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Giving False Hope

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Mystery Man

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Armoury
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 13:00

With Mystery Man well on his way to catching up to the Vindex all he was relying on now was Kazyah successfully completing the sabotage of the Vindex in order for him to seize the shuttle. The alien shuttle was almost in his grasp - but what concerned him was something the HMS Ranger's flight controller announced to him.

"The Vindex has dropped out of warp Commodore. I can't tell why from this range but it's possible it could be either jettisoning the shuttle or waiting for a rendezvous" Azarina reported.

Mystery Man nodded. "Alright. How far away are we?"

"Not long. Maybe half an hour at this speed" Azarina replied.

Mystery Man pondered for a few moments before deciding that this was the perfect opportunity. Even if the Vindex still had its weapons active it wouldn't be able to give chase. The only concern was if any company arrived there was no way the Bird of Prey could hold off two Starfleet ships. There was also the likelihood of the Vindex detecting their biosigns and giving away their cover.

"Increase speed but stay cloaked. I want to be there in ten minutes" Mystery Man ordered.

The HMS Ranger dropped out of warp with no idea of what was happening aboard the Vindex. Holding position near the main shuttlebay ready to tractor the craft aboard Mystery Man went into his ready room to contact his agent for what he planned to be the last time. Opening a communications link to Intelligence Officer's quarters - hoping Kazyah would be there preparing for his task.

"Mr. Linn...I need those weapons to be offline. They're still active according to my scans" Mystery Man said.

Kaz rolled his eyes as he pressed his back against the bulkhead. Luckily, he was in the habit of routing communications from his quarters to his the small device he usually wore in his ear. Otherwise, the Commodore would have gone unanswered.

"I'm a bit busy," he replied after a few moments, his voice hushed and quiet.

Mystery Man chuckled. "Good. We will be ready to board in around ten minutes so you'd better make yourself a little bit busier. I'd rather not fire on the Vindex unless I have to."

Kaz sighed, "I have the ship ready for you to attack, but I really think this is a bad idea," he said. "We're literally fending off an alien attack right now on the ship."

"The perfect distraction Lieutenant. It would appear they woke up as I expected them to...presuming everyone is otherwise engaged I'd imagine the bridge is probably manned by less experienced officers. Sometimes I wonder how I've managed without you all of these years. You make my life ten times easier" Mystery Man responded.

"Like I said, I'm busy right now. If you fire a graviton pulse at the ship's shield matrix, I've set up a cascading loop that will shut down all of our offensive and defensive systems. And you only have twenty minutes after that point before the systems will come back online, so you better be quick about it."

Kaz rounded a corner, holding his blade in his left hand and a phaser in the right. "I suggest you go and complete your mission, Commodore. Kaz out."

"Fire the pulse" Mystery Man ordered.

Within seconds the pulse was fired.

"Target hit. Their tactical systems have failed" the Commander reported.

Mystery Man nodded and smiled at his Tactical Officer. He would be leading the away team which was boarding the Vindex and seizing the shuttle. His trusted First Officer was the go-to for all missions such as these - missions where the Commodore needed to keep his cover as much as possible.

"Take three others with you, Commander. We'll decloak part of the ship when you are ready to beam over and when we bring you back. You have fifteen minutes then we're bringing you back whether you're ready or not and we'll go for Plan B" Mystery Man said.

The Commander nodded. "Yes, Commodore. Azarina - you're with me"

Azarina followed the Commander to the armory where they collected their weapons and ordered two Security Officers to join their team. With the quartet in the transporter room, the Commander gave the order to the bridge that he was ready.

=/\="We're ready Commodore"=/\= the Commander reported.

Mystery Man replied. =/\="Good luck Commander. We'll keep a lock on you at all times=/\=

The team beamed aboard the Vindex around six decks below their objective. Scanning for biosigns it was clear the majority of the ship was focused on eliminating the aliens Mystery Man knew would wake up and provide the team with a distraction. Heading for the closest Jeffries Tube to take cover they climbed up and crouched down.

"Alright...our target is on Deck 9. Our scans indicate that the shuttlebay is full of Starfleet personnel so taking the shuttle would be difficult - there's no way the four of us can defend against that many personnel. If we can get hold of a transporter pad we could beam stun grenades into the larger clusters to give us less opposition" the Commander said.

Azarina replied. "Could we not vent some sleeping gas into there instead? That leaves us with no opposition and plenty of time to do what we have to - and it would minimise the risk of any casualties. The Commodore did say he didn't want any injuries on either side"

The Commander paused for a moment. It would mean a trip down six decks but it could be the perfect solution. Fortunately, he was already familiar with the layout of the Sovereign-class so he knew on the Vindex the environmental control systems were located on Deck 21. It would be very close to the action - and very risky - but it was their only chance.

"Alright. It means we'll have to head down six decks but if you're confident of gaining access to the system then I think we'll go with that" the Commander responded.

Azarina nodded - and thus the Commander led the team towards their new objective.

Meanwhile, Nealey was giving orders left right and center on the bridge. There was no way that pulse could have just randomly appeared and scored a direct hit on the Vindex's tactical systems. Everything had been disabled.

"Find out where that came from Ensign. Scan for any cloaked ships and any warp trails in the area" Nealey ordered.

Steven nodded. "Aye Lieutenant"

=/\="Snowdon to Captain Ainscow. We have a problem up here"=/\= Nealey said.

Claudia sighed. It was just what they needed - and with no news from Main Engineering, this was news she didn't want to hear. It was probably best to get it over with and find out what was going on - even if she didn't want to hear it.

=/\="What is it Lieutenant?"=/\= Claudia asked.

Nealey replied. =/\="A graviton pulse just hit our tactical systems. Everything is offline - shields, phasers, torpedoes. We have no idea where it came from but we could use some help getting it all working again"=/\=

Claudia let out an audible sigh before responding. This was very bad news.

=/\="We'll do what we can Lieutenant. Keep us up to date"=/\= Claudia said.

Just as they reached their target and Azarina started to work to gain access to the environmental controls they were called by Mystery Man. They weren't expecting to hear from him so soon - they'd only been aboard about ten minutes at the most.

=/\="We're going to have to bring you back now Commander and go with Plan B. The Vindex has repaired their tactical systems and we need to get out of here before they find us"=/\= Mystery Man said.

The Commander nodded. =/\="Alright Commodore. Might I suggest you fire a tachyon pulse and beam us out? A tachyon pulse should force them to reset their shields and give you a window"=/\=

Mystery Man was not happy. He decided to call Kaz and find out what happened.

=/\="What was that Lieutenant? We had to abort after ten minutes because their tactical systems came back online. Don't tell me they worked out your little sabotage so quickly..."=/\= Mystery Man said.

The sound of the man's voice through the small device in his ear made Kaz jump, though he was fully expecting to get this call. A smile spread over his lips as he saw his plan come to fruition. He had made sure that when the pulse deactivated the tactical systems, the alert would become so obvious that even a blind man would see that they were offline. No doubt, whoever was on the Bridge had been alerted to the tactical failure and brought the systems back online quickly.

"I didn't sabotage them, as that would have been obvious that there was a saboteur on board," Kaz said. "I'm not an idiot. But I gave you the ability to deactivate them for a temporary period of time. It should have gone unnoticed."

Kaz rounded a corner as he lazily twirled the dagger in his hand. "But I told you, it was a bad idea to do it now. Everyone is on alert because of the attack, so no doubt, someone discovered the tactical systems. I can't help that you chose the wrong time to launch your attack."

He rounded yet another corner. He closed his eyes and he could feel his prey just a few meters ahead. "I can give you one more opportunity, but it will be a different plan. I will send you the details as soon as I can. Linn out."

Kaz tapped the device in his ear, ending the communication line. He stepped forward, his feet making no sound against the metallic floor. Through the opening, he saw who he had been stalking. Two of the aliens who had broken away from the rest of the group.

A predatory smile spread over Kaz's face as he locked onto his target. He raised his phaser and shot the one to the left, the strong stun setting causing the man to fall to the ground in a heap.

The second alien immediately attacked, throwing his body against Kaz, sending them both to the ground.

Kaz tightened his grip on his blade and thrust, unable to see exactly what he was aiming for. Once again, his new-found vision became a huge hindrance and Kaz found himself overwhelmed by the individual. Another thrust. This time, Kaz's blade found flesh and the sharp steel sunk into the alien's body, causing him to scream out in pain. Ichor sprayed out, dotting Kaz's face and upper body with droplets of turquoise.

The alien grabbed Kaz by the arm and threw him against the wall, bringing his knee to Kaz's face more than once. With a massive foot, he stomped on Kaz's thigh. The sound of bone breaking resonated through the small area, soon followed by the sound of Kaz's screams.

Kaz fumbled, the knife he held so dearly to him falling from his hands to the ground. He reached for it, but the alien was too fast. He picked up the weapon and threw it at the Intelligence officer. The knife sunk to the hilt into Kaz's shoulder.

With great effort, Kaz lifted the phaser and flipped the setting to the highest. With a press of the button, the beam met the alien intruder and he fell to the ground dead.

Kaz sat there for a few moments, his chest rising and falling quickly as he tried to grasp for air. He reached for the blade in his shoulder and wrapped his hands around the handle. With a quick pull and an accompanying scream, the blade withdrew from his body, causing green blood to seep from the wound and stain his uniform.

He looked around, his eyes falling onto the stunned alien just a few feet away. He pulled a small device from his pocket and activated it, causing a small blue light to blink. He pressed it onto the alien's body and the blue shimmer of the transporter system surrounded him, taking him elsewhere.

Collapsing against the bulkhead, Kaz tapped his combadge. "Medic," he said, his breathing becoming labored as his uniform jacket continued to stain with the green substance.


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