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Engineering Introduction

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 9:57pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 16; Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 1; 15:00

Claudia decided to go and meet the Vindex's Chief Engineer Lieutenant Soren Himmel down in Main Engineering. She was extremely pleased with how her crew was coming together nicely and the Vindex was edging even closer to her official launch. She left the turbolift as it arrived on Deck 16 and headed towards her desired destination with a small spring in her step. Once she reached Main Engineering she looked around for Lieutenant Himmel - and after a being pointed in the right direction by an Andorian engineer Claudia walked up to the Vindex's Chief Engineer and smiled.

"Pleased to meet you Lieutenant. I'm Commander Ainscow" Claudia said with her hand positioned for a handshake.

It had only been a few days and Soren already felt overwhelmed. He had finished teaching at the Academy and was transported to the Gamma Quadrant. He was still submitting grades on his journey. Since coming aboard he'd been trying to unpack and handle things in engineering. Nothing was wrong, he was re-familiarizing himself with the Sovereign ship, a ship he had assisted some in it's creation. He also want to get to know the engineers he would be working with. He already recognized at-least one he taught at the Academy.

When the Captain approached he had just finished his observation of in the Jeffrie's tube, Commander Briggs did well to keep Vindex in shape. His sleeves were rolled up and he had some sweat on his fored head. He responded to Ainscow, "Guten tag, Captain. The pleasure is all mine. I understand you'll be running the Vindex? She is a beauty."

Claudia smiled as Soren turned to speak to her. Engineering was a place Claudia had always found fascinating with the various different consoles around the room as well as the ship's powerful heart - the warp core. As the master of the Vindex assumed it would be at this time of day Engineering was a hive of activity as engineers went about performing their assigned tasks.

"Guten tag Mr Himmel. For a first command she's certainly far more than I was expecting - maybe something like an Intrepid or Nova-class but not something like the Vindex. There's still a few issues to sort out as Mr Briggs informed me a couple of the replicators in the mess halls are quite temperamental and a few of the gel packs might need replacing - but thankfully we've got a great team up in the kitchen so we won't be running short of food any time soon" Claudia replied.

"Roger meister, I'll include that as part of the engineer's duties. I wouldn't be surprised if the crew is going to prefer the kitchen food over replicators," Soren chuckled. He leaned against the pool table sitting there, "A young crew we have here, I think many are excited for the destination. How is everything else coming along? Any word where we'll be going first?"

Claudia chuckled. She liked Soren based on their initial exchanges as he seemed to be quite an amiable person with a good sense of humour - two qualities that Claudia liked.

"Thank you - well so far the guys in the galley have put on a good menu and they haven't told me they've had any complaints about the food. Well I'm not entirely sure but I'm hoping for a routine shakedown cruise although considering the current situation I can't see it being that...could well be thrown in at the deep end and expected to sort things out on the move" Claudia replied.

Soren nodded, "Understood. Starfleet hardly lets a shakedown run it's course. I guess I should be extra fast in my preparations. I don't want Vindex to be caught with her pants down, so far from the hub and safety of Starfleet."

"Well it would be useful if we had that time to have a proper shakedown out here but sadly we don't - take as long as you have to but we need to be ready to go in the next 24 to 48 hours depending when they want us to launch. Out here...we are kind of alone but I guess it helps that we're on a Sovereign-class and we have a lot of power in the engine room and on the tactical front too. I'm sure we'll be just fine though" Claudia replied with a smile.

Himmel smiled, "you're absolutely right Captain. The Sovereign is a fine class of ship. I consider her to be like a child. I'll make sure the Vindex will the finest of her class."

Claudia liked the sound of that. For sure the Vindex was brand new but there were still a couple of things that were on the queue to be checked over. She was glad they weren't serious and weren't preventing the Vindex from leaving space dock any time soon. Gel packs could be replaced and Claudia was sure Paul and Bovek would be happy to feed the crew in the absence of properly functioning replicators.

"I've served on Sovereign-class starships for over a dozen years now and I count myself very lucky. Before the Endurance I was on an Excelsior-class - albeit a modernised one - but still she was no Sovereign-class. If we can get Vindex purring like a cat I'll be one happy Commanding Officer - but I think you and I will get along just fine" Claudia replied.

"I'll be sure she will soar smoothly, Captain. I look forward to the Vindex experience with you." Soren nodded with a smile.

Claudia smiled. She thought now would be a good time to leave things there and let Soren get on with his work so they would be ready for their launch.

"Well I shall leave you to your work Mr Himmel and I'll keep you informed with our launch. Wilkommen zu Vindex" Claudia said.

Soren nodded, he appreciated the Captain's German, "danke kapitän."

Claudia smiled and turned to exit Main Engineering. She was pleased that her senior staff was coming together nicely - now it was on to speaking to her superiors to confirm when their much anticipated launch would be going ahead.


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