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Packing A Little Heat

Posted on Mon Jul 18th, 2016 @ 9:01pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Armory

A couple of crewmen held their breaths as Nurse Takahashi passed through their corridors, but Sickbay business wasn't on her mind at the moment. She entered SEC and politely approached Tora, "Lieutenant Benjarvi?"

Benj looked up at the sound of the approaching person. It was Nurse Takahashi. He didn't tense up, but he had heard the rumors and stories about her affinity with needles. Growing up in a Bajoran refugee camp, he was use to the more "intrusive" medical arrangements. Still, being stabbed with a hollow metal tube and having his life force drained from him as some of the people put it, wasn't a particularly pleasing thought.

"Good Morning Ensign Takahashi. What can I do for you today? I'm not scheduled for my examination until 1900 hours tonight."

Still bound by cultural impulse to offer a bow of greeting, Otoha smiled lightly, "No, Lieutenant. I am not here to drag you off for medical evaluations." She folded her hands low, "Actually, I have come here to request that a weapon be issued to me. Specifically, a rent-a-cop phaser one that is only capable of emitting stuns." She momentarily pulled a #3 laser probe from her pocket to show him, "I can improvise with hypos and laser tools, but I would prefer something less damaging."

Benj paused for just a second and turned and gave Otaha an evaluating stare. The edges of his mouth turned up quickly into a smile at a thought. "We would not be using this weapon to compel people to have their exams taken, would we?", he said in a tone that indicated he was joking. the crew behind him, though, probably thought it was a serious consideration.

She returned a serene smile, "No, Sir. I think that electrical shock prods work nicely enough."

"Do you know what your weapon's rating is?" Of course Benj could look it up, but he asked anyway. Even in the fields of Science and Medicine, basic weapon usage was taught to everyone, so everyone had a rating, of sorts, if they came through the Academy. If they didn't... well then they would need to be given one. That was now Benj task.

"I was torn between base cycle and severe stun. Base cycle will stop humans, but they only make Klingons angry. Yet, I still don't to risk the possibility of hurting humans." Her real motivation came out. She conveyed it with serious eye contact. "Especially if I were to become telepathically dominated by the enemy." She calmed, "Why don't we just confine it to base cycle. If we ever encounter hostile Klingons..." Otoha had to stop herself and look aside, "Hostile Klingons... I am being redundant." She continued, "You can issue more stout weapons, should the need arise."

Benj nodded. "Ensign Carter, can you take over for me for a moment?" Ensign Carter moved over to assume his tactical station. Benj indicated with his open hand toward one of the lockers in the rear of the Security Office. "If you will follow me, I have two different weapons that you can choose from." Then he moved to the rear of the office toward one of the lockers. On the keypad next to the locker, Benj quickly typed in his passcode and then gave a bio reading. The latch clicked and Benj opened the locker.

There were two rows of phaser rifles... the standard edition and a row of pulse phaser rifles. Underneath them were two rows of phasers. On the door itself, there were two rows of "stunners" as Benj called them. Phaser type weapons that only had a stun setting. He picked up two of them. Handing the larger to Ensign Takahashi, he said...

"This one here is a bit bulky being about the same size as a standard phaser. It has only a stun setting, but it does have 3 different levels of stun. The charge holds up to 30 shots before being run out." He handed her the second one. This one was much smaller, fitting in the palm of your hand and was much more discreet. It was a holdout.

"This weapon is a holdout stunner. It only has one setting and can fit neatly into the palm of your hand or tucked in a pocket with little detection. Unfortunately, it only holds about 10 shots before its charge is depleted. The larger weapon takes external power packs while the smaller doesn't. It needs to be connected to a power access port here in Security to be charged."

He paused for a second. "Did you want to try them both out before making your decision?"

Otoha stared at him with a pained expression for several moments. "When did we drop from a million level-one discharges to ten? In a planetary survival situation, I'd be dead in minutes. And an isomorphic charger?" She shook her head and returned the weapon, "Neither of these is of any use to me. Thank you, but I'll stick with hypos and laser probes. I'll live longer."

Benj took the weapons back from the Ensign, but a smile grew along his face. "I'm just messing with you, Ensign. You are correct, both weapons carry the same charge as their normal counterparts." Benj didn't know if he should joke with the Ensign, but she seemed so serious and he just wanted to see her smile. One of two things would happen. Either she would acknowledge the joke and think it was funny... or it would take her 5 times to find the right vein with the needle at his next checkup.

"Seriously though. Either one would suit your needs."

She squinted at him with tightly pursed lips. If he had good hearing, he would've picked up her faint growl of an exhale. Otoha had to be good, however. She needed his help and this wasn't her 'domain'. Tension melted a smile across her face and she sweetly announced, "I'll take the little one, with biometric security if you please. I don't want anyone shooting me with my own weapon."

Benj tapped on his PADD, putting in a reminder to add that the weapon in question was being assigned to Ensign Takahashi. "Well, if anything goes wrong with it, or you feel like it isn't what you need, just bring it back in." Benj turned and shut the weapons locker and sealed it back with his code. "What else can I help you with today, ma'am?"

Otoha appreciated the 'ma'am', considering that she was of lower rank. "No. Thank you, Sir."

Benj nodded. "I guess I will be seeing you at 1900 hours then ma'am. Until then, have a wonderful day. Now if you will excuse me, I have a 1:1 evaluation to give." Giving a slight bow, Benj made his departure from Otoha and moved back to the security office. It was time for Ensign Carter's performance evaluation.

Lt. Jg. Tora Benjarvi
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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