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A Warning

Posted on Sat Oct 7th, 2017 @ 1:10am by Mystery Man & Lieutenant Mark Whistler

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: Starbase Unity
Timeline: Mission Day 116; 22:00

Stephen was sat in his quarters thinking about the conversation he had shared with his two daughters. He was concerned Claudia knew about his connections to Section 31 and was pondering his next move - with any luck his move to the starbase in orbit of Andoria would be enough. Stephen decided to pick up his book and resumed reading from where he left off earlier.

The two cups of tea Lucinda and Claudia had were still sat on the table where they had been left. Even though they were cold Stephen decided to have them himself rather than let them go to waste. With the time in mind Stephen planned to read the rest of that particular chapter before retiring for bed.

It was at that point that every light in the room went out, including the consoles and replicator. The only light was from the stars outside of his window.

"What the...?" Stephen said.

Lowering his book he attempted to get the lights back on.

Stephen spoke. "Computer - turn on the lights"

Standing up and pressing his commbadge he contacted the command centre to get someone to come down and rectify whatever the fault was. Nothing worried him - although admittedly after his earlier conversation the issue with the lights concerned Stephen immensely.

=/\="Ingham to the command centre. The lights have just gone out in my quarters and they won't come back on...can you get the fault sorted please?"=/\= Stephen asked.

With no response after three attempts to make contact with the command center Stephen sighed and made his way into his quarters to get his phaser - just in case.

Before he could move, however, a cold, sharp blade went up against his throat. "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?" A deep voice asked. "I prefer the dark. It's what the universe is, dark."

Stephen did not hear the person enter his quarters or approach him. The voice was unfamiliar and although the situation did make him slightly nervous he wasn't scared of whoever was talking to him.

Stephen responded. "No"

"Good." The voice said, and it was obvious the person was smirking. The man behind the voice removed the blade, and came into view. "I decided it was time to meet you. I've heard about you, and I've looked into you. Quite frankly, I don't like you." He said. "But you'll feel the same about me, no doubt. I'm Hell's Messenger."

"Unfortunately for you...I don't care whether you like me. However seeing as you mentioned opinion of you matches yours of me - so at least we have that in common. What do you want anyway?" Stephen responded.

"Unfortunately for me? You make the assumption that I care about your view." Whistler replied, his eyes pure white, the one thing that could be seen properly. "What I want, however, is very important to you. You see, I grew up in hell, and lived without my family. It seems you haven't been very nice to yours. That becomes a problem when your children are those whom are under my protection." Whistler warned.

He walked over to a bookcase, and picked up a book. "People seem to think possessions are so important. They don't understand how little these things matter." Whistler said, slicing his dagger through the book. "A little cut, and it's trash." He said, shaking his head. He then turned and faced Stephen. "I know people, especially those like you. After your conversation, you've clearly got revenge on the mind, or plans to cause problems. Don't try lying to me either. It won't end well for you."

Stephen knew exactly who he was dealing with but he had no intentions of co-operating.

"You have absolutely no idea what you're messing with Mark. I suggest you stop acting like you have authority over me and disappear out of my quarters. I don't have to listen to you or answer any of your questions...and I don't intend to either. It looks like you've had a wasted trip I'm afraid" Stephen responded.

As if like lightning, Whistler was in front of Stephen, his blade cutting into his throat slightly, a small drop of blood dripping onto the blade. "You've got that the wrong way wrong. You don't know who the fuck you're messing with. If I choose to, I can kill you, and make you vanish as if you never existed. Believe me, this is something I'm very good at. Any Admiral in Starfleet knows this, and I think you do too." He said. He brought a second dagger out and placed it by his crotch. "Or should I take something more important?" He asked, his voice cold, his eyes dangerous.

Stephen spoke. "Well if you kill me then you're going to end up being in prison for the rest of your life. When will you quit acting like you have authority over me and get out of my quarters? I have friends in...a certain part of Starfleet...who will make your life very difficult indeed if I ask them to. What's it going to be Whistler?"

"You think I'll end up in prison?" Whistler asked, smirking. "Because of your friends in Section 31? I wonder how that'll go down when I release that information on the news cortex?" Whistler asked, his voice low, yet dangerous.

Stephen moved over to the window and looked out of it at the stars. He found the area around Starbase Unity to be very boring and he was looking forward to the change of scene. At that moment in time however he was more interested in dealing with Mark.

"Oh no. I can make it worse than that...much worse. I'm not afraid of anything you can do...because whatever it is you try and do to make my life will fail and then I will make it a lot worse for you. Whatever you're planning to do I suggest you save yourself the effort and don't bother trying" Stephen replied.

Mark smirked. "Really?" He asked. He placed a small device on the desk, and activated it. A holographic representation of his wife appeared. "I rather doubt it." Whistler said. "You see, I have friends too. I have more friends than you do, and mine are better." He said. "As we speak, one of my friends is keeping an eye on your wife." He said.

"And before you think I'm threatening her, I'm not. My friend is simply going to hand over documents, detailing every single affair you've had, DNA evidence of your daughters, both of them, and images of you with every single woman you've screwed. You see, you're not very good at covering your tracks." Whistler warned.

Stephen immediately turned to face Mark and reached for the nearest object. If there was anything which pushed his buttons it was threatening to expose his affair with Elisabeth Ainscow.

"I doubt you can claim to have friends better than mine Whistler - but bearing the fact what you have said may actually be the case in mind I'll talk. What are you after?" Stephen asked.

Whistler smirked. "What am I after? Personally, I'll settle for a peaceful life. But I'm never going to get that." Whistler said. "But right now, what I want from you is simple: You've interfered with Claudia once too often. I don't like that. So you're going to stand back, and have nothing to do with her, Lucinda, or the Vindex or her crew." Whistler said, looking at him.

"You've been a fucking awful Fleet Officer, and frankly, for your involvement in Section 31, I should kill you where you stand. But my sister wants me to try being nicer, so I'm letting you live." He said. He then moved exceptionally quickly, and appeared next to him, making quick moves, leaving a cut on his shoulder in the shape of a pentagram. "But don't get me wrong. If I so much as hear a whisper of you being involved in anything to do with the Vindex, Claudia or Lucinda, I'll be releasing everything I have on you, including your affairs, your secret accounts and your connection to Section 31." He warned.

"If you try anything against me, threaten me with your friends or try anything I don't like, and believe me, I will know, I'll end you. I won't even lose sleep at night, because I am a cold blooded killer. Hell, I rather enjoy it, coming up with new ways to kill. Hell, I might even send you to Turalek, see how long you survive. I'd give it a day." Whistler warned.

He stepped back into a shadow. "Don't forget: Hell's Messenger has you in his sight. That's not a safe place to be." He warned, before his eyes disappeared, along with the rest of him, using his own transporter device, which left no signal, or showed no sign of a transporter.

Fortunately Stephen was already headed to Andoria and now that early morning departure couldn't come soon enough. His confrontation with Mark had left him wanting to leave the Gamma Quadrant even more than he did. With whatever Mark and Claudia knew about him Stephen knew he couldn't risk being anywhere near either of them - and he didn't intend to see either of them again. Not if he had anything to do with it.


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