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The Handover

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 4:22pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Captain Emily Jones

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 126; 18:30

The time had come to hand over command of the Vindex to her new commander. Claudia waited in the observation lounge ahead of Emily's arrival - she had taken one last walk around the ship she had called home since July of that year to say her goodbyes. It was a sad day but Claudia knew it was the right decision for herself and for her family. The Vindex would go on without her with her new command team and hopefully make many more discoveries in the future.

Just as she thought about calling Emily to ask where she was the Welshwoman entered the observation lounge and offered her apologies for being slightly later than they'd initially planned.

"Sorry...caught up with paperwork and organising some staff transfers etcetera. You know how it is" Emily said.

Claudia smiled. "It's alright Captain. Please take a seat...can I get you anything?"

"Well firstly we're of equal my name's Emily. Secondly I'll get them - you sit down. Tea?" Emily replied.

Claudia nodded. "Yes please. Thank you"

Emily went and got their two drinks before taking them over to the table. After placing two sugar cubes into her drink Emily stirred it and put the spoon down to one side.

"What a day. I can't wait to put my feet up later" Emily said.

Claudia grinned. "You and me both. It's been a long day finishing packing and getting everything moved to the starbase. I would have accepted your offer of a lift but we're going to take some shore leave - and you're headed in the wrong direction"

Claudia then took a sip of her tea. She could see that Emily was quite laid back and she wasn't worried about leaving the Vindex under her command.

"I've had a long day doing the opposite - and meeting with the crew and looking for some more command staff. I've done it all before so I know what it's like. How about you?" Emily replied.

Claudia smiled. "This was my first command. I know...a Sovereign-class as a first command...doesn't happen to many. It's been a good run but I'm sure I'll have another command before long. I'm hoping to go back to the Alpha Quadrant one day"

"I had a Galaxy-class as my first command. She was old for a Galaxy-class but it was still a good starting ship as a CO. This is the first time I've held a command role on a Sovereign-class but I served in a lower role on one earlier on in my career...the Endurance" Emily responded.

Claudia immediately remembered Emily's face as soon as she mentioned the Endurance. They had served together on the Sovereign-class starship for three years before Emily transferred to the Monarch.

"That's where I remember your face from. I was on the Endurance from 2376 until earlier this year...I went from Operations Officer right up to First Officer. I was hoping to take over from Captain Grundy but Starfleet had other ideas. When were you on the Endurance?" Claudia asked.

Emily replied. "From 2376 until 2379. I moved to the Monarch after that"

"I was still an Operations Officer back then. I had some good times on the Endurance in the Beta Quadrant although it's since transferred out here under the command of Captain Holmes. He's helped us out once or twice" Claudia responded.

Emily took another sip of her tea.

"I'll make sure to say hello from you if I come across him myself. What are you going to be doing on Nova Mercia once you take up your assignment there?" Emily said.

Claudia replied. "I'm going to be helping with the colonisation and lead the Starfleet Command detachment on the planet. It should be an enjoyable assignment I think"

"It sounds like it. I'll make sure we stop by to see how things are getting on once we get back from the survey - although I'm sure the Commodore probably has something else for us to do as soon as we're done with the conduit. What's he like to work with?" Emily asked.

Claudia had enjoyed working with David since they first met when he was still a Captain in command of the Renown. Now he was her superior Claudia still found him enjoyable to work with and very approachable when advice was needed.

"I've enjoyed every second of it. I think you will too" Claudia replied.

The two Captains continued talking and drinking tea for a while until the inevitable was upon them. It was time for Claudia to officially hand over command of the Vindex to Emily.

"Shall we get it over and done with?" Claudia asked.

Emily nodded. "Sure"

Claudia and Emily stood up close to the head of the table before Claudia instructed the computer to confirm the transfer of command from herself to Emily.

"Computer...transfer all command codes and functions of the USS Vindex to Captain Emily Jones - authorisation Ainscow-1-4-Pi-Nu" Claudia instructed.

The computer worked for a few seconds before replying.

"Confirmed. The USS Vindex Alpha is now under the command of Captain Emily Jones"

"She's all yours Emily. Take care of her and the crew for me" Claudia said.

Emily nodded. "You've got it. Keep in touch"

"I will" Claudia replied.

Emily offered her hand out to Claudia and shared a handshake with her predecessor.

"Come to the ready room and have a quick cup of tea with me before you go in the morning. I've got something for you in my quarters but I haven't managed to find it amongst my other belongings yet" Emily said.

Claudia smiled. "I'd love to. 08:30 sound good?"

"Any time is fine by me. Just get go and put your feet up and relax - you've earned it" Emily responded.

With that the two Captains left the observation lounge - with Claudia heading for the turbolift and Emily heading for her ready room. It had taken a bit longer than Emily thought it would but she didn't mind - she enjoyed her chat with Claudia and looked forward to a future friendship between them.


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