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Pass The Buck

Posted on Fri Dec 15th, 2017 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant JG Kevin Pittman & Ensign Jessie Hall

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: Operations Conference Room
Timeline: Current

Kevin and the other operations officers sat in the conference room starring at a holovid of Operation Captain Johnsen talking in a very low, monotone voice about new protocols coming out that would help with the very basic functionality requests of the department. Hall was sitting opposite and to the right of Pittman who was at the head of the table. She was looking just as bad as him with this meeting. Pittman, slightly sleepy eyed, took a inventory around the room to see who was still with him. He actually saw one officers head nearly hit the table as he caught himself before the thud could be heard.

Hall looked at him with a pleading look as Kevin rose from his seat and spoke. “Excuse me Captain…perhaps a 10…15…” Hall interjected under her breath “20 year” “…Pittman looked at her then back at the screen before continuing. “…minuet break is in order, we’ll finished up afterwards.” The Captain nodded to Pittman as the screen when blank with the engraved logo of the Vindex on the screen. Kevin closed his eyes for a moment as others quickly got up and left the room for a change of scenery. Hall starred at him for a moment and inquired. “Was he this bad at the academy.”

“Worst.” Pittman replied wiping both hands across his face as he asked. “We have a level 4 dialogistic request from engineering on the port nacelle that will effective shut down several storage pods in that area of the ship.”

Hall nodded as she spoke. “I thought that was schedule for tomorrow?” Kevin nodded as he spoke. “It was schedule for today, Chief told me we messed up on scheduling.” Hall winced in displeasure as she tapped her PaDD and brought up who entered the entry. “Petty Officer Third Class Wright.” She said as Kevin looked at her and asked. “Go easy on her.” Hall gave Pittman a sideways look handing him the PaDD and responding in kind. “That’s why you’re the Asst. Chief sir…you do it.” Kevin took the pad with a fake attitude and spoke. “That’s right…you call me sir from here on out then.”

“Yes sir.” Hall responded as they both pulled out their chairs to reseat themselves. “Well…do you mind going and getting this Asst. Chief of Operations and cup of coffee and buttered and jammed toast?” “Not on your life.” Hall responded looking at her PaDD once more with a satisfied look on her face as the screen came to life with the captain apparently waiting on them. Pittman too ka deep breath before the meeting started back up again.


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