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Awkward Recollections

Posted on Tue Oct 3rd, 2017 @ 7:17pm by Lieutenant Megan Atkinson & Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: D15
Timeline: Mission Day 104; 20:00

Megan had been rushed off her feet for a couple of days and she was very much looking forward to this drink. After having a shower and changing into a more casual t-shirt and jeans she'd made her way to D15 to meet Finn. She wasn't sure what his drink of choice was so she decided to wait until his arrival before ordering.

Working with the Scotsman had been a very enjoyable experience for Megan. He was undoubtedly a talented engineer and also a great person to work with too. Megan hoped this was the start of a very good friendship between the two.

The barman approached Megan asking if she was ready to order.

"Not just yet thanks. I'm waiting for a friend to join me" Megan responded.

And that he did. Finn had returned to the bar, not that long after what he thought was a friendly dinner turned into an open and startling proposition. It was, however, enough time for him to change into something a little fancier. He thought as the night went on, the dress code would change. Striding into the bar, Finn wore his favourite shirt, royal blue with small white feather details, dark wash jeans and brown boots to match. The boy liked to look good no matter the occasion.

"Not started without me?" Finn began, "We will need to change that," he continued as he slid onto the stool next to her and signalled the barman.

Megan grinned. "I wouldn't dream of starting without my new boss - and if you don't mind me saying you're looking rather good this evening. What are you having? On me"

"Ok, less off the boss thing, this isn't how things are going to work," Finn smiled, "and thanks, sometimes got to look nice. Never know who is about," he winked. "Looking good as well. I am in serious need of a strong cocktail. A Long Island Ice Tea for me, thanks. What's your poison?"

Megan tittered. "Thanks. I usually go for beer but I think tonight I'm going to try some cocktails myself. I had beer the other night so I guess a change is in order"

Turning to the barman she placed their order.

"Two Long Island Ice Teas please" Megan said.

The barman nodded and went away to get their drinks. A minute or so later he placed two cocktails on the counter in front of Megan and Finn. Megan nodded to thank the barman before raising her glass.

"To teamwork and friendship" Megan said.

"Excellent teamwork and long-lasting friendship," Finn added as he clinked his glass against Megan's. "And beer? Really?" he opened his mouth in a dramatic and jovial way. "I've drunk that swill once and never again."

Megan smiled and took a sip of her cocktail and placed it down. After giving a look to suggest she liked the taste of it she nodded and replied.

"I got used to drinking it at the Academy. Every Friday at the Academy my class would chip in and we'd go and have a beach party or go camping somewhere. As for drinks well...I'll try anything once I guess. This cocktail is one of the nicer ones I've had" Megan responded.

"Plus it is all booze!" The engineer explained happily. "You had more wholesome experiences. At the weekends a few other engineers and I worked in that bar called Glitter over in the Castro District. We tried lots of drinks then, then we had to serve them! So I got a whole list of cocktails you will like if you liked this one."

Megan chuckled again. "Well that is very true indeed. Glitter...I remember that vaguely. I think we went in there once or twice over the four years were at the Academy. I can't remember what I drunk though so it's just as well you can remember what cocktails they did. You can be my guide to trying new cocktails this evening"

"There may be more than a few for one night, but I will certainly do the highlights," Finn began before a look of panic spread across his face. "I wonder if our paths ever crossed while I was working there. Now that would be a story!" He began to have vivid flashbacks of gold hotpants and trays of different shots in each had as he surfed the dancefloor and surrounding areas.

Megan lifted her glass and took another long sip out of it before placing it back down. A few things were on her mind but she was hoping to forget about them - at least for one night anyway.

"The highlights will be good based from how good this one tastes. Our paths may well have done Finn but...I can't say I remember unfortunately. I had a couple of interesting nights in there though to be fair...made a few new friends too. If we ever go back to Earth we should both head back there" Megan responded.

"And this is the least alcoholic," Finn smirked, "I also doubt I would be allowed back there after my last night working. Lets just say there was an incident with a rather 'handsy' Bolian guy and a broken arm. Who turned out to be the guy who owned the place." He started a very subdued laugh. "Your stories have to be better than that though."

Megan grinned. "Oh now you're talking. Breaking the owner's arm...yeah...that's a bit awkward. My story? Well the first time I punched someone for not taking no for an answer...and then the second time I got locked in overnight after falling asleep in the toilets. Fortunately it was a weekend so I didn't have to explain to my Academy tutor why I was late. The guy you replaced here was my tutor...quite a coincidence really"

"Wait, that was you that was found the morning after?" Finn laughed, "Man, heads rolled for that one. We all found it funny in the end." He was still laughing inbetween breaths.

"Yep...that was me. Pity my date didn't come and find me because that could have saved the awkwardness when I explained to the staff I'd been locked in all night. At the time I didn't find it that funny but I did not long friends will never let me forget it" Megan responded.

"I might not either now," joked Finn as he finished the last of his first class. "Ready for another? Fuzzy Warp Core would be a good place to go next I would say."

Megan grinned and finished off the rest of her cocktail before placing the empty glass down the counter. It was just as well she could laugh about it seeing how amusing Finn had found Megan's predicament to be.

"That sounds like a plan to me" Megan responded.

Turning to the barman once again she placed their next order.

"Two Fuzzy Warp Cores please" Megan asked.

After a brief wait the two drinks were placed on the counter and Megan raised her glass.

Megan giggled. "To...not getting locked in Glitter's toilet or breaking the manager's arm"

"Here, here," Finn smiled as he replied, "and to none of that or similar to happen in Engineering here." He laughed as the glasses touched with the familiar clink of a toast.

"Could you imagine the look on the Captain's face if it did? I'd pay to see that" Megan responded.

Megan took a sip of the cocktail - which she also liked - and placed it back down.

" are you finding all of the extra paperwork and the larger quarters? I bet you were surprised how much difference in size there is between junior officers quarters and senior officers quarters" Megan asked.

"They are a lot bigger than I thought, makes me realise I need more stuff to make it look less like a shell," Finn replied, "As for the rest, paperwork is paperwork. Not as much time fixing things as I had wanted, but you get to fix the bigger things."

Megan smiled. "Yeah...the paperwork is pretty boring. I prefer being a hands on engineer but I'm planning on taking charge of my own Engineering department one day. Realistically I wasn't supposed to stay here for longer than a few weeks but I ended up making the transfer permanent. I don't regret it at all"

"Neither do I," Finn admitted, "I wouldn't have settled in as quick with out you. Both to the ship and to the new role that I have."

"I'm glad you feel that way. I always try my best to help people get settled and feel comfortable here - after all - I was your department head at the time. Oh how things have changed since then" Megan said - grinning.


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