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Ancestral Sleuthing

Posted on Fri Aug 5th, 2016 @ 3:48pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik
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Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay, USS Vindex

For a number of years, Eli Dreznik had avoided certain issues regarding his heritage. He knew what his basic lineage was, but there were gaps in his family's oral history that had been filled in by conjecture rather than scientific fact; to Eli, that was not enough. He needed to know. But, another question surfaced almost immediately: what if the analysis told him things he was not ready to hear? What if he turned out to be even less of a Skagaran than he already was?

Since he needed to have a physical evaluation anyway, Eli figured that would be a suitable time to bring up this issue with the medical staff. He had yet to formally meet Dr. Fields, but he had met Nurse Takahashi; the young Asian woman was certainly a force to be reckoned with. It was still early, just before 0700. Eli stepped into the medical bay and looked around. Nobody was visible immediately.

"Anybody home?" He called.

The surprise apparition of a holographic image of Nurse Takahashi materialized. Even if it might not be to Lt. Dreznik, many of the crew felt a stab of sheer panic at first seeing it. The horror of a Takahashi-EMH was too horrifying to contemplate. Fortunately, it was only an advanced Combadge projection, not an EMH of any kind. "Yes, Lieutenant. How may I help you, today?"

Eli has to admit that the holo-avatar of Nurse Takahashi was slightly disconcerting. Nonetheless, he afforded the avatar the same level of courtesy that he would show to the Nurse in person. "Good morning, Nurse Takahashi," he said, bowing his head slightly in greeting. "I'm here for my medical work up. And I would also like to request some additional genetic testing. If you have the time, of course."

The hologram appeared to walk-in-place. The real Otoha stepped into the receiving room, whereupon the Com-projection faded. She offered a happy smile, "Now is a good time, Lieutenant. This way?" Instead of taking him to one of the standard care rooms, she led him to a more advanced diagnostics center. "What genetic concerns have you on your mind, Sir?"

"I've been reviewing my family birth records," said Eli as he entered the diagnostic suite. "While we have tried to keep accurate written records, some of my heritage has been filled in by what could generously be described as 'conjecture'." He leaned slightly against a console, placing his hands palms-down on the surface. "I just want to know more about my lineage. How much Human DNA I have, et cetera."

"I understand. Let me call Dr. Fields."

After a moment had passed Noah entered the main area with Nurse Takahashi. He paused to take a look at Eli and the proceeded towards his newest patient. "Nurse Takahasi has told me you'd like to have a DNA work up?"

"Yes, Doctor," said Eli. "As complete of a genome breakdown as our time and equipment will allow."

Noah sucked on his upper lip taking in what Eli was saying. With a tricorder in hand he started to make scans over the man's head on stopping to ask, "If I may ask, why now? Certainly you've had the opportunity to have this test done before you came aboard."

"I have had multiple opportunities," said Eli with a slight frown. "I have always believed that timing is everything...and since having a Skagaran genome on file that is as complete as possible is a crucial component of one of my personal projects, I thought this would be a good time."

"I understand," Noah replied. "I will need for you to be slightly patient. It will take the computer a few seconds to compile your entire genome but in the meantime you are welcome to wait in my office," Fields spoke slowly before pulling out a single strand of hair from Eli's head. Scanning the strand to make sure he got a follicle, Noah placed it in a Petrie Dish and handed it off to Otoah to start a Genome scan. "We'll get to the bottom of this fairly quickly."

Nurse Takahashi quickly used a micro-pipette to apply samples for spectrographic, nanoscopic, and atomic valence analyses.

Eli was in actuality more familiar with the equipment they were using than most Science department staff. He had used this particular array of machinery many times, with slightly differing calibrations for paleontology work. He lifted his head up slightly. "I received substantial genetic resequencing therapy at Starfleet Medical when I came to Earth to help strengthen my tissues against radiation. You may need to correct for that. The sequence should be in my file."

Left by Dr. Fields to continue with the tests, Otoha studied him for a few moments. She had heard of people who couldn't learn their lineages by taking a DNA test and asking the computer to cross reference. She popped open her wrist book and curled fingers in to type symbols. Diagnostic equipment surrounding him lit up into active state. Otoha's usual practice was to explain what she was doing while she did it. She read the results scrolling on her contact lenses. "Standard cross reference is indeterminate. Let's dig a little deeper. You may lie down, if you wish."

"Very well," said Eli. He sat on the diagnostic bed and swung his legs upward. He relaxed and laid down completely. It was obviously not built form comfort.

The nurse projected one holo-readout after another. "A lot can be gleaned from what is called inactive or junk DNA. If you haven't been eugenically optimized, then there's a good chance that you have quite a bit of it." She opened up another holodiagnostic, "Mitochondrial DNA is passed maternally without recombination. That's also a helpful indicator." Surprised and puzzled, she stopped to study the holo-image. "I don't know why this wasn't flagged before."

"What is it?" Eli asked. As part of his PhD studies in Mass Extinctions, he has encountered more than his share of junk DNA. He had seen it combine in unforeseen ways.

Otoha checked his medical file, "M-DNA variations are recorded, but... they've been attributed to environmental induction! Those..." She squinted, exhaling a quiet growl through clenched teeth. "When they can't explain something, they blame it on unknown eco-influences." She pointed to a myriad of tiny values, "They couldn't trace your M-DNA to any known species, so they assUMed it must have been a non-fatal mutation." She folded her arms, "The problem is, that has happened, on Dekarus Three." She nodded, "Okay, okay... let's erase that conclusion and leave the analysis open." She ran more scans, "I'm not ready to accept another assumption here, that these strange inclusions are remnants of a provirus infection. That's also an assumption."

Nurse Takahashi stepped close to his biobed and quietly declared, "I can't prove anything at this point, but if I dismiss all the 'expert guesses' from your genetic profile, then you're less human and more some other species."

"This much I already knew. I'm looking for more specific percentages."

Otoha nodded, closing her eyes a few moments to think. An idea sparked her to open them again, "Computer, I want to compare all known Skagarian DNA, whether they are purebred or hybrid with humans. Comparison is to include Mitochondrial DNA, RNA, and anomalous inclusions." She looked at Eli, "I am looking for both genotypic and phenotypic commonalities with Elijah Dreznik."

==Phenotypic comparison... complete. Executing genotypic comparison now...==

The nurse smiled lightly, "This might take a few moments. Rather than attempt to analyze an exponential number of DNA combinations, I'm making a simple comparison between your unknown hybrid form with known hybrids."

==Comparisons, complete. Genotypic comparatives are indeterminate. Sampling is insufficient. Biochemical dynamics are yet unknown.==

"And the morphology?"

==Lt. Elijah Dreznik shares developmental commonality with other Skagarians of one quarter human lineage. Probability of error based on phenotypic comparison... nine percent.==

Otoha looked to Eli, "There's a ninety one percent chance that you're three quarter Skagarian. Most likely, one of your four grandparents was human."

Lt. Elijah "Eli" Dreznik
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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