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Leaving A Reminder

Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 9:38am by Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr & Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 13:15

Sickbay was as busy as it ever had been. Lucinda had ensured the more serious injuries had been given priority - and with the medical teams now working their hardest to help them Lucinda found herself ready to treat Arkady's wound. With a medkit in hand she approached Arkady and pointed her arm in the direction of a vacant treatment bay.

"Shall we get that scalpel out of your hand Doctor?" Lucinda asked.

"I do not know," Arkady said thoughtfully, turning his hand over one way, and then the other. "I think perhaps is useful addition to doctor's hand. I would not have to ask for something I already have."

He reached out with his good hand and patted the medical kit.

"No need for painkiller," he reached up and pulled down the collar of his uniform to reveal the bright royal blue seal of a medicinal dermal patch. "I took liberty of self-medicating while you dealt with actual patients. Leave kit, I will see to my own self. Will not be first time."

Lucinda kept tight hold of her medical kit. She wasn't going to let Arkady deal with it by himself.

Lucinda nodded. "That's all well and true doctor but that needs to come out. I'm going to insist that you come with me to the medical bay so we can get it out. It might be a useful addition to your hand but it's no good if the wound gets infected."

"Bah," Arkady said with a chuckling growl and got up to follow her. "I am Martian. My blood runs with dust, and my bones are made of peroxide rust. No germ would dare find succor here. But if you make you smile, I come with. I am good person, after all."

Lucinda smiled and nodded. "It'll make me feel more at ease Doctor. If I can get that thing out and get your hand cleaned up then you can help us with the casualties. And I'm sure you might get bored of having it in your hand eventually"

Once they were in the treatment bay Lucinda closed the curtains and got Arkady's hand ready for the procedure. First however she intended to scan around the wound just to make sure. Picking up her medical scanner she scanned around the wound and watched the readings come in.

"Well...the good news is it's missed anything important. We should be able to get that out of your hand in a jiffy. I know you'll probably say no but do you want some pain relief?" Lucinda asked.

"The dermal patch is good enough," Arkady said, tapping his neck once more with a smile. "Besides I have had worse. Was time as child, that hand got caught in rock crusher. Very painful. To this, this is small cut. Is graze is what it is."

Lucinda winced slightly at the thought of Arkady's hand being stuck inside a rock crusher. The worst she'd suffered was the occasional cut to her finger when she was chopping some vegetables.

"Alright...I think we're just about ready" Lucinda replied.

She put the hand scanner down and put some medical gloves on her hands before taking hold of the scalpel with her right hand. In one quick and smooth motion Lucinda pulled it out and immediately applied pressure to the wound with her other hand whist she disposed of the scalpel. With the scalpel disposed of Lucinda got her dermal regenerator from her case and started to treat the wound.

"How does it feel now?" Lucinda asked.

“Like you pulled scalpel from hand and then used miracle of science to plaster over hole,” Arkady said, leaning over to admire the handiwork being applied to his hand. “Is work good enough to not leave scar, which I am not at all sure I am prepared to go without. Is good for memory to have reminder. Is good for reputation.”

After a moment, allowing the silence to be filled in as equally by the hum of the dermal regenerator as the hole in his hand, Arkady spoke.

“I would hope my action’s did not frighten you greatly?” He said in a quiet voice.

Lucinda shook her head. "They didn't Doctor - honestly. If you want me to leave you a scar as a...reminder...then I suppose I could...although I'd rather do that on the palm of your hand. That way it's not immediately obvious"

Lucinda kept the pressure on the palm of Arkady's hand as the dermal regenerator continued its work.

"Is warning for next idiot who tries to do harm to someone under my protection," Arkady said thoughtfully, mulling over her words. Or, more accurately, lack of works. Had it been intentional referring to the aliens attack? Some unspoken permission that, given his role in her salvation, his violent nature was permissible? It would be nice to think so.

"So, to make the changing of subjects, I hear from wine vine that we are to receive a new nurse? A sub lieutenant?" Arkady asked.

Lucinda nodded and decided to leave the reminder Arkady had requested on the underside of his hand. With the entry wound on the back of his hand almost completely healed Lucinda welcomed the change in subject.

"I believe so...a Lieutenant Aquilus. I believe he is also a full El-Aurian like myself - although I'm not sure if he was born on El-Auria or a Federation colony like I was. My parents wanted to blend in so...I have a human name" Lucinda responded.

The dermal regenerator finished its work. Pleased that no scar remained on the back of Arkady's hand she requested that he turn it over to work on the other side.

"I did not have parents. I was syn skal, 'son of rocks'. Is not phrase that works with civilised tongue very well. I remember hearing the elder children speaking of the sky, and the stars, and the stars that moved in that sky. So long I thought 'Yes, yes this is their new cruelty. This is not truth'," he smiled. "I did not think the stars could ever be more than tales told by fairies, and we are."

Lucinda started to clean the wound before beginning her work once again with her dermal regenerator. Arkady's words began to resonate with her - her parents were alive but they practically ignored her. Instead of choosing to follow her father's path into Starfleet she wanted to be a doctor.

Lucinda spoke as she worked. "I didn't want to join Starfleet at all...I just wanted to be a doctor on Proxima Colony or somewhere else that needed a doctor. Even after giving in and following the path my father wanted me parents and I have never been that close. Now I'm here though I guess I've been to a few nice places"

"I joined on onset of war with Dominion. Was...convienant for Martian Courts to send some of their wayward souls to serve. Instead of working a term in a trinium mine on Demois, I took a vocational course with Starfleet. Six months later I was witness to the death of the USS Armstrong above...oh...Mallady! What is world we met?" Arkady barked from the treatment bay.

"Adaracion," came a chittered reply.

"You are sure?" Arkady said, brow furrowing. "I do not think is sure."

"Sulphur clouds and bioluminescent frogs."

"Ah, yes. Adaracion," Arkady nodded gravely. "Spent a month in an escape pod waiting for pick up. When they found us, was not Federation rescue party. Was other kind, the honest sort."

Lucinda nodded. "That sounds rough. I'm lucky to have avoided having to abandon the ship I was far at least. I would like to think it's something I won't experience but you never know what's around the corner"

Checking the work of her regenerator she could see that the wound was sealed but there was still residual scar tissue. Pausing and moving the regenerator out of the way for Arkady to see the work Lucinda hoped it was satisfactory. It was an unusual request but she was happy to grant least this time.

"How's that?" Lucinda asked.

"Is good philosophy, but eventually things break. I have served on six ships which have fallen prey to this thought. Only four suffered malicious contact with enemy, I would not recommend," Arkady turned his hand slowly over, admiring the work. "Very good work. You have hands of classical musician."

Lucinda was pleased Arkady approved of her work. She placed her dermal regenerator back into her medkit and looked at the blood covered scalpel which she had removed from Arkady's hand as it lay on the bedside table.

Lucinda smiled. "Thank you, Doctor. If you're after another souvenir of the events in Engineering then you're welcome to keep the scalpel I removed from your hand - otherwise, I'll throw it in with the others to be sterilized."

"I think is best to send it through replicator. Lets its atoms become something useful, like a chicken sandwich," Arkady groused, leaning back on the raised bed and closed his eyes. "Now if minding, I think perhaps is time I become unconcious for time. Has been day of days, no?"

Lucinda nodded and put it in the the receptacle for items to be dematerialised. Arkady mentioning chicken sandwiches made her hungry and Lucinda decided she would take advantage of a gap in her schedule and get some lunch.

"Of course Doctor. I'll leave you to get some sleep - and talking of chicken sandwiches I'm off to get something to eat. If you need anything just call me" Lucinda responded.

"Will shout loudly," Arkady said in a sleeping grumbling tone. "In Russian.


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