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A Chance Encounter of the Caffeinated Kind

Posted on Sun Sep 24th, 2017 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton & Lieutenant JG Taylor Aquilus

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD 105; 1700

Walking into the crowded mess hall, Taylor sighed, knowing he would struggle to find a seat and walked over to the replicator, ordered a Raktajino and looked for a seat, when he saw the empty seat with a very attractive man wearing operations colours sat there. Taylor decided to walk over.

"Excuse me, mate is anyway sitting here?" Taylor asked, slightly nervously but all that showed was a slight cockney accent coming out in his voice.

Not being one for coffee or coffee related drinks, Finn was sitting off at a table in the corner with a peppermint tea in one hand and a PADD in the other. He was looking over the rosters for the next coming weeks and planning out how to make them up going forward. It took him a few extra seconds to realise that voice was being directed towards him, "Oh, of course, please take a seat." The Scotsman looked up from his PADD with his usual warm and open smile.

Taking the seat offered to him, Taylor sat, and looked at the man, realising they were equal rank. "I'm Taylor, by the way"

"Finn Fulton, Chief Engineer," he extended a hand, "new Chief Engineer might I add."

"Nice to meet you, i'm the new Nurse around here" Taylor said, smiling at the man in front of him "Congrats on your promotion, by the way"

Finn's face changed immediately, from a warm charming smile to that one of deep sadness and concern, "So you're working with Doctor Sjet then? I'm so sorry." His face lightened a bit as he couldn't keep joking with the new crew member. "I take it you have been thoroughly scared for life? What new body parts did he pick out for you?"

Chuckling at the joke, Taylor said "An arm, a liver and a kidney so far, but i'll keep you posted with how that goes" taking a second to finish his laughter before he continued "But in all seriousness, everyone has been really great so far, how are you liking it?"

"Serious? He threatened me with a clamp for a hand," Finn replied stone-faced. "Other than that, all is good, new-ish here. So things have progressed a little quickly."

"Arkady is a pussycat really, he'll threaten to disembowel you, but you just know that when the chips are down, he's the guy you want in your corner" Taking a gulp of his drink, Taylor said "I can imagine, but it sounds like the Captain sees something in you, so you must be a good guy". Taylor internally cringed, but decided to continue "Look, Finn i know this is forward considering i'm so new and everything, but, i was thinking of throwing a cocktail party on the holodeck, and inviting some people to get to know me, would you wanna come, maybe bring some people? I make a mean Manhattan"

"If there are drinks and a party, I'm there," Finn smiled, "I did a lot of bar work back in the Academy, so I can mix some as well if you'd like. Gives me an excuse to brush out the old trick pouring skills."

"Cool, maybe you could show me some of your tricks, i've been creating and experimenting with new tricks and new drinks for about 16 years, so i'm eager to keep learning" Taylor said, excitement evident on his face.

"Sixteen years?" Finn asked, his face puzzled, "Did you start drinking when you were twelve?" One eyebrow was raised so high it was practically becoming one with his hairline.

"No, I'm 36 mate" taylor said, chuckling to himself "Being El-Aurian has it perks I guess, the main one being the lifespan" smiling to himself, Taylor finished the remnants of his raktajino.

"So you will be young for years to come, while the rest of us succumb to the test of time. I can't say I'm not jealous of that," Finn continued to sip on hos tea from the mug.

Frowning slightly, with a sadness in his eyes, Taylor said "But by the same token, it means I will potentially have to watch my loved ones wither and die around me as I imperceptibly age"

"And that is why alcohol was invented," Finn replied, trying to lighten the mood that had suddenly changed. "Although, when it comes to showing off my barman skills, it will come with a host of stories from where I learned them. I used to serve in a bar in the Castro district not far from the academy. Read from that what you will."

"Very true" Taylor said, shifting back to his previous jovialness "I mostly had to learn either at home on my own, or occasionally i would sneak out and do a shift in a nearby bar surrounded by Gorn, but, I definitely want to hear some of these stories, they said fun" Taylor said, a wink almost evident in his voice.

Finn laughed, "That they are. It may not be Gorn filled, mostly. But it usually did end up with me in a few...compromising situations." Finn actually winked.

Laughing along with Finn, Taylor said "In my view, you aren't young until you have been in a few compromising situations" as he reciprocated the younger man's wink.

Finn gave a giggle and blushed, thinking Taylor had ideas of getting him into another of those situations. Which left him with some conflicting emotions.


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