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Once More, Into the Breach

Posted on Tue Jul 19th, 2016 @ 2:50am by Lieutenant Noah Fields M.D. & Major Storr Garlake

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex - Sickbay
Timeline: Day 2, 1045

The large Marine stood just outside the translucent sickbay doors, his eyes tracing the etched caduceus that graced each panel. Why was he delaying entry? True, his last visit had been well outside the normal but the banter was at least somewhat enjoyable and he even swore that his back felt a bit better after Ensign Takahashi's "unique" approach to chiropractic care. No, it wasn't a fear of a repeat but of bucking tradition in the Corp. He knew that he would be setting an example for his men; Storr thought back to the short brief he had given the Marines concerning preventative maintenance which not only included their weapons and gear but bodies as well. While Marines fought hard and played hard, there was a bond that was developed between them and the fleet Corpsmen that were assigned to the units. The Vindex was the first posting he had been on that did not have a dedicated Corpsman and despite his requests for one (which he knew would be denied given the manning situation in the Gamma Quadrant), Storr knew that he would need to build bridges with the "line" medical corp on the ship. It wasn't that there was distrust or questions of competence per se, but it would be non-standard for all the jarheads under his command and if it was anything that Marines appreciated when it came to garrison work, it was standard ops.

With a deep breath, the Marine CO stepped forward, the doors parting for him and giving admittance to the medical hub of the ship. *The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...*

Storr smiled when he noticed that the Dragon Nurse was absent and instead was greeted by a well put-together man about his age and rough build in a white lab coat with the Starfleet Medical Corp logo emblazoned on the upper left chest.

"Storr Garlake, Marine CO" the Afrikaner introduced himself with a grin and pumped the doctor's hand quite firmly.

"Doctor Noah Fields, Chief Medical Officer. The Marine's grip was strong which immediately told the Doctor that at least he had his strength, a good sign of good health. "Welcome aboard."

"Well, I've already received my initial persecution...err, intake exam but I understand I still need a physical from you to complete the medical inprocessing. That, and I was hoping to pick your brain a bit about some concerns I have with our two departments"

"Concerns," Noah asked in confusion as he guided Garlake toward an empty biobed. "I wasn't aware there was any past problems. Please have a seat." Noah requested a medical kit and began his scans of the officer.

Captain Garlake nodded and sat up on the biobed as requested. "Well, what's your experience with Marines, Noah? Heard stories or worked with many of us in the past?"

"I have, but honestly, I don't care. When you are in my Sickbay you're my patient. It doesn't matter if you're a Marine, Naval Officer, or even a Romulan you are here under my care and that's all that matters." He started to ask Garlake the usual health questions as he scanned the man's head and chest with the sensor fob.

He nodded slowly as he complied with the CMO's requests to perform various functions such as holding his breath, extending an extremity or finally laying back on the biobed. His bedside manner was...much less painful than Otoha's.

"Have you had any pain lately? Headaches? Muscle aches," he asked as watched the monitor above the bed.

Storr shook his head in the negative. "I feel great, thanks, though if you had asked me after your Ensign had completed her intake inquisition it might have been otherwise. " He chuckled thinking how he must have looked from the outside wearing those ridiculous glasses for the vision test or her body slamming him on the biobed. "But back to my earlier mention of's not that there are any problems or that I think you'll treat us different; not at all. There's just...a special relationship between Marines and their corpsmen is lacking on this ship and I want to let you know so you aren't surprised when my men aren't as forthcoming here or with their symptoms as they otherwise would be. I know that a general animosity towards doctors seems to be prevalent in all Fleeters but it doesn't exist in the Corp. Of course, except when there are no corpsmen. Does any of what I'm saying making sense? When you're so deep in a community for so long, it's easy to forget that those outside looking in don't have all the context that you've built up over your lifetime."

"I understand fully Captain, I was a doctor on the front line during the Dominion War. Closing ranks was a common thing among the Marines, even among us Fleeters. If there's anything I've learned then is that you can't pry the mouth of a person who is not willing to talk." Noah laughed. "No need to warn me. Anyway if they won't talk I'll send them to Nurse Takahashi she'll get to them,". the Doctor grinned.

Storr smiled in return. "That's what I'm afraid of!" The two continued with small talk for the short remainder of the physical before Storr stood from the biobed and shook Noah's hand.

"Again, a pleasure, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more as well as having you down in Deck 13 to help with our continuing education in Tactical Combat Casualty Care."

The doctor wanted to say something, but chose not to. "Hoo-rah, Captain," Noah said as the Marine left Sickbay. The doctor returned to his office.


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