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Staff Briefing

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2017 @ 6:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Arturo M'Rohass & Captain Emily Jones & Lieutenant Mark Whistler & Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton & Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Claudia Ainscow
Edited on on Fri Oct 27th, 2017 @ 11:01pm

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 127; 14:00

Claudia arrived in the briefing room after meeting with Commodore Hutchinson. It had been a long and difficult meeting but he had reluctantly agreed to let the Vindex go ahead with visiting the co-ordinates Za'ul had given them. As she sat down at the head of the table she looked around at those present.

Arturo noted the presence Commodore Hutchinson. He didn't actually know the man, but the presence of a flag officer at a staff briefing aboard a starship meant something out of the ordinary might be in store.

Finn had arrived rather prompt and eager for his first staff briefing. Having no idea where people sat, or if they had their own seats, he had elected to sit as far out of the way as possible in the hopes not to offend anyone. His eagerness was clear as he sat with a PADD in case he had to take notes.

Mark walked into the room, seeing a man he didn't know, but wearing flag ranks. Already Mark knew he wasn't going to like the meeting. Instead of saying anything, he simply say down, and leant back in his chair.

"Right...thank you all for coming. I appreciate this is short notice but I have some bad news to start us off with. I've granted transfer requests for our Executive Officer and Marine Commanding Officer meaning for the time being these positions are vacant. I also have to announce that I myself will be departing the ship and taking a desk job instead - that way I will be able to spend more time with my present and family. However I have agreed to stay on and help the new CO become familiar with the ship before moving to my new assignment. Commodore Hutchinson has more information on that so I will defer to him" Claudia said.

Mark said nothing, but knew that his opinion wouldn't be wanted, not after the last time he saw Claudia.

David nodded and moved up to the screen behind Claudia before loading up a map of where the conduit was rumoured to be positioned.

"Good afternoon. We have received...intelligence...about a conduit which allegedly leads to another universe. It is situated about ten light years away and I'd like the Vindex to go and investigate it. Under no circumstances must you enter the conduit as there is no guarantee you'll be able to get back - or at least the crazy lunatic who told us about it hasn't told us about that part yet. All I can disclose is that this man at least claims to be from this...alternate universe. I can appreciate any apprehension but Starfleet need it investigating and the Vindex is the most experienced ship available. Does anyone have any questions?"

Finn raised a hand, like he was back in the classroom to bring some attention to himself, "Would it be possible to get any information about the conduit sent to Engineering? I'd like to run some safeguards on the ship. From anything that has been declassified as not priority one eyes and information only these things are dangerous. I'd like to adapt the shields to resist and cope better with anything that could come from it, raditation, gravitational forces, things of that nature."

David was about to speak but he was beaten to it. Instead of shouting over Mark he decided to let him speak first.

"Give me access to this source. He'll talk, and tell me everything we need to know." Whistler said. "If he is hiding something else, we need to know it. For all we know, we're walking into a trap."

"Over my dead body," Arturo said. "This is Starfleet, not Section 31. We don't use torture. No! I will not stand by and allow you to torture anyone. Besides the ethical and moral issues, every single study ever done suggests that information garnered through torture is mostly unreliable. If you hurt someone enough they'll likely say anything you want to hear, just to get you to stop, even if just for a moment."

"Never said I'd torture him, said I'd get him to talk. You're the pilot here, I'm security. He'll be in one piece when I'm through, just a little chat." Whistler replied, not even looking at the helm officer.

"We'll see," Arturo said. "Until then, my statement stands, Whistler. We know next to nothing about each other. It would be wise for us not to underestimate each other."

"I don't underestimate anyone. It's why I'm still alive." Whistler replied.

"Then we have that in common at least," Arturo responded. "Let's not take up anymore valuable time with this, okay? I believe Mister Finn was asking a question that has yet to be answered...appropriately."

David nodded. "Of course Mr Fulton- wise thinking. I'll have that sent down for you as soon as we're finished here. As for access to Za'ul that will not be given to anyone without my express permission"

Claudia listened quietly. This would be the last briefing she led as the master of the Vindex - she had mixed feelings but she was sure whoever was lined up to replace her would easily be able to lead the ship in its new mission and beyond that. She had not noticed the tall brunette woman who was replacing her enter the room whilst Arturo and Mark were talking.

"Now...without further ado may I introduce you to your new Commanding Officer. Captain Emily Jones has transferred here from the USS Glorious and she will officially be taking command at 18:00 hours" David said.

Emily merely nodded to the crew present - she already knew who they were and that there were vacancies in the senior staff. She would discuss the changes she was going to make at the end of the briefing.

"A pleasure" Emily said.

"Lieutenant Arturo M'Rohass, Captain," Arturo said. "Welcome aboard."

Emily acknowledged Arturo with a nod of the head before allowing David or Claudia to continue.

"What's the situation with repairs Lieutenant Fulton? I'm sure Captain Jones will want to get going as soon as possible" Claudia asked.

"Everything seems to be good to go," Finn replied, "I'm waiting on the green light from some minor external repairs which should be coming in shortly."

Claudia nodded. "Excellent. Now before I close the meeting I will be open with you about why I'm leaving. I'm expecting a baby and I feel that I need a less...stressful...position so that is why I'm moving to work for Starfleet Command on Nova Mercia. I can't thank all of you enough and I can only say it has been an honour and a privilege to serve with you all"

Emily listened before asking for Claudia's permission to say a few words. With that permission granted she spoke.

"I've decided instead of bringing in a new Executive Officer and yet another new face to the command team I'll be promoted from within. I have decided on Lieutenant M'Rohass - if he is willing to accept the position of course" Emily said.

Arturo raised an eyebrow. A grin spread across his face. A new adventure was a foot!

"Really?" he said. "Yes, I wholeheartedly accept! Thank you for your confidence in me! I won't let you or the crew down!"

Emily nodded. "I'm glad to hear it. Does anyone have any questions for me before the Captain or Admiral concludes the briefing?"

"Yes, actually," Arturo said. "This...other universe. Are we talking about something similar to the so-called 'Mirror Universe' encountered by James Kirk's crew in the 2260s and by Captain Sisko's people in the 2370s? Or is this something new?"

"It would be logical to assume that it's the same. What information we do have is there are allegedly counterparts for everyone in this universe in that one. With any luck we won't have to meet them as we'll be able to keep our distance from the conduit" Emily responded.

"Well," Arturo said. "In theory, many if not most of us would have counterparts in many of the potential parallel realities out there, though they might not be alive in every parallel 2388, and still others might have never been born. In theory, every decision we make creates one or more parallel universes in which we made a different decision or choice. Since no one exists in a vacuum, our decisions affect other people's decisions, whose decisions affect other people's decisions, and so on and so forth, creating new parallel universes each time. the theory goes. Anyway, there's no telling from the information we have in front of us exactly what universe we're dealing with."

David spoke. "Well with any luck you won't have to find out what your doubles are like. The Vindex is scheduled to depart Starbase Unity tomorrow at 12:00 hours"

The time had come to call an end to her final briefing as the Commanding Officer of the Vindex. Claudia would have been lying if she said she wasn't feeling emotional at the time but she knew her move to Nova Mercia was for the best.

"If there's no more questions I'd like to conclude the briefing and let you get back to your duties. I'll be along to see each of you before I depart to say my goes without saying that it's been a pleasure to serve with you all and I wish you all the best for the future" Claudia said.

Mark thought about his encounter with the mirror agent, but kept it to himself. Clearly, Claudia hadn't discussed anything with the new Captain or the Admiral. He thought of speaking up, but not now. He'd speak to the new Captain later though.

"Thank you, Captain," Arturo said, after giving everyone a minute to respond with questions. "I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it has been a pleasure to serve with you as well. If there is anyone I do not speak for, I am confident they possess the tact to keep their mouths shut. Alright everyone. You heard Captain Jones. Since there are no more questions, comments, or rude remarks, let's get to work. Dismissed, everyone."


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