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The Alamo

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 10:30pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant Commander Arturo M'Rohass

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 12:45

Arturo was already carrying his stiletto and a hand phaser when he stopped by his quarters and retrieved his downsized rapier and main gauche...and his hat and cloak, basically the essentials any good hero needed for fighting bandits and road agents. Then he stopped by the armory for a phaser carbine, spare power packs for the pistol and rifle. He found Lieutenant JG Muniz there, gearing up as well.

"Greetings, Lieutenant!" Arturo said. "It seems we are to defend the ship against evil doers together, side by side, Compagni in armi, eroi..."

Arturo looked and noticed that Muniz didn't understand what he was saying.

"Comrades in arms!" He said. "Heroes! Together we will drive off the bandits and road agents attempting to take over this ship!"

José was very confused as to what the Caitian man was on about. He was doing some extra hours to get on top of some maintenance he had deferred from yesterday due to illness.

"Forgive me for asking Lieutenant - but what is going on exactly? We had a load of aliens come in here and shoot the place up and disappear again. Surely they won't make it back up here again" José replied.

"Honestly," Arturo said in a conspiratorial voice. "I'm not really following what's going on. All I'm really sure of is that these aliens are after the shuttle we've got locked up in our bay and our gallant captain has ordered us to prevent them from getting it. So! Grab a pistol, a rifle, and various and sundry grenades, and let's go set up a defensible position!"

José nodded. "Let's do that - it might be wise for us to try and put a forcefield behind the main doors seeing as they damaged the access controls on the other side. We haven't managed to repair it yet so it would still be quite easy for them to get back in if they wanted to"

"Absolutely," Arturo said, strapping on a bandoleer of grenades, various and sundry, just as he'd ordered Jose to do. "Are you ready? Let's go!"

Arturo tore off down the corridor, headed for the shuttle bay.

José collected a phaser rifle and a few hand phasers for everyone else present. There wasn't much hope of defending the main shuttlebay if only himself and Arturo were armed - especially with Security and the Marines most likely focused on Engineering. Once he was ready he too made haste to get back to the shuttlebay which he was working in when the aliens struck.

Once the two officers had arrived in the shuttlebay José was pleased to find people working on repairing the doors - but it was slow going with no engineers available to help out. He walked up to Arturo and handed him three hand phasers which he had managed to fit into the pockets on his uniform.

"I will help King and Evensen repair those doors. Here's some more hand phasers for you to hand out to those with firearms experience" José said.

As Arturo handed out the phasers, he noticed several cargo containers stacked off to the side. He walked over to them and looked them over. They were the heavy duty kind, designed to survive in the vacuum of space. He rapped his knuckles on one of them. They were solid enough. He stole a tricorder from a passing crewman and scanned the crates. According to the tricorder, they would stand up to quite of bit of energy weapon fire.

"You!" Arturo pointed to a random crewman, then to another. "And you! We are going to set up a defensible position outside the door! Come! Quickly now!"

José and the two officers managed to temporarily repair the door so that it would close properly - isolating the circuit so that the door could only be opened from the inside. It was going to create more work for the repair crews but it was the only way to throw up more barriers for the aliens.

Seeing Arturo was keen to get something done the Spaniard threw his rifle over his shoulder and walked up to him.

"The doors are secured - we can only open them from the inside so there's no way they're getting in. How can I help here?" José asked.

"I'm erecting a barricade outside of the doors," Arturo said. "I know it seems safer to sit inside the bay and hope they can't figure a way in, but that gives us no control over the situation. If we have to fight that way, it would be on their terms. No, I and anyone willing to volunteer will man a defensive position outside of the bay and hold back our uninvited guests. The rest of you will remain inside the bay as a second line of defense should the doors be breached. I'll need you to set that up in here. Lastly, we need to prepare for the eventuality that the doors will be breached and those inside are unable to stop them. These men and women have had basic small unit tactics training. They know what a defensible position looks like and I've explained what I need them to do. They'll be fine on their own. I need you to rig the bay's tractor presser beam so, in the worst case scenario, you can eject the shuttle from the bay. Once it's clear, you, or whoever is in charge inside, is going to need this."

Arturo handed Jose a small device with a button on it.

"It's a remote detonator," Arturo said. "While you're rigging the tractor presser beam, I'm going to put a little surprise in the shuttle."

Taking the detonator from Arturo he looked at it curiously before placing it in his pocket. He was a bit confused but now he was down to the deputy head role José wasn't as in the loop as his girlfriend was - with Nealey still in an acting head role.

"I can do that. But did the Captain say we could jettison the shuttle?" José asked.

"She said she didn't want our guests getting their hands on it," Arturo said. Arturo tapped his commbadge. "Lieutenant M'Rohass to Captain Ainscow."

Now set up in the Strategic Operations Center she was pleased to hear from the Caitian officer. With his task to protect the main shuttlebay from the aliens Claudia was keen for an update on the situation. It was a timely hail.

=/\="Ainscow here Lieutenant. What's the situation down in the shuttlebay?"=/\= Claudia asked.

"We've set up defenses," Arturo said. "However, I do need to know how far you want me to go as far as keeping the shuttle out of the hands of our guests. If they breach the Shuttle Bay's interior entrance, I am prepared, if you are agreeable, to jettison and destroy the shuttle to keep it from falling into enemy hands. I'd say we simply jettison it, but then our friends outside could simply tractor it in. Alternately, I could try to fly it out myself and make a break for it. If neither of those options appeal to you, I could rig the shuttle up with stun grenades. They might fry some of the shuttle's on board electronics, but mostly they'll just knock out our guests...I hope. Of course, these are worst case scenarios. I have no intention of letting them in here to begin with."

=/\="If they come for it and breach your defences then jettison it and hold it with a tractor beam as long as you can. If they overrun you and get control of the tractor emitters then you may blow it up. Don't destroy it unless it's absolutely necessary though Lieutenant"=/\= Claudia replied.

José listened and although he wasn't questioning his superior's orders he just wanted to be sure - with that clarification he was happy to proceed with the plan. He didn't want himself or Arturo getting into trouble over destroying the shuttle.

"Well then," Arturo said. "We have our answer. Get the tractor/presser beams warmed up. If it comes to jettisoning and blowing up that shuttle, you're going to want to be able to move fast. Someone will have to remain inside the control room, someone with the testicoli to jettison that shuttle when the time comes, regardless of the danger to the crew in the bay. If that has to be you, so be it."

José nodded. "That will be me Lieutenant. Although I do plan on coming out of the booth alive - but in the event that I don't then please let know Nealey that I love her. When we come out of this then you and I are going for a drink"

José moved over to the control room and warmed up the tractor emitters - meaning that all he would have to do now is press a button if the shuttle needed to be jettisoned. It was going to be a risky manoeuvre but with any luck it wouldn't have to be performed.

=/\="Muniz to M'Rohass. Tractor beams are ready"=/\= José reported.

Arturo finished putting the final touches on the explosive in the shuttle. If his calculations were correct, there would be little left for anyone to study if the device was detonated.

=^=Copy that, Muniz. If we have to do this, make sure to give this thing a good shove before you activate the detonator. I would hate to see what this explosive device would do to the interior of the shuttle bay.=^=

Quickly checking he still had the detonator he retrieved it and took a quick look at it before returning it to his pocket.

=/\="Aye Lieutenant"=/\= José responded.

Arturo went over to where he'd left his weapons. He found the crewmen who'd volunteered to hold the barricade outside of the shuttle bay's interior doors. They had solemn looks on their faces.

"Thank you all for volunteering," Arturo said. "I know that there are some who think we should hide in here behind the sealed door and hope for the best, hope that Security or the Marines will arrive and save the day. It is possible they will actually arrive. If we want to be alive to be 'saved', then we must hold the line here. We must prevent the enemy from reaching these doors for as long as we can hold out. I know that you are nervous, perhaps even fearful. Listen to these feelings, respect them, but do not let them control you. Remember: We are Starfleet. In the immortal words of James T. Kirk, risk is our business! Alright, do a final gear check and then take positions on the outer barricade, just as we discussed. I'll join you in a moment."

The crewmen, now standing a little taller and holding their heads a little higher, finished their gear check quickly and efficiently. The Shuttle Bay had a small armory of its own in case the bay crew was required to repel boarders in an emergency. There several rifles and carbines in addition to the phaser pistols you'd expect to find. When they were done checking their gear, they went out and took positions on the outer barricade as ordered.

=^=Muniz, M'Rohass,=^=Arturo said into his commbadge. =^=Once I'm on the other side of those doors, close and seal them behind me. Do not open them unless you here me say 'catnip'. If we've been over run and someone is trying to use me to get in here, I'll use the phrase 'feline leukemia'. Then you'll know that the enemy is going to start trying to get those doors open, and you'll know what you have to do next. Good luck, Lieutenant.=^=

Without waiting for a response Arturo walked through the doors, his cloak fluttering behind him, looking every bit the scariest four-foot, four-inch tall, tabby cat caitian anyone had ever seen.

=/\="Acknowledged. Good luck Lieutenant"=/\= José responded.

José waited patiently for any news. No news was good news - but so far everything seemed quiet. Surely the aliens would have tried to return to the shuttlebay if they were cornered in Engineering? They could be on their way already but José almost instantly put any thoughts of that to one side. This was a time where he would need to react instantly.

Five minutes later he decided to call Arturo again - just to make sure he was alright and that he hadn't been overrun before he could get word out to him.

=/\="Muniz to M'Rohass. Is everything alright out there?"=/\= José asked.

=^=Nothing yet Lieutenant. I am not sure whether to insulted, marginalized, disappointed, or relieved. Depending on what happens next, I may have to work on experiencing a combination of all of those feelings.=^=

No more than a few minutes later the call José was hoping for arrived. The aliens had been defeated and they could at least try and return to the duties they were performing before the incident.

=/\="Ainscow to the main shuttlebay. You'll be pleased to know we've subdued the aliens so you can stand down"=/\= Claudia said.

Arturo sighed. He had been hoping to take a more active role in defending the ship, but they also serve who set up elaborate defenses and then don't get to put them to use. Obviously the villains had heard that Arturo stood bravely between them and their objective and had chose to surrender, rather than suffer defeat at his hands.

=^=Understood, Captain. We will stand down. I shall have Lieutenant Muniz set things to right here and return to the bridge.=^=

Arturo sighed again. He'd have to stop by his quarters after he returned his rifle and grenades to the armory so he could drop off his cloak, hat, sword, and main gauche. Oh well. At least he wasn't going to have to clean blood...lubricant? Whatever. At least he wasn't going to have to clean his weapons. He tapped his commbadge.

=^=Tenente Muniz, please help the bay crew put all of this stuff back where it came from, then resume your duties. I'm off to return my gear and then to the bridge. Thank you.=^=

=/\="That's good news Lieutenant. I'll have everything back to as it was in no time. Thank you for letting me know"=/\= José responded.

With a sigh of relief José left the control booth and went back outside to start helping with returning the shuttlebay to how it was before they were ordered to set up the perimeter. He would require some help from Tactical to defuse and remove the explosives in the shuttle - and once that organised he set about his task.


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