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Fightback - Part Two

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 1:51pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 12:45

With the teams now prepared to enter Main Engineering Claudia opened a communications link - with no idea that Megan, Shadi and Finn were already causing problems. She had moved to the Strategic Operations Centre to be closer to the situation - it hadn't seen much use in recent times but it was certainly coming in useful now.

=/\="Ainscow to both teams. I have every faith in you to complete this rescue - and the order still stands. Shoot to kill - we cannot take a risk that they won't try again. Both teams please keep a commlink open to the Strategic Operations Centre. You have my permission to head in when you are ready - Ainscow out"=/\= Claudia said.

"Acknowledged, Captain." Akiva muted the comm link with a tap to his badge. He turned to Emilie and said, "Lieutenant, please watch our backs."

To Eli, he said, "And if you could tell us as much as you can about the lifeforms in there as quickly as possible before the breaching action, that would be ideal."

And finally to Storr, he said, "Major, I defer to your lead."

Storr grinned and chortled, "Fracking straight, Commander."

Emilie nodded. "I'll be right behind you Commander. You can count on it"

Emilie tapped away on the wall mounted console to open the doors - but it appeared they were locked - presumably by the aliens after they'd gained access. Thinking on her feet she used the manual override and the doors parted ever so slightly.

"These bastards are cleverer than they look. That's probably why they've added technology to their bodies" Emilie commented.

Akiva took a few steps down the corridor and removed a wall panel. It clicked as he depressed it free from its notches.

"Back when I was the Chief of Operations, I was inspired by a tool hidden by a saboteur. I stored toolkits near the main entrances to key areas in the event that we were locked out."

The aforementioned toolkit sat secured against the inner bulkhead. Akiva grabbed it, left the wall panel where it laid, and returned to the team at the locked door to Main Engineering.

"Give me a moment, and I should be able to reroute power to the door from the auxiliary EPS line," Akiva said from one knee. "I imagine a quiet breaching action would be more advantageous than an explosive one."

"Much less exciting, though." Major Garlake bemused as he stood back from the door center two paces and angled himself so as to be facing in at a forty-five-degree angle. "Slicing the pie" through the "fatal funnel" was going to be the most dangerous part of this whole operation and his body was already starting to itch with anticipation.

They called it "war fix" back in the barracks; that high state of exhilaration that comes from facing death in the face just before and during an operation, to come crashing back down afterward. After minutes/hours/days/months/years of "never agains", the desire for another fix would slowly creep back in...and the cycle would continue. Some never fully came down and "rode the wave"; they also never fully came down mentally and the SFMC was re-learning lessons taught over and over again through mankind's wars concerning mental illnesses related to combat. It was the silent enemy, the "black dog". It cared not for the year, the enemy, or the weapon. It consumed. And it nipped at Storr's heels.

As the Commander worked, he hummed a tune which kept time with the motion his tools. In a moment, the EPS line whirled life into the door control. Akiva placed the tools back in the bag and stepped away from the door.

"Whenever you're ready," he said to the others. A phaser was notably absent from his hip.

Emilie looked to Storr and Akiva before moving forward and reaching for the visible edge of the door. Once the opposite door was covered Emilie started pulling the door until it was open sufficiently for them to enter single file.

Once inside however the team found the team were already distracted...

"Arkady does not like small confined space," Arkady said under his breath as he jammed his shoulder (again) into the conduit wall of the Jefferies tube. These crawl spaces were not designed for people with broad shoulders, or people in fact.

"We all end up in a confined space. Get used to it." Mark said as he moved swiftly through the Jefferies tube. He had his weapons ready, and as he moved through the tube, he kept his mind clear and ready. "Soon as you get a shot, you take it. No hesitation, no thinking, just take them out quickly." He added.

"You worry, Federation Cowboy Man?" Arkady chuckled, a quiet resonate thing that hid in his chest. He had a phaser, he also had the fire fighting axe he had brought to the autopsy examination. "Arkady says do not. Is not my first time hitting rat with stick."

Mark snorted. "Wouldn't say worry. More like I'd rather not fill out any paperwork regarding dead crewmembers. I hate paperwork." Mark said. "Still, need to make sure the hostages aren't killed. I may enjoy combat, these people don't, and I'm pretty sure they don't want to die."

Kaz rolled his eyes, sliding through the Jeffries Tube with ease. His slender frame may not be able to stand up against a brute force, but it sure came in handy for what he was good at. Stealth and infiltration.

"Will you two shut up," he said in a low voice. "You're literally the worst at sneaking around. Do you want to just announce our arrival?"

"Is old Russian saying: mangy dog is only happy when everyone has mange. Is same with foul temper," Arkady said in a conversational tone.

"You two keep talking. I'll announce ourselves." Mark said. He opened a hatch which led into engineering, and leapt down.

Kaz rolled his eyes as he looked to Arkady, "You two have fun," he said before he slipped down a secondary Jeffries Tube and disappeared.

As Mark landed, he quickly moved away from the hatch and towards where the attackers were. Leaping over the bannister down a level, Mark grabbed one of the attackers and threw him backwards. He then ran at a second attacker, drawing his curved daggers.

As Mark faced up against the attacker, he stared into the cold eyes of the alien, just as he knew others were entering engineering at the same time. But this battle was Mark's.

He ran at the alien, who ran at him, and as they approached one another, both men threw a punch which landed, sending both of them skidding backwards. Mark used his hand to steady himself, and ran at the alien, who drew some kind of bladed weapon, swinging it at Mark.

Raising his daggers, Mark used both to stop the attack, and then launched a tirade of attacks of his own. Swinging again and again, his coldness, his fury...all of it was unleashed as he began his attack.

It had been some time since he had been in a battle like this, and this was when he showed who he was. Kicking up from the ground, Mark kicked the alien in the head, sending him down to the ground. He went to slam a dagger into the alien's chest, but the alien rolled out of the way, and kicked Mark in the chest, sending him flying backwards.

As he landed, Mark groaned in pain, forcing himself up. He knew the alien was tough, but he had been in many fights against superior opponents. As the alien ran towards him, Mark used his daggers again to block the fury of attacks that was unleashed upon him.

Taking the advantage, Mark quickly spun around, and used his body weight to send the alien into the console. Grabbing his head, he slammed it into the console, cracking the console. The alien, however, brought his head back and slammed into Mark, forcing him to let go of the alien.

Mark saw the Alien moving away from the scene, so he ran after him, not ready to end the battle. He threw one of his daggers at the alien, and smiled as it embedded itself into the shoulder of the alien.

That didn't slow it down, however, but it did piss him off. As the Alien ran at Mark, Mark kicked off from the wall, and as he went upwards, he spun, bringing his foot into the jaw of the alien, sending teeth flying as his foot connected. Landing in a crouched position, Mark smirked and ran at the alien once more.

The alien swung his blade at Mark, who mistimed his dodge briefly, and felt his arm get cut. He growled in pain, but ignored it as he spun around, facing the alien again.

Both men ran at each other, and as the Alien swung his blade toward's Mark's face, Mark dropped to his knees, sliding beneath the blade, and shoving his second dagger into the back of the alien's knee. As the alien collapsed to his knees, Mark stood up, grabbed his dagger that was in the alien's shoulder, and shoved it into the back of his throat. He drew it out again, spun the alien around and stared at the alien. "When you get to hell, tell them Whistler, Hell's Messenger, sent you." He said coldly, no emotion in his eyes as he forced the dagger into the alien's forehead.

As the alien fell to the ground, Mark looked at the body, and then drew his daggers back. Wiping the blood off of them on the alien's clothes, sheathed them, and seeing that the battle was over, he headed for the exit, his job now done.

For a man of his size, he dropped from the grate quietly and landed in a crouch. From there, as Mark made a fine distraction and object lesson in blunt force trauma, the medic used the consoles and other engineering equipment as cover to move forward. Everyone here had an objective, though he imagined many of their objectives were somewhat broad in scope: save the ship, stop the alien plot.

Arkady's was simple.

"MUDAK!" Arkady bellowed, pointing the axe at the alien holding Lucinda. "You have something that belongs to me! Let her go, and I remove your head with sharp edge of Sasha."

Lucinda tried her best to show she wasn't frightened but in truth she was terrified. She did her best to try and escape from the alien's grip but the moment he took his blade to her neck Lucinda new one false move and she would be dead.

The alien sneered and decided to reclaim his prize after defeating Arkady - or at least trying to. Pushing Lucinda to the floor forcefully the alien walked towards the doctor and prepared for battle.

"This should be easy..." the alien said.

Arkady did not respond: he charged, A scalpel was a good knife fighters weapon, but it was small. Sure the mono molecular blade could unzipped him from neck to navel in single brush, but it located in a single limb. Arkady slammed his open palm onto the scalpel, impaling it as he snarled a vicious curse. That hand was going to need some delicate micro surgery. He pushed that arm out across his side, reared his head back and smashed it forward against the aliens head.

The crack was like that of a thunder bolt, and conclusive impacts to a skull still did damage regardless of the tech buried between the cauliflower folds. A stunned moment of distraction was all Arkady needed, who had gone through life taking punches on his nose when he could. Arkady was already in motion, shoving with the hand holding the axe against the aliens chest.

The fall landed the alien across a console. With a snarl of rage, Arkady swung the axe up over his head, loosening his grip just enough for the handle to slide through his fingers to its full extension. Then the rest was a very simple physics problem involving angular momentum.

Arkady made sure to miss the eye piece, allowing the axe to bury itself almost perfectly along the ridge of the nose.

"Oh it seems we were late to the party...let's get this show on the road" Emilie said.

Emilie removed her rifle from her shoulder and started firing at the aliens - their agility and durability were like nothing she'd ever seen before. Although Emilie scored a direct hit on one of the aliens its protective shielding did the job.

"Damnit...I think we'll have to do this the old fashioned way!" Emilie shouted.

Emilie tossed her rifle to one side - watching the closest alien do the same. She took up a defensive stance and prepared to engage in hand to hand combat - hoping the distraction she provided would be enough to allow one of her colleagues to take down the alien.

"Come and get it you ugly piece of shit" Emilie said.

The alien charged Emilie who dived to one side - tripping the alien up as he went past. The alien got back up and then struck Emilie in the back - sending her to the floor. Feigning injury she got back up very slowly before launching a vicious right hook under the alien's chin.

As the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat it was clear the alien would be able to keep this up for longer than Emilie. She was going to need help - preferably from someone with a bladed weapon to get through its shields.

"I need some help over here!" Emilie shouted.

"Ssstarvation take you!"

A feral, one-armed Saurian with ravaged clothing jumped between Emilie and her opponent with a savage dropkick. As she pivoted in mid-air, she stuck her landing with balanced feet and swung her severed arm with her remaining hand. The extended talons from the lifeless limb whipped around with a snap, and split the alien's head like a melon.

As the alien toppled to the ground with no more life than Shadi's arm, the Saurian fell to her knees not far behind. She stared vacantly at Emilie before a single word hissed through her lipless mouth.


And then she fell forward, utterly spent and near dead.

As everyone in Engineering paused to reflect on what had happened Claudia entered the room after ensuring it was safe to do so. Walking to the pool table she stood up on it to survey the scene. There were a number of injuries on both sides - fortunately none on her side were fatal.

"I'm going to wring that son of a bitch's neck when I get hold of him" Claudia whispered.

Standing back down from the table she walked up to where most of the group of personnel in Main Engineering were gathered.

"Is everyone alright here?" Claudia asked.

“There are peoples here in need of medical attention,” Arkady said, admiring the hand with the still buried scalpel protruding from either side. “If someone has tissue, I will be fine.”

Lucinda came over from tending to an engineer. She gave Claudia a knowing look before taking hold of Arkady's hand and surveying his wound. It looked quite painful but she wanted to take a closer look at it in sickbay.

"We'll get something wrapped around this and then get you up to sickbay to remove it" Lucinda said.

After calling for back up Lucinda turned her attentions to the injured Saurian engineer who had bravely assisted her colleagues against the aliens. Staying with Shadi and reassuring her everything would be alright Lucinda accompanied her up to sickbay.

With the crisis over Claudia spoke to all of those who had been held hostage. She was proud of their bravery and refusing to give into the aliens - but the fact she was angry at Rear Admiral Ingham for what they had done had not faded. In fact it had gotten worse - the man certainly wouldn't be ready for what Claudia had to say when they got to Starbase Unity.


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