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Second Attempt

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 10:31pm by Mystery Man & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn
Edited on on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 10:32pm

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Kaz's Quarters - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 103; 09:45

Kazyah Linn sat in his quarters, staring out the large windows. Beyond the glass streaked stars, indicating that the ship was currently at warp. They would be arriving at their destination soon, Starbase Unity. Kaz, for one, would be glad for them to get there so he could put this entire mission behind him. There was just one thing left to do.

A chirp sounded from the computer console in his desk. "About time," he said to himself as he hit the button to accept the message.

"You're late," he said immediately, not allowing the man to even speak. "The Vindex will be vulnerable within the hour. Their shields will go offline, but they will not be dropping out of warp. I will be transporting the shuttle into space and you will need to lock on with a tractor beam immediately and pull it out of warp."

Mystery Man was indeed late. He had not been able to keep pace with the Vindex for fear of being detected like last time's near miss. He wanted to exercise more caution this time and planned to take the shuttle mid transport between the Vindex and Starbase Unity. Unity wasn't very heavily defended and the El-Aurian man knew he had a decent chance of succeeding.

"I had attend to. I will be right behind the Vindex very soon so I can collect my prize...let me thank you for keeping me up to date with your excellent progress. It's just a shame you don't want to come with because you'd make an excellent crewmember..." Mystery Man responded.

"I have a feeling Starfleet Intelligence would have an issue with that." Kaz sat back in his chair, his hand idly rubbing the area on his bare chest where the rod of kel used to lay. "In ten minutes, you will see our speed slow a bit. This is required so that the shuttle does implode from the massive speed change. This isn't guaranteed though. You will need to tractor it in quickly."

Mystery Man nodded. "I would imagine that they would. We will be ready to intercept the shuttle on your signal - although our proximity to Starbase Unity is a bit concerning. Our scans suggest minimal defenses and two or three guard ships...are these accurate to your knowledge?"

"No, it isn't." Kaz rubbed his chin as he picked up a PADD. "My intelligence suggests the same, but with the recent attack on the Vindex, I'm concerned they will, at least, be on alert. And at most will have reinforcements by the time we get there. That's why I don't want us to wait until we arrive at Unity."

The El-Aurian man knew that the net was more than likely beginning to close in on him and he was going to have to discard all links to Section 31 as soon as possible. His options were limited and he knew they were.

"Your forward thinking is most useful and appreciated. If you decide that you wish to join us before we arrive then the offer still stands - if you don't then I understand. I just wish we could have worked together for a bit longer" Mystery Man responded.

"I appreciate the offer." Kaz stood from his computer and slowly walked to the large windows that lined the back wall of his quarters. Beyond the glass, stars streaked by as the ship hurried to its destination. "We should be slowing down any moment. Is your ship ready?"

Mystery Man ensured that his ship was ready before giving a response. This would undoubtedly be their last chance to steal the shuttle before the Vindex deposited it at Starbase Unity. He had doubts an away team would be able to hold off the security at Starbase Unity for long enough to release it.

"We're ready Lieutenant" Mystery Man responded.

Kaz pressed a button on the PADD he held in his hand. One of two separate buttons. Beyond the hull, the transporter shimmered and the alien vessel appeared out of thin air. A tractor beam from an obviously cloaked vessel locked onto the shuttle and began pulling it away from the Vindex.

A smile spread over Kaz's face. He looked at the PADD he was holding and his finger pressed the second button. Instantly, an explosion emanated from within the small vessel, causing a chain reaction throughout the entire structure. "Enjoy hell, you son of a bitch," Kaz said to himself, under his breath.

He tapped his combadge, opening the channel again. "What happened?" Kaz asked, his concern sounding completely genuine.

The Klingon craft had been damaged but it wasn't enough to prevent it from escaping. The tractor emitter was damaged and the shields had taken a heavy hit - the vital cloak was barely online and Mystery Man began to wonder what he'd let himself in for. The Vindex could find them at any moment after that explosion which would undoubtedly trigger an alarm or two on the bridge.

"Well...the shuttle blew to explain?" Mystery Man responded.

Kaz shook his head, "I wish I could, Commodore. Everything seemed fine, at first. But we knew this was a. possibility. I'm sorry you didn't get your shuttle."

The man was angry at the loss of the shuttle - he was determined to get it and now it was a cloud of debris in space. There was no way he was going to get another chance now. Mystery Man's cover was already beginning to fail and he had no intentions of his links to Section 31 being uncovered. He had to shift the blame onto someone else.

Mystery Man sighed. "These things happen Lieutenant. At least it won't be me getting into trouble for not delivering it to Starbase Unity. I hope Captain Ainscow has prepared her excuses for failing to complete her mission."

"I'm sure she can handle herself," Kaz said, tossing the PADD back on his desk as he walked towards the door of his quarters. "Have a good day, Commodore." With a quick tap of his combadge, the line was cut short and he was out the doors.

The shuttle bay was quiet as Kaz walked through towards his new Delta Flyer class runabout. There were definitely perks to being in Starfleet Intelligence. Most of those included the ability to commandeer assets for himself and no one could really stop him. Save S.I. themselves.

He pressed in his security code and the rear door to the vessel opened. He stepped inside and the door closed behind him. Through the darkness, he could just make out the silhouette of his target. A humanoid figure lying prone in the middle of the room.

Stepping forward, he knelt next to the body, happy to see that the individual was still alive but unconscious. He pulled a device from the side cabinet and plugged in a fist-sized capsule to the bottom. Opening the tip to reveal a double-pronged node, he pressed it against the humanoid's forehead and soon the figure faded and disappeared.

Unplugging the capsule, Kaz inspected it closely. Within the container, he could see. the humanoid in suspended animation, fully preserved and save.

"Memory Theta is going to enjoy having you," he said, opening a padded case and placing the capsule gently inside. Next to the container, he set the PADD with the complete shuttle database download and closed the lid on tight.


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