feeling annoyed and wanting to get out as much anger as he could. "Bloody asshole." He muttered to himself.

The Afrikaner entered the Tactical Fitness Room (TFR) having already been told that they had an interloper. It wasn't that fleeters weren't allowed on Decks 25 and 26, it was just that they avoided them. For good reason.

"Make a wrong turn back on Deck 11?" he asked, making his way behind the bag, grabbing its sides and placing it between him and the clearly bitter Tac/Sec officer.

"No, the gym on Deck 11 wasn't exactly suitable for a good workout." Mark replied, as he began to punch the bag. "Found this place, better equipped."

"That it is...that it is," he replied, keeping the bag in place against the flurry of blows with the weight of his body. After a round, Storr indicated they trade places and the MCO began landing successive kicks, punches and blows to the bag.

"I don't recognize to the Vindex?"

"Temp transfer. Mark Whistler, I'm the acting Sec/Tac chief, for the next couple of days." Mark replied, holding the punchbag. "Never been one to stick around much."

"Whistler...interesting name," Garlake said, landing his last punch onto the bag and then stepped aside, re-wrapping his hands before extending one. "Names Storr, Storr Garlake. I'm the MCO around here and I'm sure that we'll be working together in the long as you want to stay around that is."

Mark took the hand and shook it. "Not sure I will be, but while I'm here, I'll be glad to work alongside you. Always respected Marines, you know how to fight, and defend others." He said. "I always wondered why Marines weren't assigned to fleet ships earlier. God only knows what's out here, and Starfleet only sends people who haven't seen real combat out there? Not exactly smart."

"Well," Storr began, "If I remember correctly, we have been around, just in much smaller numbers. The Marines have never been large in size but we've made up for it with tenacity, martial skill, and pride. Regardless," he continued, walking towards the back of the room and hanging up his gi top, "Starfleet is not a combat organization. Yes, there is no doubt boogeymen out there but for good or ill, the Marines fill the role of experience in that area. Besides," he said with a chuckle, "can you imagine those pantywaists in San Fransisco trying to understand combat? Leave it to the experts."

"I'm glad there are some aboard. The so called security on this ship is laughable. None of them know much about real combat." Mark said. "I grew up on it. Every day, woke up wondering how many fights I'd be in, how many people I'd be forced to kill. Security...nothing secure about them." Mark replied. "None of them carry weapons on this ship either. You'll never catch me unarmed."

"Perhaps," the MCO intoned as the two slowly meandered their way to the exit of the training bay, "but if you're going to be a leader of men, I'd suggest leading by example, not beratement. People tend to respond a bit better when the finger is pointing forward than in their chest. That," he chuckled and extended his hand again for a final shake, "and cursing. I find a base vocabulary does wonders for motivation."

Mark sighed. "Leading was a lot easier on Turalek, because there wasn't rules, or subtleties or even guides for training. It was pure combat, you learned to fight or you died. The only exceptions were people like my sister, who I made sure didn't have to fight." He said. "But I appreciate the advice. I'll remember the cursing part." He added, shaking the man's hand.

"See that you do, Lieutenant...see that you do."


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