Learning Pains

Posted on Thu Dec 21st, 2017 @ 12:06pm by Lieutenant JG Kevin Pittman

Mission: S2E2 - Vindeux
Location: USS Vindex > Various
Timeline: Current

Sitting in the operations center, Kevin watched as service request where routed from Engineering to various other departments for follow-ups. The requests of a less important nature were often times sent directly to his department.

Working Delta Shift, Kevin was tired. you could see it in his eyes and face as he monitored several screens. The Alpha shift began to arrive just on time as Kevin got up to greet Ensign Hall.

Holding a coffe, he spoke to him.

"Long night?"

Kevin winced at the comment as he pointed to the monitors and spoke.

"I'm starting to hate this ship..." He looked at her and with a defeated look on his face spoke. "Was it this bad before I left?"

Hall smirked as she walked over towards station and spoke. "Worst." Pittman nodded as he walked out of the room and Hall took the seat.