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Furra and Furry

Posted on Tue Dec 12th, 2017 @ 6:37pm by Lieutenant Lucy Furra & Lieutenant Commander Arturo M'Rohass

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: XO's Office

Lucy was now in front of the XO's office, PaDD in hand, wondering if she'd have to explain her records to the XO. Pressing the door chime, she just hoped they were in so she could get this initial meeting over with.

There was nothing for it. Arturo was going to need a new chair...and he might need to have the desk lowered, or maybe just replaced. With little Arturo sitting at the desk, both it and the chair looked enormous and Arturo looked extra tiny. When he heard the door chime, he sighed.

"Enter," he said.

As the door opened, Lucy took two steps into the office and paused, recognizing the Caitian behind the desk. On the Beifong with all the cramped spaces he looked rather normal but here in the normal sized, almost cavernous, Sovereign class ship, Arturo looked absolutely tiny behind the XO's desk.

"Commander? Is that you?" Lucy asked, caught a bit off guard. She had heard he was on the Vindex, but had no idea he was the XO. "I think you might need a smaller desk... Though if you wanted to pose dramatically on it, I suppose it's a good size for that..."

"Lucy?!?" Arturo said. "Lucy Furra? It is you! This is fantastic!"

Arturo bounded across the desk and landed in front of Lucy. He scooped up her hand and, bowing, kissed it.

"It is wonderful to see you," Arturo said. "Even if I do have to crane my neck to look you in the eye! Please, sit! How have you been?"

No longer anxious, Lucy giggled a bit as she let herself be swept off her feet a bit, sitting in one of the offered chairs. "I'm doing well enough. After I left the Beifong, I took a little time off and travelled a bit and waited for orders. Enjoyed the science of life, you know. How have you been? Is Xiulan here as well? What about Nerys? Have you kept up with anyone else? I can't imagine any of you apart for long, if at all. How is it you're XO of such a large and adventurous ship as this?"

Arturo chuckled and sat on the front edge of his desk with his feet dangling.

"Xiulan is here," Arturo said. "Nerys is off working on other projects. I am the executive officer of this large and adventurous ship because...well, most likely because I was in the right place at the right time. My mother used to say that most of life was about showing up to work in the morning and getting lucky. She sent me to my room when I asked her dad knew she was getting lucky at work...but that's not important now. There was a vacancy and I was the nearest warm body. Getting the job is going to prove easier than keeping it, I think. We are in for quite a ride in the coming weeks I think."

"Oh goodness, it's good to see you again." Offering him the PaDD she carried, Lucy grinned wider. "And you're in luck! I'm the warm body that's going to be your new Chief Science Officer! We might get to mangle more probes and give them phallic emissions nodules again!"

Arturo chuckled.

"This is good, you being assigned here," he said. "It will definitely lighten the mood! Some people in Starfleet are so serious! We are living a great adventure! What's not to enjoy?"

"Everything that you don't enjoy," Lucy replied, suddenly very serious. "But let's try to avoid doing that, shall we? We have science to have fun with and adventures in other universes to ponder. Other universes, Commander!"

"I know!" Arturo said. "I wonder what I'm like over there?"

Lucy nodded and thought about it seriously for a moment before coming up with a response. "If the data the Captain gave me is any indication, if you have a doppleganger over there, he's likely over two meters tall, mostly fangs, spines, and claws, super vicious, blends in with anything dark, and is a vegetarian."

"Uhm...thanks?" Arturo said. "Well, you seem to be very informed about what we're going to be doing, so...what else can I do for you? Are there any questions I can answer for you?"

"Yes, actually. What's the best place to get a cup of coffee? Who should my new best friend on the ship be? On the Beifong I got my fix from Nerys, but I'm pretty much out of my Death Wish Coffee and it may be a while before I can even hope to get more." Like most of the old crew, Lucy was also a coffee lover, though she hadn't actually partaken in the coup against the tea drinkers club led by the giant blueberry of a Bolian - that was just slightly before her time.

"You'll have to stop by and see Xiulan and I in our quarters. We have the good stuff and we already like you so becoming our best friend will be very easy for you. We'd be happy to share."

"Ah, so you two did end up getting together after all. No more a stable bond ever was formed than you two. Like hydrogen and oxygen." Lucy grinned happily at that small analogy. She could have gone on about it, but she thought better of it. "When is good for you then?"

"My schedule is a bit fluid," Arturo replied. "Depending on what we have going on, I sometimes cover Beta Shift, sometimes Alpha, but my plan is to work a series of overlap shifts so I can be more available to both on-duty and off-duty personnel. So feel free to call us up and see what we're up to in the morning, or sometimes evening, or sometimes the middle of the day...see what I mean? I believe the proper phrase is catch as catch can."

"Fair enough, then. I'll keep my favorite mug at the ready." Chuckling softly, Lucy couldn't help but feel like she'd found a place she belonged already, which had been something rare for her over the years.

"Excellent," Arturo said. "Well, I'd better let you get settled in. Oh, and Xiulan's temporary field promotion to full lieutenant was retracted. She's a JG now and a linguist in your department. She seems fine with her new job, more comfortable than she was as executive officer anyway. Obviously you are her superior officer now. Again, she seems fine with her situation, and I don't really think I have to say this, but if you could do me a favor and not rub it in, I would appreciate it."

"So then... Should I not offer her some of my fine truffle oil from my homeworld then? It's wonderful for aches and pains when rubbed in..." Lucy let that thought hang a moment before getting up and heading towards the door, causing in the door long enough to grin at Arturo. "It's good to see you again, Commander."

"Actually," Arturo said. "I'll take the truffle oil. Don't worry. Xiulan will the one to ultimately benefit from it."

Xiulan, being blind, used her other senses to interact with the world. Like touch and smell. Arturo could think of some wonderful ways to put truffle oil to use.

"It is good to see you again, too, Lucy," Arturo said. "I am really very happy that you are here."

"In that case..." Pulling a small bottle out of her pocket, she tossed it to Arturo and winked just before slipping the rest of the way out of his office.

Arturo caught the bottle, took the stopper, and sniffed. Satisfied, he put the stopper back in, sealing it shut. This would come in handy. Arturo bounded back over to the other side of his desk and landed in his chair, which made one full rotation and stopped with Arturo facing his side of the desk. He opened the drawer and placed the bottle in it. He chuckled at the thought of Frankenprobe I and Frankenprobe II, the two special probes they'd built together when they were on the Beifong together. Lucy would be a great addition to the crew.


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