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Hall of Famer

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant JG Kevin Pittman & Ensign Jessie Hall

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: USS Vindex || Various
Timeline: Current

The relief for the shift has arrived a full hour early for Pittman, mostly to see him and just say hi as the officer had been gone from the ship for several weeks. Having him back was just relief for a sometimes overwhelmed department. Kevin stood at the bridge station as the two of them shared a private conversation. The bridge officers where the only pair doing the same thing as Delta Shift is relativity known for being pretty quiet and ‘low-powered’ throughout the ship. As they finished up the briefing, Kevin outlined some system drainage indicators he relayed to the operations office. He’d take them up with the Engineering officer tomorrow during a schedule meeting so he simply took the systems being affected offline.

“Ok, sounds good, have a goodnight.”

Kevin nodded to him as he and two other made their way towards the lift to exit the bridge.

Second later, Kevin was back on his level and his room which he hadn’t seen in quite some time. Upon entering, everything seemed to be the same, with the exception of the half-naked Hall on the couch kissing who he presumed to be her newest boyfriend. The two quickly moved to cover her and Kevin smirked and moved towards he his commenting.

“GET A ROOM!” In a sarcastic manner. Hall’s eyes shifted up as if to say really before turned around to see Kevin disappear into his room. Dismounting the man under her, she spoke to him before planting a soft kiss on his cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, my roommate is back…early…like really early.” The officer nodded, looking towards Kevin’s room before getting up off the couch and exiting the room. He made contact with Kevin who was standing near his bed. Kevin, in a somewhat uncomfortable way, waved to the man with a smile on his face while slightly exclaiming. “Nice to meet you.”

A slight tilt of the head from the strangeness of Kevin was all the response the young officer gave as Hall approached Kevin’s room and spoke.

“I gave you this shift…specially so this…”making a circular motion with her hands continued “…didn’t happen.”

Kevin took a bite of an apple he replicated while nodding and attempting to respond with a mouth full of it. “I can see that…but I was relived early, so I figured I’d come back here and lay down for a bit before this dinner of mine your planning.”

Hall walked deeper into his room and sat down on his bed looking into one of Kevin bags as she spoke. “Yeah...that’s not happening, turns out a lot of people don’t like you very much.” Looking up at him, she smiled and spoke. “Something about additional mandatory reporting because of you reports?” Kevin paused for a moment, then nodded before talking with the apple in hand. “Not my fault, that was the XO deal, not mine.”

Hall took a deep breath and rose from the bed exiting the room. “Everyone blames you though. Come to dinner with us.”

“Who’s us?” Kevin asked putting away some of his clothing in a dresser.

“Joshua Averring.” Kevin paused for a second, the name sounded familiar. With a confused look on his face, he walked over to his door way and inquired. “Joshua Averring…THE…Joshua Averring…the Tyco City All-stars baseball pro?” Hall was now changed into something completely different when she came into the entrance of her own room brushing her hair. “Now…Starfleet Ensign…gave it all up just to be with me.”

“Doubt that.” Kevin said returning back to his room as Hall smiled and corrected…. “or…maybe for a career among the real stars.” Kevin nodded to that sentiment as he spoke. “You two heading out now”
“Yeah…I’ll save a seat for you if you come through.” She responded back as Kevin flopped down onto his bed screaming into his covers a response. “OK.”


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