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A Hiding Place

Posted on Fri Jul 8th, 2016 @ 4:22pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Lieutenant Commander Rafael Muñiz & Commander Carl Redmond
Edited on on Mon Sep 5th, 2016 @ 2:57pm

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Renown
Timeline: Prior to Mission Day 1

The USS Renown had departed Starbase Unity and had arrived in the Rakhar system as planned. Captain Hutchinson had enjoyed seeing his daughter get married to the love of her life and he was happy that Lucia was now happy with somebody David could see genuinely loved his daughter. The survey was around half complete as the Renown had been given permission to pause the survey for Hutchinson to attend the wedding at Starbase Unity - so the crew were hoping that it would be completed within the next week so they could return to the Alpha Quadrant.

"Captain...we've received some telemetry from the probe we dispatched to do reconnaissance around the wormhole when we left Starbase Unity. You're going to want to see this" the Renown's Operations Officer said.

David looked up at the viewscreen and waited for Redmond to put the information up on the screen.

"We've got a massive build up of starships...they weren't there when we came through. They're all Consortium...and according to readings...the wormhole is no longer active. We're stuck here Captain" Redmond said.

David knew that there was trouble brewing but now the Renown and her crew were trapped in the Gamma Quadrant. The wormhole was closed and under the control of The Consortium - there was absolutely no way out. The Renown didn't have supplies to get back to the Alpha it was now a case of having to wait it out and hope that the Federation would regain control of the wormhole and allow for passage between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants to become possible again.

"I half expected this would happen...but now it has. a briefing for the senior staff in the observation lounge. We've got to think of what we're going to do before they come looking for us - from what I've been told they've got people everywhere. We can't take any risks" David said.

The Renown's master went into his ready room to gather his thoughts for a few moments.

Redmond called the senior staff for a briefing as ordered and then made his way into the Renown's observation lounge to wait for Captain Hutchinson to join them.

Ten minutes later David joined the rest of his senior staff and sat at the head of the table. The Renown was very much alone and he had decided that it would be wise to try and find somewhere to hide and wait things out.

"Thank you all for coming. As most of you are aware...the Consortium have taken control of the wormhole and we are unable to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Seeing how large The Consortium's forces are around the wormhole we have to assume they have significant strength in the area and they will more than likely come looking for us if or when they discover our probe. Let's have some suggestions please" David said.

Rafael Muniz was the Renown's Chief Engineer and Second Officer. He was the first to make a suggestion.

"Changing our warp signature would be a wise idea - as well as restricting any travel on warp drive as much as we can. If we change our warp signature to something neutral then we shouldn't attract too much attention - especially if we stay at low warp speeds" Rafael suggested.

Redmond nodded. "A good idea Commander. We could complete the survey by using that abandoned Cardassian shuttlecraft we captured and sending an away team in it to Rakhar"

David and his crew had captured the Cardassian craft which had been landed on planet's surface and been abandoned. They had decided to bring the shuttle aboard as an extra auxiliary craft and Lieutenant Commander Muniz and his team had been working on repairing it's damaged systems so it could be used by the Renown and her crew.

"That might be worthwhile. How long until it's ready Mr Muniz?" David asked.

Rafael and his team had nearly finished the craft and they thought it would be ready for use within the next 48 hours - certainly ideal timing given that Captain Hutchinson was now keen to use the craft in order to carry on their survey of Rakhar.

"We estimate 48 hours - although if you need it sooner then we can have it ready in around half the time. It might be useful for a few people to come down and familiarise themselves with the shuttle so we're not sat around doing familiarisation" Rafael replied.

Rafael's brother José was the Renown's senior conn officer. He nodded in agreement.

"I'll report down to the shuttlebay with another conn officer when you are ready" José replied.

David nodded - the plan was coming together well. Now it was a case of choosing the team that went to Rakhar to finish the survey without too many members of the senior staff leaving the ship.

"Very well. Now we need to find somewhere to hide the ship" David said.

José had been observing the area and he knew there was a nebula very close to their current position - it would prove to be an ideal hiding place for the Renown - although they wouldn't be able to stay in there forever.

"There's a nebula not too far from here - it's about two light years away at the most. I think that's our best least for now. We won't be able to hide in there forever though" José replied.

David nodded again. "Very well. Once Commander Muniz has modified our warp signature we will proceed to the nebula. We'll launch the shuttle from there whenever it is ready. I want to be ready to go into grey mode before we move - Commander Redmond I'd like you to start working on which systems aren't necessary and can be shut down to reduce our power output"

Redmond nodded. "Yes Captain"

"Very well. Let's get to it - you're all dismissed" Hutchinson said.

The senior staff dispersed from the ready room and set about their new tasks. Every single second was going to count if they were going to evade being detected and captured by The Consortium - especially if they detected and intercepted the Renown's probe and tracked it back to the Excelsior-class starship. Although the Renown was a fast ship and could hold its own in a firefight there was no way the Excelsior-class could stand up to the power of The Consortium. Hutchinson hoped that the situation would resolve itself or the Renown could be rescued and taken back to the relative safety of Starbase Unity.


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