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Another New Face

Posted on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 @ 12:20am by Captain Emily Jones & Lieutenant Lucy Furra

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 128; 08:00

Here she was starting a new assignment already. Lucy's last one wasn't that long but it did seem a bit memorable, being a somewhat advanced defiant class variant. It wasn't the most sciencey ship, but she did get to cobble together some interesting things to pretend they could do science.

But now she was standing in front of the Captain's ready room, PaDD in hand. Pressing the chime, she took a deep breath and hoped she didn't have to actually explain the redacted parts of her file.

Emily looked up from the console and over at the door to summon her guest. With their departure imminent Emily was hopeful a new Chief Science Officer and Chief Operations Officer would be aboard before then.

"Come in" Emily called.

Entering the office, Lucy centered herself in front of the Captain's desk and saluted before handing over the PaDD with her orders that she carried. "Lieutenant Lucy Ferra, Captain. I have orders to be your new Science Chief." Well now, she wasn't nervous or anything. Beads of sweat weren't rolling down her temple. She wasn't painfully aware of the bounce of her insanely brightly colored hair. Oh wait... Yes, that was all true.

Emily looked up at Lucy before standing up to accept the PADD. Taking a moment or two to read it she put it down and smiled at the Lieutenant - gesturing to one of the two free seats in front of her desk.

"At ease Ms Furra - please take a seat" Emily replied.

"Thank you, Captain," Lucy replied as she relaxed and slid into one of the seats with a sigh. She wasn't out of the woods, but at least she could physically relax. "It's a pleasure being here and look forward to working with everyone and doing my best."

Even though Emily was quite tall herself she was still a good five inches shorter than Lucy. With Lucy's file brought up on her console she turned back to her before continuing.

"I'm glad you've arrived before we left Lieutenant as we've got quite an important task ahead of us. Before I go any further can I get you anything to drink at all?" Emily asked.

"No... No thank you, Captain." Lucy didn't want to run the risk of choking on anything while she was listening. She could put up with a dry mouth if she had to.

Emily smiled. "Alright. As for our assignment...we'll be on our way to investigate a conduit which a prisoner on board allegedly travelled though from some other universe. I'm quite sceptical about the whole thing myself but I'm hoping you'll be able to provide us with some insight from a scientific perspective. Here is a PADD with some information you may find useful"

Emily reached for the PADD which she was looking for before sliding it across the table to Lucy.

Lucy picked up the PaDD and started perusing the information. "Fascinating... I wonder if I'll be able to allocate enough processing power to run even a fraction of a simulation just based on this data alone..."

"Well you'll be pleased to know that Lieutenant Fulton in Engineering is planning to give you as much reserve power as he possibly can for you to use. I'm hoping we'll be able to keep our distance too so we don't end up getting sucked in by it...the last thing I want is to end up in this 'shadow universe' he claims to come from" Emily replied.

"Shadow universe..." Lucy muttered to herself, rolling the data around in her head as she thought about how best to approach this matter. No, not matter... This was likely a universe built around the use of dark matter. Or at the very least something equivalent. "It's a place to start at the very least. I'll prepare a few probes that should be able to survive the trip at least for a few minutes."

Emily nodded. "That would be a good idea - that way we can minimise the risk of us being taken through instead. Perhaps you can work with Lieutenant Fulton and get them modified before we arrive? I estimate it'll take us a couple of days to get you think that will be enough time?"

"It should be. I've got a bit of practice modifying probes for some rather unconventional uses before so unless I have to make one out of cheese..." Trailing off, Lucy looked over a bit more of the data before looking up at the Captain and nodding. "Oh yeah, this'll be easy enough. How many do you want?"

"I think three or four should be sufficient. The Commodore informed me a batch of Class 4 probes have been sent our way so hopefully they'll be up to the job. I'll admit my understanding of science is quite poor but I am looking forward to seeing what like up close" Emily responded.

Lucy nodded and glanced at the PaDD once more before replying. "Class four probes should be sufficient, but I'd like to load them up with sensors from a class two probe as well, just in case. The range of the fours and the sensors of both coupled with a bit of a shielding tech modification I picked up from Starfleet Intel should let us scan the inside of that conduit with relative ease."

Emily nodded. "I like your thinking. I'm hoping to keep a distance of around a million kilometres away from it which should give you plenty of range with the probes and the ship's main sensors too. Is there anything else you'll need for your task or do you think that'll be enough?"

"I might need some time with the industrial replicator. If so, I'll arrange that with our Chief Engineer. With any luck, I'll be able to scrounge everything I need from the science department's spare parts stores." Lucy replied, hoping her new department HAD spare parts stores.

"I don't think the spare parts store has been touched based on the inventory I've looked over. I'll get you a copy to look over if you give me a second" Emily responded.

She downloaded the information from her console onto a PADD before handing it to Lucy.

Emily smiled. "There you go. Let me know if there's anything missing so I can put a request in while you're here"

Looking over the PaDD, Lucy nodded and hummed for a minute before looking up. "I'll need three grams of protomatter and a type nine fuel containment unit for each modified probe," she said without hesitation.

Emily nodded and typed up the request before sending it to the quartermaster on Starbase Unity. With any luck it would be delivered before their launch at midday.

"I've sent that over to the starbase and asked for it to be delivered to the main science labs for you. Is there anything else or do you have any questions for me at all?" Emily replied.

"I can't think of anything right now, Captain. Do you have anything else for me?" Lucy wasn't sure how the Captain was going to get a request for protomatter approved, even in such small quantities, but if she could, she could guarantee the probes would continue operation inside any spacial anomaly this side of a black hole.

Emily smiled. "Not at the moment Lieutenant - thank you for checking in with me. If there's nothing else please feel free to get yourself acquainted with your department. And before you go....welcome aboard"

"Thank you, Captain," Lucy replied with a bright smile.

"You're welcome - if you need anything please don't hesitate to come and find me Lieutenant" Emily responded.


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