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Meeting the XO

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2016 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant T'Mia & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: On the Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 1:00 pm

The turbolift doors opened with a familiar swoosh and Benj stepped through the door onto the bridge. Although he had had studied the plans and specs of the Sovereign class Starship, it didn't prepare enough for how grand the bridge actually was. If his memory served him correctly, on the bridge of a Sovereign class starship, the main tactical console was just behind the Executive Officer's chair. Behind that console there was a backup tactical console should they ever need it.

As he approached his station, he saw that the Executive Officer was on the bridge. She was easy to pick out... she was Vulcan. Vulcans had always interested Benj. He had read material about their past and he was amazed by their lack of emotion. Correction, they had emotions, but it was the fact that they repressed their emotions so well that amazed him.

He altered his course so that he could greet the Lieutenant.

"I am Lieutenant Tora, Ma'am. Chief of Tactical and Security. I am pleased to meet you." Benj had seen many Vulcans during his time, and none of them seemed to be especially touchy - huggy. He would have done that Vulcan hand gesture but his dang fingers just wouldn't cooperate with him. Instead, he gave a short quick bow.

"Welcome to the Vindex Lieutenant," T'Mia spoke in her usual, unintentionally sultry voice as she rose from her seat to welcome the new Tactical Officer. "You will find the tactical station in good working order. I expect daily reports about the effectiveness of your department and a thorough review of all security procedures aboard the ship and any recommendations you may have."

Nice voice, thought Benj. Like a true Vulcan and XO, Lt. T'Mia was all about business. "I shall start on those reports right after I configure my console. You can expect my recommendations by the end of the day, Lieutenant. If I may ask though, are you looking for something in particular, or just overall recommendations?"

T'Mia gestured for the Bajoran to sit in the Captains chair before returning to the comfort of her own. "We are entering a hostile area of space and must do all that we can to protect our vessel and any others we come across along the way. I want recommendations for new tactics, quick deployment of security personnel and so on," the XO countered.

Benj felt a little uncomfortable to sit in the Captain's chair, but since his superior officer indicated to do so, he did. As he listened to the Lieutenant he began to prioritize his list. First was to check the armory and make sure all Security equipment was inventoried. Then he would read up on the latest information about the area and this group called the Consortium. After that, he would check all targeting arrays, the phasers, torpedo launchers to make sure that they were in proper working order. Tomorrow he would schedule drills for the tactical and security teams, and maybe invite the marines to participate. New tactics were going to take a little bit longer, but he was certain that he would be able to come up with something.

"I fully understand the need to make sure we are ready for any crisis or situation. I should have systematic reports to you by the end of the day. Tomorrow I plan to coordinate drills with marines for boardings, attacks, etc. If you will excuse now, Lieutenant, I need to check out both tactical consoles and then I'll head to the Armory to check out our inventory."

T'Mia gave a silent nod of confirmation and watched as the Bajoran departed to commence the tasks she had assigned him. 'Most efficient,' she thought. How refreshing.


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