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Power of Seduction

Posted on Fri Sep 22nd, 2017 @ 2:52pm by Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure & Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Tactical/Security Office; Emilie's quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 102; 17:30

With her orders - which were a surprise to say the least - Emilie made her way to the Tactical Office. With the structure of the Tactical department now confirmed she was on the fence about staying - and as she was still technically on loan she expected Commander Cusack to be requesting her return at some point. Without knocking Emilie walked into the office and sat herself down in one of the two chairs opposite the desk.

"So...I hear you got the job permanently. Congratulations" Emilie said.

"I'm not sure congratulations are quite in order. Might not be here for too long; I'm already making waves, apparently." Mark said. "Plus, I hear you had a hand in it, saying how good I was?"

Emilie smirked. "I'm not saying anything Lieutenant. You and I should be working together for the time being at least...that is depending on whether I get recalled or not. I'll have to see what happens and what offers I get"

"Well, considering I told the Captain I wanted you as my assistant, it would make sense for us to work together." Mark said. He held up a PADD. "Been working on a new training plan. Apparently, throwing these kids in at the deep end isn't allowed."

"Of course. But bearing in mind I'm not technically a member of this crew I'm not entirely sure any decision I make will match that of my superiors. I heard about the training thing though...the Captain doesn't want any training being carried out until after we get to Starbase Unity. So I guess it means sitting on our hands for the time being" Emilie responded.

"Match your superiors? Do you think any of my decisions have ever matched my superiors?" Mark asked, raising an eyebrow. "Let's face it, half of my superiors think I should be locked up, or left to rot somewhere. And just because we can't train, doesn't mean we can't work out and invite others to join us." Mark added.

Emilie sighed. "Well there's two things to consider - even if I want to stay then that relies on Captain Ainscow actually wanting me here and if Starfleet Tactical want to let me go. Even if one of those is agreeable it relies on the other to agree to it as well. As for working out...I'd be very careful about who you invite - there are a few people who are quite close to the Captain and wouldn't hesitate to tell her about anything they aren't happy with"

"Most of them wouldn't mind getting rid of me, no doubt." Mark said. He placed a PADD down on the desk, and looked at the blades on the wall behind him. "None of them really know what's out there though. No one can, not without living it, like I did." Mark said softly.

"Even with the issues the Captain has still given you the job permanently - and I think whatever happens I think things will work out in the end. Maybe I can cheer you up tonight - what do you say we go for a drink?" Emilie asked.

"I don't really drink. Dulls the senses." Mark replied. "But I can have a juice if you want a drink. After the day I've had, it'll be good to not worry about work. As for cheering me up, well, that's a tall order."

Emilie nodded. "Have a juice then. But I could do with a drink after the last few days either way and I fully intend to have one. Or if you'd prefer we can have something to eat instead? Either at your place or mine. I really could do with some company after the shit that's gone on in the last few days"

"Sure. I could use some food. I've got some real food in my quarters." He said, leading the way out of the security office. "Hope you don't mind grilled food, it's pretty much my specialty. I brought some steaks with me, I always carry a supply of real meat as much as I can." He told her.

"Oh I think you misunderstood me Lieutenant. It'll be me that's doing the cooking tonight in my quarters. I was planning on doing carbonade flamande tonight. I can do something else if you don't really feel like having a beef stew with chips or boiled potatoes" Emilie responded.

Mark blinked for a moment. "Oh. Sure, that'd be nice, thank you." Mark said, a little surprised. "I'll admit, I've not had anyone cook for me for, well, it's been a long time. What you've said...I've never heard of a flamande, but I'm happy to try it."

Emilie nodded. "It would be my pleasure. It's basically beef stew which I usually serve with boiled potatoes but it's also served with fries. It's all fresh ingredients too as I called in a favour with the chef after I filled in for a few shifts in the kitchen."

"Well, you're the chef." Mark said, as they walked along. "By the way, I've sent a rota to your computer, when you get the chance, it could use your take on it."

"I like to think I'm good at cooking Lieutenant...hence why I offered to help in the kitchen. As for the rota I will have a look at it for you tomorrow when I get a chance. I've got some other work on my 'to do' list that needs to be done first" Emilie said.

Mark looked at her as they reached the turbolift. "Fair enough. Anything I can help with?" He asked.

Emilie nodded. "Sure. You can pick out some potatoes for me while I decide what to do with them. I haven't decided whether to do them boiled or as fries yet...although I probably will once I've seen what the chef delivered to my quarters. I ordered them yesterday so they should be there by now"

"Well, if I remember my cooking classes well enough, I'd say boiled or mashed would be better for a stew." Mark replied, giving the Turbolift the destination. "Been meaning to tell you, I reviewed the tapes of your work in Engineering. You did good." He said.

Emilie chuckled. "This dish is specifically served with boiled or fries - so I think in that case we'll have to go with boiled. As for Engineering - that's just my job and I'll take on anyone I have to. Nevertheless thank you"

"Call it as I see it. For me, it was just another day of the week. Hell, I went on shopping trips as a kid that were more dangerous." Mark said, as the turbolift stopped. As they left it, he looked at her. "Hell, my tenth birthday party was worse than that."

"I dread to think. Shall we?" Emilie said - leading the way.

Once in her quarters Emilie was preparing their dinner. With her task from Captain Ainscow in mind she was beginning to wonder just what it was Claudia wanted to find out. Surely he wasn't that bad?

"So...tell me a bit about what you did before you got here..." Emilie said.

"In Starfleet? Pretty much what you saw me do in Engineering. Officially, had the title of Security and Tactical Chief, but someone else always did the boring work. If there was a situation that needed to be handled, I went in." Mark said, sitting down with a glass of beer. He took a sip, and looked at her. "Guess Starfleet didn't want to waste the skills I learned growing up as a kid."

Emilie listened with interest.

"I always wondered where I'd end up once I'd graduated. I've pretty much spent all of my time with Starfleet Tactical in one capacity or another. Either working at one of their installations or being on loan to a starship...the fun in my career has never ended" Emilie responded.

"That's the thing about cadets, they always think about where they'd end up. Children often dream of the future, of the best they can be." Mark said. He sighed, taking another sip of his beer. "Of course, most of it doesn't mean a damned thing when you get out there. I only ever had one goal growing up. I'll give them this: Starfleet gave me more goals."

Emilie nodded. "I just wanted to work at Starfleet Tactical on Earth - I'm still planning on doing just that once they've finished with me out here. It's nice to see the galaxy but I miss home sometimes. Starfleet's given one thing - life experience. Life experience I wouldn't have got if I hadn't joined Starfleet"

"Well, make the most of your experience. You deserve to find some form of happiness. It's why I fight, so people I care about can have a home, can have somewhere safe to live." Mark said.

"I plan to - even once I go back to Earth there'll still be opportunities to travel to other parts of the galaxy. As for happiness...I would like that one day. Whenever it is I'm prepared to wait for it" Emilie responded.

With the dinner prepared and on her table Emilie sat down and started to eat. She hoped Mark would enjoy the dish which she had not yet cooked since the start of her time on the Vindex - and the way things were going it wouldn't be the last either.

"'s the food?" Emilie asked.

"Pretty good." Mark replied, before taking another bite of his meal. "Fresh, well seasoned. Thanks." He said, smiling. "It's nice to enjoy a proper meal."

Emilie smiled. "I'm glad. I prefer fresh cooking myself but a lot of the time I admit it's just a lot easier to go up to a replicator and order whatever you want. Doesn't quite taste the same's quick and easy food. I want to do more fresh cooking in future but it depends how many fresh ingredients I can get from the chef"

"I try not to rely on replicators if I can. Mostly, it's because I don't fully understand them, neither do I trust them. Sure, you tell it to make you a meal, but it doesn't understand the nuances, like how much seasoning to use, or the right temperature, or even the right flavor. It's always a little...bland. In a pinch, it'll do, but it can make the right ingredients if needed." Mark said. He sighed, taking a sip of his drink. "I also wonder how things might have been if we'd had this kind of technology back on Turalek. Lately, I've been thinking of it. My sister...well, she's coming aboard, when we reach the Starbase, and she went back there. God knows why, and there will be a conversation. But lately, it feels like my past is returning to haunt me."

Emilie nodded slowly. "Replicators are convenient but not always the best. At least if you cook food fresh there's no chance of the food replicating on the pad without a plate. As for your past...I'm not sure what to say there. Have you ever considered talking to anyone about your past and getting to the root cause of why you feel the way you do?"

"Not got anyone who can understand. Counselors...they all say they understand how you feel, but they don't." Mark replied. "Don't worry, not much to say. It's the past. Right now, I just focus on tomorrow."

"Alright. Then what about me? I'm not a counsellor but I'll listen if you ever need a know what I mean?" Emilie replied.

"I appreciate that, but I generally use a punching bag when I need to get something out. Although I do need to draw up some new training rotas. Apparently, people think mine were too...harsh. I want you to run some of them, I'll handle the higher levels." Mark said.

Emilie tittered. "A punching bag has its uses...but I wasn't quite referring to that sort of thing Mr Whistler. As for the training rotas then leave that with me. I will sort those out for you in the next few days once we're back at Starbase Unity"

"Thank you." He said, taking a sip of his beer. Her comment about not referring to the punching bag then hit home. "Oh? What were you referring to?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Taking a long sip of her glass of wine before taking a couple of mouthfuls of her food Emilie was bearing what Claudia said in mind.

"I think you know what I'm referring to. The offer's there if you need it" Emilie responded.

Mark looked at her, and nodded. "Yeah. I know what you're referring to." Mark said. "But I don't know why you're referring to it. And don't say it's because you find me attractive. That may be so, but from what I know of human women, usually that isn't a motive for sex." He told her.

He stood up, and walked over to the window. "Back on Turalek, it was something that was considered the ultimate luxury, having a chance to be intimate with someone. was cherished among my group, and among others. It became special. What you're asking...I could never do, because to use it as a way of relaxing...I've never done that, and I never will." He said. "It isn't right, for anyone. It demeans both parties, because it shows a lack of respect. something you save for someone special."

"You and I both need someone we can trust to talk to and spend time with. I don't have anybody like that and from the sounds of it neither do you. An arrangement like that comes with no strings attached - you and I have that certain someone without the worries of maintaining a serious relationship. Just think about it - I won't be offended if you decide against it" Emilie responded.

Mark smiled, and walked over to her. "You deserve better than that." He said. He kissed her forehead. "If I'm with someone, I'm with them. If you want to explore that...then it's something to consider. But for now, I won't use you, not just for relief." He said. "I should go." He added softly. 'Before I change my mind' he thought.

Deciding not to throw herself at Mark she gave him the option of going away to think about it. She knew Claudia wanted personal information about Mark but there were ways of going about it. Throwing herself at him wasn't one of them.

Emilie sighed. "As you wish. Just...don't leave me waiting an indefinite amount of time...because I won't wait forever. That's just who I am and I'm not the galaxy's most patient person."

"Fair enough." He said, smiling. He turned and went to walk out, but stopped and faced her again. "Thank you, for dinner. It was good of you." He added, before leaving the room.

Emilie nodded. "My pleasure. Next time we can sample some of your cooking..."

Once Mark was gone Emilie finished eating her dinner and the leftovers of Mark's portion before putting the dishes away to wash. She'd enjoyed the meal and planned to cook it again soon.

=/\="Delameilleure to Ainscow. I've got some information you might want to know...I'll come to your office in the morning..."=/\= Emilie said.


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