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Rest and Relaxation

Posted on Fri Aug 12th, 2016 @ 10:04pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG Imogen Kaz

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 10; Ten Forward
Timeline: Mission Day 2; 20:00

Claudia was sat in the Ten Forward having a glass of wine after her shift and was planning to retire to her quarters afterwards with a good book before turning in for the night. It had been a productive last couple of days aboard the Vindex and they were now on their way to find the missing USS Renown.

Imogen had had a long day in Strategic Ops, going through plans and information regarding the Renown, and had decided to go to Ten Forward when she was finished to wind down and have a quick drink. She walked in, seeing the Captain and a few others around the room. She headed to the bar, got her drink, and headed over to Claudia. "Mind if I sit here Ma'am?" She asked, smiling.

Claudia looked up and saw the young Trill officer stood facing her with a drink. She was always happy to socialise with her colleagues after hours and although she was thinking to her quarters early Claudia decided it might not be a bad thing to stay in Ten Forward a bit longer.

"Of course Lieutenant" Claudia replied.

"Thank you." Imogen said, taking a seat opposite Claudia. "So...good day?" She asked, slightly nervous.

" could say that. Productive and busy...nice to see things moving forward. How was your day anyway? Hopefully you're settling into life on the ship" Claudia replied.

"Yeah...its just such a big ship, but I'm getting there!" She said, smiling. "Are you starting or finishing a shift?" She asked.

Claudia was pleased Imogen was settling in well on the Vindex.

"I've finished my shift a while ago Lieutenant. I'm heading to bed soon once I've had a couple of drinks. Been a long couple of days and I could do with some me time" Claudia replied with a smile.

"Same here, I've been running through a few training scenarios in the holodeck." She said, taking a sip of her drink.

"It's always useful to be prepared Lieutenant. I've always been a big fan of extra preparation - after all out here you never know what you're going to run into. Especially in the Gamma Quadrant which we only know so little about. How are you finding being a Department Head for the first time?" Claudia replied.

"Interesting, very interesting, however a previous host, one James Kaz, was Chief of Security and Tactical aboard a USS Cortana, so the Symbiont has some experience, which I can call upon to help." She said, recalling the other host.

Claudia had always been interested in Trill symbionts and how each successive host always retained the life experience of the previous hosts. It was something she felt that Imogen could use to her advantage if the need ever arose.

"I find the Trill symbionts fascinating. How many hosts has your symbiont had?" Claudia asked.

"This is the symbionts 5th host now, so it has quite a bit of experience. There was Lucas Kaz, Mary Kaz, Kylo Kaz, James Kaz, and of course myself, Imogen Kaz." She said, reeling off the names.

Claudia nodded. "Quite a few then. With my family there's me, my sister and my parents. Not many of us Ainscows left - at least this line of them anyway. I've never really thought about carrying it on either...especially now I've got my own ship"

"Yeah, I guess having your own ship can be quite busy and hard to do! Still, you must have some personal time to yourself!" She said, smiling.

Claudia chuckled to herself. Personal time had gone down somewhat since she had taken on her own command - but she always made sure she had some time to herself each evening before going to sleep. Claudia took another sip of her glass of wine and placed it back down on the table gently.

"As long as I have half an hour a night that suits me fine" Claudia replied.

"I like a little bit more of that, minimum of an hour." She said, smiling.

Claudia thought she should be a bit more generous to herself and allow more time for herself in the evenings. Half an hour was usually ample but now she was a Commanding Officer it was important she had sufficient rest and relaxation whenever she could. Claudia finished her glass of wine and decided to have another before turning in.

"You have a point there. Perhaps I'll start doing the same - being a CO now means I should probably relax a bit more whenever I have the opportunity. Would you like another drink Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

"Oh, well, if you insist ma'am. A Spiced Rum and Coke for me please!" She said, smiling.

Claudia summoned the bar attendant and asked for a glass of wine and a spiced rum and coke. A minute or so later these had been brought over to the table and placed in front of their correct recipients. Claudia was pleased Paul the chef had brought some of her favourite wine on board - although it was only available on request.

"Cheers" Claudia said as the raised her glass.

"Cheers!" Imogen repeated, raising her glass.

Claudia tapped their two glasses together before she took a sip out of her glass. She took her time with it as she wasn't quite ready to go back to her quarters just yet - although that time was starting to approach.

"This is nice. How's yours?" Claudia asked.

Imogen nodded. "Just the right mix of the two." She smiled back.

Claudia had asked Paul to bring some Chablis aboard the Vindex when he joined - as he had arrived before she had - and the wine hadn't disappointed so far.

"That's good" Claudia replied.

Soon the time passed and Claudia had a small amount left in her glass.

"I think I'll finish this and get off to bed. What are your plans for tonight Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

"Hmmmm...probably the same, I need some sleep before shift tomorrow..." She said, trailing off.

"Always a good idea" Claudia said as she finished her glass of wine.

She placed the empty glass on the table and moved it towards the middle out of the way. Slowly Claudia rose from her chair and smiled down at the Trill officer she had spent the past hour with.

"I'll get myself off to bed. Thank you for your company Lieutenant - good night" Claudia said.

"And the same to you Commander, sleep well!" She said, standing and smiling, before heading to the door.

Claudia smiled and took the empty glasses over to the barman before she too headed back to her quarters for the night. It was an enjoyable evening and she liked spending time with her officers when they weren't on shift. It was something that she planned to do more now she had her own command.


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