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Brainstorm Watch

Posted on Thu Jul 7th, 2016 @ 11:23pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay Diagnostics Center


It was difficult to tell if Nurse Takahashi was asleep or not as she sat in front of a console. A fellow nurse quietly approached with a cup, "Coffee?"

She opened her eyes and responded in subdued tone, "Thank you, but I don't drink coffee."

"No luck with the computer simulations?"

"None, and I can't figure out why. This should work! Take a look." She played back sensor recordings, "People can and do continue to think inside transporter matter streams. Molecules are streaming, but they still pass neural signals."

Her colleague took a seat next to her. "What are you looking for?"

"I want to add the brain-domination diagnostic to transporter alerts. If someone is hypnotized or under strong domination, I want the system to light up a warning."

"And it's not working?"

"Not with the simulations I'm running."

She shrugged, "My guess is that your model isn't sophisticated enough from an engineering standpoint. I bet it would work if you brought SciLab or Engineering into this."

Otoha sighed, "I probably will. I was hoping to solve this one without needing committees, red tape, or approval debates."

Her friend chuckled, sipping at the coffee and crossing a leg over, "You tore a hole in a metal door with bike parts and now you're trying to work transporter magic. Face it, you're a nurse, not an engineer."

She returned a round roundly, "I prefer to think of it as cross-training."

"Otoha, you keep pushing yourself on these extra projects. Why? You didn't used to do this."

"I need to keep busy."

"AHH! Don't give me that. You're the most vocal advocate for taking time to rest."

The Asian nun had to get up and pace around, "I don't know. I'm just... frustrated. We're sailing straight into a storm."

Her friend set the mug down, "Toh, I don't care what projects you do on the side, but don't let this take a toll on your effectiveness as a nurse."

She retorted instantly, "I'm not!"

"Voice of confidence? Voice of hope? .... Voice of denial?"

Otoha turned to her with calm surety, "Leigh, I can guarantee you that my psyche is very well monitored, indeed. You don't need to worry."

"Care to explain how?"

"No, actually."

She sighed and stood, "Okay. I'll stop pushing. Just... quit trying to solve the quadrant's problems by yourself. You can't do it alone. Sometimes, other people will have better ideas than you will."

Otoha stared off and gave acknowledging nods.

"And, don't be a stranger. As soon as things slow down, come on over and hang out. I promise, I won't worry when I hear you talk to yourself."

Otoha turned sharply to make eye contact.

Her friend's gaze was direct but gentle, "I've never brought attention to it, and I have no intention of it now. But I need to ask you." She received a nod. "Does your tendency make you more vulnerable to domination... or less?"

She had to turn her gaze aside to consider. After a moment, she resumed eye contact, "I lack medical confirmation, but I can tell you that I feel well anchored."

"Okay. I'll go with that. Nursing school, first surgeries, you never let the stress break you down. But if you ever suspect otherwise..."

"You know that I will."

The two exchanged a reaffirming hug and closed up shop for the shift.


Nurse Otoha Takahashi
USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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