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Throwing A Spanner In The Works

Posted on Fri Aug 25th, 2017 @ 6:46pm by Lieutenant Megan Atkinson & Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Jefferies Tube; Engineering Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 12:40

Megan had not heard from the bridge since her initial call - but at least they had managed to find someone else to join their ranks. Megan recalled sending Shadi up into the Jefferies tube to check on something but the Saurian had obviously not finished her task because she was not in engineering when the intruders - whoever they were - stormed in and took over.

" I glad to see you. Main Engineering has been overrun and as far as I'm aware yourself and Mr Fulton were the only others besides myself who got out before being caught. We should find somewhere less cramped so we can actually stand up and work out a plan" Megan said.

Shadi split her scaly face in a terrifying grin. "Lieutenant Megan Atkinson! I am pleased you're happy to see me again. I thought... that I had shamed myself before you." She looked to Finn. "And Ensign Finn Fulton! I am eager to prove my valor before you. My blade is yours... except that I do not have it with me." She hissed with frustration. "So, where do we go from here?"

"The lab we put the warp coil" Finn suggested, "It is shielded, and we allowed access to some Main Engineering systems there so we could monitor things in case it messed around with the ship."

Megan nodded. "I think that's probably our best course of action. I believe there is a hatch to access the lab but we'll have to head through that shaft there"

"Is there a locker or something near by we can grab some weapons?" Finn began, "I'd be much happier with a phaser in my hand. I can't remember there being one on the way."

Megan shrugged. "I'm not sure. But Finn is right - we should arm ourselves before we secure the engineering lab in the event we're discovered. Let's get moving before anyone finds us up here...I suspect it won't be long before they come looking"

Shadi hissed again and shook her head in the negative. "Fear not, for I shall be your weapon. I am daughter-spawn of the Ragolar clan. On my honor, no harm shall befall you."

Megan climbed into the nearest shaft and started crawling away from their position. She hated the Jefferies Tubes at times - they were small and cramped - but they were rather useful. Especially in situations like this.

Shadi slithered ahead with ease. "Which way are we going?"

"Follow me and you will find out Ms Zatra. It won't take too long...I hope" Megan responded

Climbing out of the Jefferies Tube hatch which was closest to the Engineering Lab she scanned the vicinity for a weapons locker. There was one about ten metres away in the other direction - and after ensuring there were no enemies in the area Megan summoned the others from the hatch.

"The locker's over that way. Let's get some weapons and secure the lab before we get spotted" Megan instructed.

Shadi halted in her tracks. "Allow me," she said with a gag. Soon her entire torso wracked with convulsions while she hacked like a dying animal. She held up a single claw in a silent request for them to give her a moment.

In a final, throat-splitting yak, Shadi regurgitated a thin cylindrical piece of metal that was less than half a meter long. She shook it clean of juices and fluids, then presented it to Finn.

"As I swore to you, Ensign Fulton..." Shadi swiveled her hand outward in a flourish, extending a razor sharp flat blade from the cylinder. She swung it in a figure-eight quadruple arc before bringing it to rest with both hands over her face. Her words were punctuated by the crackle of ionized air surrounding the blade, giving it a faint ultraviolet glow. "... you have my blade."

"Shadi," Finn looked at the blade, still some drops of fluid remaining, "you're good, you keep the blade. Hand to hand isn't my thing." He turned and went to grab a phaser, trying to hide his gag reflex. At first, he thought of placing it in his belt and changed his mind, keeping it in his hand instead. However, he did grab another and place it in his belt after all. "Ready," he called out, mustering up all and whatever courage he had to face any kind of altercation ahead. If he could handle Bolians aggressively hitting on him, he could handle anything, at least, that is what the young Ensign told himself.

Shadi recoiled at the suggestion of Finn taking her blade. "Thisss blade has been handed down in my clan from brood to brood! I merely pledged it in your service. You may never wield it, for it is not truly mine to give away."

She swung it close and planted the hilt against the small of her back in another flourish. The blade pointed up with its blade parallel to her body in reverse grip. "Just call out the adversary when he appearsss."

Megan took three hand phasers out of the locker and handed them around. Staying on high alert for any potential enemies Megan reached the lab door and entered the code to open the doors. With the door unlocked she headed inside - gesturing for Finn and Shadi to join her at the main computer console.

"Alright...what ideas do we have? I was thinking we could do a fake core breach which could cause some confusion and allow our staff to take advantage of the situation" Megan said.

"I say we take their headsss!" Shadi narrowed her eyes to vengeful slits.

Megan nodded. "I'd very much like to do that as well but we need to flush them out of Engineering first. There's too much dangerous equipment in there and one misplaced shot could have catastrophic consequences"

"Core breach could work," Finn started to muse, "run the core a little hotter, vent some plasma, set off a few alarms, have the computer threaten to dump the core." He turned to a console and brought up some of the core's specifications. "The only problem being it will need to be very convincing since they will be very close to the core. We run the risk of running some actual damage and not just singe some exhaust vents and emergency systems."

"You're right there Ensign. The only advantage we might have is that they'll be unfamiliar with our warp core systems. We might be able to trick the computer into thinking a breach is occurring so all the alarms will sound as they would if a real one breach happening. We could probably vent some harmless gas around the core for added effect. The only thing is that might take time - something we don't really have" Megan suggested.

Shadi stepped forward. "You two do... whatever you just sssaid. On your signal, I will charge them. The gas won't harm me. I'll try to separate the aliens from the tasty hostages."

"Alright. Finn - could you come and help me over here with the programme? Once we're ready Shadi you can take the lead and we'll follow behind" Megan replied.

Finn joined Megan at the console and began making the necessary preparations. "Ok, the core is beginning to heat up," Finn began, "I'll set it to trigger from a tricorder. It won't be noticeable until we activate it. This way, with less of a drastic temperature change, less things are likely to go wrong and get damaged."

Megan nodded. "Good idea...I'd imagine Captain Ainscow will probably give me a dressing down and have me cleaning in the kitchen for a month if I damaged the engines purposefully. Is there a range limit on your tricorder?"

Without giving Finn a chance to answer Megan, Shadi charged forward to attack. She leaned at an impossible 45-degree angle, her glowing plasma sword held at the small of her back, and hissed indecipherable curses in her headlong rush toward the warp core.

Megan turned to see the Saurian engineer had charged out of the lab and straight into Main Engineering - before they were ready to implement their plan.

"Shadi! We aren't ready!" Megan hissed.

In what would be described as his most colourful flourish of his Scottish accent while on board, Finn swore quite audibly. Very audibly.

"We need to get a move on. They'll come and find us here any second" Megan whispered.

"The tricorder is set up, I think," Finn panicked. "It may be a bit more short range than I would like. But it is the best I can get now." He swore once again, "Remind me to take away those tools I gave Shadi for this!"

Megan nodded and grabbed her phaser. Taking the lead to ensure that the tricorder was protected at all costs Megan peered around the side slowly to make sure nobody was watching - although with the weapons fire all over the place it was too risky.

"If I cover you are you ready to make a run for the core?" Megan asked.

"Ready," Finn nodded, taking a phaser into one hand and the primed tricorder into the other.

"Shoot it!" the lead alien shouted.

Two of his colleagues started shooting at Shadi in the hope they could take out what looked like quite a well armed opponent. Their weapons were powerful but they weren't much good if their captors managed to relieve the aliens of them.

Shadi brought her telescopic plasma sword across the neck and shoulder of the foremost alien. The cybernetic augmentations deflected the slash a bit, but no more than heavy armor might. She had the point whirled upward in a flash, then twirled in a circle to meet the same alien's neck from the other side.

Another alien stepped forward and caught the sword in his armored forearm. Shadi increased the plasma pulsation with a thumb press. He cried out while he watched his arm melt like better. Before he could retaliate, Shadi had stepped back to reposition, and then stabbed her sword through his cybernetic eye.

"If you're going to do sssomething, now would be a good time!" she called back to Megan and Finn as she ripped her sword free in time to disarm the first alien who had managed to raise his weapon.

"Get to the core. We'll cover you" Megan instructed.

Megan peered out of the doorway and started to lay down cover fire to protect her colleague - and divert their fire away from systems they could strike and do serious damage.

Keeping low to the ground, his head even lower, Finn managed to sprint his way to the core, covering himself with a console and some of the braces that held up the railings that circled the area. The engineer began to set the activation sequence.

Amidst the scuffle, Shadi noticed the fourth alien had thrown Lucinda free in order to train his weapon on Finn and Megan.

"No!!!" Shadi jumped between him and her friends. Her shoulder caught the full phaser blast, which severed her arm clean. The plasma sword extinguished and fell to the deck with a thud.

"Ensign... Finn... Fulton," Shadi gasped from her bloody half-prone position. "My... blade... is... yours."

"Shadi!" Finn called as he completed the activation for their warp core plan.

Lucinda rushed to assist Shadi whilst Megan kept laying down covering fire. The El-Aurian's instincts kicked in straight away - even though she was in the middle of a shootout she wasn't going to leave Shadi without any assistance. The Saurian had taken a serious injury to protect her and the Engineers who had been taken hostage.

"You're going to be alright. Just hang in there Shadi" Lucinda reassured.

Despite Lucinda's ministrations, Shadi struggled to keep conscious amidst the loss of blood. "It's just a flesh wound, Doctor. I've had worssse." And then her eyes closed.


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