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Downloading The Data

Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2017 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant JG Xiulan Song & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Biynah
Edited on on Sat Aug 26th, 2017 @ 8:24pm

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 11:00

Arriving in the Science Lab with Akiva and Biynah the Vindex's master was hopeful that Biynah was actually alright and the data she contained was actually useful. Part of her was sceptical but at the same time Claudia thought if it was encrypted then it must be useful.

"Are sure you're alright Biynah?" Claudia asked.

"Yes." Her answer was a bit nonplussed. "I have refrained from another decryption attempt."

=/\="Ainscow to Song. Please meet us in the Main Science Lab as soon as you can"=/\= Claudia said.

=/\="On my way,"=/\= came Xiulan's reply from the linguistics lab where she was still analyzing the language from the shuttle. She promptly saved her work, then with her cane in hand and a little audio guidance from the computer, she found her way to the main Science Lab. "You needed to see me, Captain?" the blind woman said, following the cluster of heat signatures in the lab to join the Captain and XO.

Akiva gave a startled reaction when he first saw Xiulan with her cane, but he quickly acclimated to the sight with an accepting nod.

"This is Biynah, my daughter," he began by way of explanation, "and she is also a synthetic humanoid. Curiosity of the shuttle got the better of us. Biynah has a way with computer systems like no other, and..."

Biynah interrupted. "I am in possession of a data file encrypted by redundant algorithms. Without any reference for understanding the language of the shuttle's owners, I have no way to decrypt it."

"And we were hoping you could help," Akiva said. "The sooner we know what is in that file, the better."

"Well, I have been working on a linguisitcs key for the Universal Translator, but it's been slow going," Xiulan explained as she folded up her cane and tucked it into her belt. "It would go a lot faster if we had audio logs, but until we have an understanding of the language that goes into the software of the shuttle, our computer simply isn't able to interface with it properly to retrieve those files. That Biynah was able to pull anything from it is impressive. I can give you what I've worked out so far, maybe she can make something of it?" she offered.

Akiva brightened. "When she first accessed the file, she spoke something unintelligible." He looked down at Biynah. "Can you safely reproduce that speech?"

"I can try," Biynah said. "The runtimes are firewalled in my subprocessor. Stand by." In a moment, her eyes rolled backward in her head as she spoke. "ณ ยามที่โลกต้องการเอ่ยถ้อยคำใดๆ."

"Yes," Akiva said with a shudder. "That was it. Can you make anything of it, Lieutenant?"

Xiulan's head tilted in perplexed curiosity as she heard this unusual language, then immediately felt her way over to a console, activating the tactile interface. Then she pulled out an earpiece from her pocket and fitted it into her ear. "Biynah, can you repeat that? Computer, record audio," Xiulan said, allowing the computer to capture an audio snippet of Biynah speaking in this strange language, then Xiulan replayed it in a continuous loop through her earpiece. "It's not enough for the Universal Translator to automate the translation process yet, but let me work my magic, I might be able to work something out," Xiulan said as she listened to the audio. It really wasn't a lot to go on, but she had worked with less...

While Xiulan worked, Akiva rummaged through a few drawers until he located a spare PADD.

"Biynah, can you upload the data cluster? I'd feel much better having it removed from your neural net."

Biynah accepted the PADD. "Yes, abba." She waved her hand in circular motions over the PADD before returning it. "The data has been uploaded and removed from my memory banks."

"Very good." Akiva snatched the PADD back like a hot plate and presented it to Xiulan. "I don't know if you will be able to make heads or tails of it, but I feel better having it in the proper hands."

Being both blind as well as preoccupied with her analysis, Xiulan failed to notice the PaDD being offered to her. Her eyelids fluttered rapidly over her milky green implants as she listened to the audio track countless times, making notations on her console. After a moment, she snort with a grin. "It's an error message," she said, entering a few commands into her console to translate the audio file, then played it for them to hear.

"Error: unauthorized access detected. Hostile connections will be terminated."

Biynah beamed with excitement. "See, abba?" she said to Akiva. "I told you she didn't like our connection!"

"Yes, yes. I'm just glad you're all right." Akiva patted her head. "Well, Lieutenant, let us know if you make heads or tails of the data cluster." He wiped the anxious sweat from his brow. "In the meantime, I, eh, need to attend to a personal matter." And a change of clothes, he thought to himself. The incident in the shuttlebay and the tension of decoding had left him with a sheen of sweat as bad as any anxiety attack had given him.

"I will catch up with you both later," he said to Claudia and Biynah before rushing out of the lab and back to his quarters.

"Do you think he is upset with me?" Biynah asked Claudia.

Claudia shook her head. "I don't think he is Biynah. I just think he's happy you're alright - even if you did something a little bit silly. It's hard to explain the feeling we're both experiencing...maybe I can explain it to you later?"

Biynah nodded once, then cast a curious look at Xiulan. "Do you think it would be all right if I stayed here with Lieutenant Song? My work-study for today was supposed to be in the Science department, after all."

"Well, I wouldn't say no to a little help," Xiulan said with a shrug. Then her hand found the PaDD. "What's this?" she asked, then tapped at the console to transfer the data so she could 'read' it. "Oh, is this what was pulled from the shuttle?" she asked as her fingers moved over the console, studying the language. "These aren't glyphs... but that makes sense, societies that make use of glyphic writing often have a secondary written language based on phonetics, and coupled with the audio I've managed to translate, this should go a long way in helping me untangle this language."

Claudia was pleased to hear some progress was being made with the translation. She was also happy that Biynah wanted to get some experience working with different languages - it would certainly contribute towards her goal of learning new things.

"You're doing very well so far Lieutenant - especially considering nobody in the Federation has dealt with this language so far" Claudia said.

"Well, basic language structures aren't that different from culture to culture; there are baselines from which we can make inferences if you know what to look for," Xiulan said as her fingers moved over the console to transfer all the progress she had made as well as the new data to her designated workspace. "It's pretty much how the Universal Translator works, but it works primarily on audio, so the bit that Biynah gave us is really what saved our bacon, from that I should be able to piece things together, enough for us to get a peek at what she found and to decode the astrogation charts. Might still take a while, but I'll get us there." She signed out of this console, then reached for her cane, snapping it open with a well practiced flick of her wrist. "And with your permission, I'd like to return to my lab. Biynah is welcome to join me, I'll keep her out of trouble."

Biynah grinned but said nothing as she gave Claudia a hopeful, expectant look.

"I think it might do her the world of good to spend some time with you - thank you for getting here so promptly. As soon as you have any updates please let me know as soon as possible Lieutenant" Claudia replied.

"I will keep you in the loop, ma'am," Xiulan replied with a nod. "Alright, c'mon kiddo, I'll show you to my lab," she then said to Biynah, and turned to leave.


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