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What Is This?

Posted on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 10:40pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Captain Ainscow's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 102; 10:20

Claudia was picking her way through a pile of PADDs and reading the reports and memos they contained. Most of it was standard and she signed them off one by one - placing them in the "read" pile. She then got to last PADD and she glared at its contents before tapping her commbadge. Claudia was not happy.

=/\="Ainscow to Whistler. I need to see you in my ready"=/\= Claudia said.

Mark acknowledged the call and reached the ready room quickly. He walked in, having been called, and looked at her. "You rang?" He asked.

"Yes. What the fuck is 'Security will no longer be involved in any away missions'? If I want Security to augment the Marines on away team missions - for their benefit so they gain away team experience - then I will bloody well give the order. That is not your decision to make Lieutenant" Claudia said.

"I didn't make it, your XO did. How was it that he put it?" Mark asked. "Ah, yes. Marines are for ground missions, security handle ship security. I start training my men, they complain because they call it harsh, showing they've never been in a real battle in their lives, and I get my holodeck rights revoked, and told not to train in that way because it's not part of Security's mandate. So I'm following that. Wouldn't want to upset the chain of command now." Mark replied.

Claudia rolled her eyes. "Your use of the holodeck for training programs without the use of safety protocols is not acceptable because it unnecessarily endangers Starfleet personnel. As for Security not taking part in away teams that is not your decision and I don't believe it for one second that Commander ben-Avram said that Security would no longer be assigned to away missions. Would you like me to get him up here to verify what he said or are you going to tell me what actually happened?"

Mark placed a small device on the desk, which then showed a 3D image of Mark and the XO.

"Computer, end program," Akiva said. The environment collapsed into the gray and yellow checkered pattern of the naked holodeck. He assessed the line of exhausted Security officers making their way to Sickbay to assist the few who were wounded. After the last of them had exited, leaving Akiva alone with Mark, the first officer fixed the security chief with a hard glare.

"What in b'azazel was that?"

"Training." Mark said, ignoring the cut on his arm. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, and he tended to ignore what he called 'small wounds' since they didn't stop him from doing what he had to do. "I assume you do train officers on this ship." He added.

"Training for what?" Akiva folded his arms over his chest. "You're tasked with Security, which is defending the ship on its mission. Last I checked, we left ground-fighting to the Marine Corps. Perhaps you would feel more at home there."

"Like I said, he said you left ground fighting to the Marine Corps. Fine by me." Mark said. "As for training, there were safeties on, I just turned them down. You just assumed I turned them off. So did he. I let them get wounded because they need to know what it feels like. Starfleet knows nothing about battle, combat or anything like that. And remember, you asked me here. You wanted me to do the job, and now you don't. Which is it?" He asked.

Claudia almost snatched the device from the surface of her desk and threw it into her drawer - she half expected it to be broken when she looked in there such was the force Claudia threw it in there.

"That does not give you the right to say your department are now excluded from away missions. The Marines are primarily sent on away missions but does not mean it is exclusive - and on certain occasions we do send Security alongside the Marines to give them experience. You do not have the right to tell me who I can and can't send from this ship on an away mission. Is that clear Lieutenant?" Claudia replied.

"I won't send anyone down who hasn't been trained properly. I don't send anyone into any potential battle if they're not ready. I've sent kids to their deaths and seen too many good people die because they weren't ready. You want me here? I train people my way, I make sure they're ready for combat. But I'll compromise. If people don't want to take part in my, shall we say advanced training, they won't have to, but they stay aboard the ship." Mark said.

Claudia groaned. "No you won't send anyone without proper training down - and neither will anyone else on this ship. You will train Security personnel in accordance with Starfleet regulations - if you want to add any of your own techniques then you will have to make a compromise of your own. I am prepared to allow you to use some of your own methods - but only if myself or Commander ben-Avram can supervise the sessions"

"My techniques are the primary training. You want to supervise, you can, but my methods don't change. Starfleet trains people in safe environments, but when you're in battle, there is no safe environment. How do you expect them to learn if you don't push them?" Mark asked. "And how can I train them if you're ready to end the program just because you or your XO don't like it?"

Claudia drummed her fingers on the table and sighed very audibly as she listened.

"Primary training does include pushing people to the limit. However it does not include removing the safeties on holodeck programmes - I don't know what it was like when you were at the Academy but when I was there we trained with the safeties on. Nevertheless the situation will be discussed with Commodore Hutchinson when we get to Starbase Unity and he can make a judgement" Claudia responded.

"Yeah, kinda had to retake one year at the academy." Mark replied bluntly. "And when you're in combat, you don't get the option of safeties. I don't know why Starfleet pretends to train people, because it seems like security officers don't know much about real combat. Yeah, sure, there's more than combat, but people need to be ready for anything. Isn't that Starfleet's mandate? Ready for anything?" Mark asked. "Sure, talk to your Commodore. In the meantime, I'll let the children play at being fighters, and let them sleep thinking they'll be safe if they follow their basic training. If that were true, they wouldn't die in battle. Look at the Dominion, didn't last well against Jem Hadar, did they?" He asked.

Claudia nodded. "Oh the Commodore will have plenty to say about this don't you worry - I am preparing a file as we speak because this cannot carry on if you want to stay here. I send people on away missions to gain experience alongside experienced people in an environment that they will be safe in. I will never send inexperienced people into a hostile situation whether they want to or not"

"Number one: You wanted me here, remember? I do the job I do because I know what I'm doing. Starfleet training doesn't prepare people for shit. How many times have people said 'Training never prepared me for this' when they've been in battle or other situation? I train people the way I think they need to be trained. You them trained by the book? Find a by the book officer. You want them trained for anything? Let me train them my way. And like I said, I didn't turn off the safeties, I lowered them. I don't want people dead in training, I want them ready for anything. And you only know combat training, you haven't seen my other training. You want to see my other sessions? I'm due to start one. Come down and watch for yourself." Mark said. "Assuming you let me use your holodeck again, or I could train them in the bowels of the ship."

"I did want you here which is why I asked for you to help us out here. Starfleet training is designed to train personnel for the worst that they can expect to face like a warp core breach or a bunch of pirates getting on board. You don't join Starfleet expecting to be going to war all the time because that's not what we're about Lieutenant. As for your training sessions they will have to wait until we get to Starbase Unity and the Commodore has made his judgement on the situation. Nobody is to be trained any more until I say otherwise - are we clear on that?" Claudia countered.

"Fine by me. I've got some reading to catch up on anyway." Mark replied. "Starfleet training doesn't prepare for the worst because Starfleet doesn't know the worst. Do you train against the Borg or the Dominion? Starfleet doesn't know what's out there. I never joined Starfleet expecting to go to a war, but I prepare for it anyway because War is inevitable. The Federation believes in peace. That's fine, but not everyone believes the same. Just look at Starfleet history to prove my point." Mark told her. "If there's nothing else, I've got some things to do."

Claudia sighed. "Starfleet doesn't go out into space expecting to be shooting at every single alien species it makes first contact with. We're explorers and we are primarily prepared for defence capabilities. In all the time I have been a Starfleet Officer outside of the Dominion War I have been part of an attacking operation once. Give them more experience for sure - but do it at a level they're comfortable with. If you can do that then I think everyone concerned will be happy"

Claudia typed a few things on her console before she forgot before continuing.

"You're free to go if you wish. Just bear what I've said in mind - I'm not against further training - I just want it done at a level everyone is happy and comfortable with" Claudia concluded.

"And with all due respect, how does making training comfortable train anything to do anything?" He asked. "I'll make it voluntary, or start with a lower level. But whilst Starfleet doesn't expect to shoot at everyone, it doesn't mean everyone feels the same way. Humans met the Xindi, they tried destroying us. Romulans, Klingons, Borg, Dominion, Breen, Gorn...hell, even the Ferengi. I'll fight and do what I must to survive, but if you want your people to live, they need to know what dangers lie waiting for them." Mark said. He looked at her, and sighed. "I've lost enough people to last a lifetime. Not everyone who fights will live, but I won't let anyone die because I failed to train them." Mark said. "I'll be in the Security Office if you need me."

"Not everything is solved by shooting at people Lieutenant - however if you have people going from Level 1 to Level 5 straight away it is not going to work is it? Nevertheless you're not doing anything until we get back to Starbase Unity. I won't hold you from your duties any longer like yourself I have stuff to be getting on with" Claudia responded.

"Fine." Mark replied, with a nod. "I'll start creating a new training program. Until next time." Mark said, turning and leaving the ready room. He sighed after the doors closed, and shook his head. "Starfleet. Never know what they're gonna face." He muttered to himself.


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