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Suspended Terror

Posted on Wed Jul 20th, 2016 @ 11:33pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN
Edited on on Wed Jul 20th, 2016 @ 11:34pm

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Dreamland, USS Vindex

Night dreams can flash by in split segments. They can also drag on seemingly endlessly. Tonight's did for Otoha. She ran through long corridors of the ship. There was utter silence about her. Lt. T'Mia appeared to be frozen mid-stride in suspended animation. Otoha tried to scream her name, but there was no sound. Far down the corridor, she saw him. A menacing figure stood motionless, just staring at her.

Driven on by desperation, the nurse ran into an alcove jumped into the ladder well. Although she dropped down to the deck below in slow motion, she was still driven slowly down into a painful landing. She rolled out of it and resumed her flight. Half-way down the corridor, she stopped to look at the turbolift at the end. Otoha yelled silent words, "Computer! Open turbolift doors!" They slowly opened, and the sinister man was standing there.

She drew her new phaser-1, aimed, and fired. The beam washed over the intruder with no effect. Again, she cried out in utter silence, "Computer! Containment field!" A sparkling shimmer appeared before her. She backed away as the man began walking her way. The forcefield shimmered around him, but he passed through it.

"Nooo!" Otoha resumed her sprint through corridors, weaving her way through crewmen in motionless suspension. At an intersection, she frantically turned left and right trying to think of the best direction to run. Drenched with perspiration and with heart beating too fast in dream and in reality, she began to weaken. "Think! Where can I GO?" She then remembered, "MAI! WHAT IS HAPPENING? HELP ME!"

Bewildered, she turned around. The intruder stood was right there. His gaze poured torturous hatred through her like fire. He reached for her.

Otoha screamed, mind blasting its way into consciousness. A sickbay nurse and an orderly stood over her, "Otoha!"

Trembling violently, she was hesitant to trust if this was dream or reality. Her medical bracelet beeped an alarm, flashing its red light brightly.

"Otoha! What's happening to you?"

Eyes closing slightly, she settled back down on the bed, "Bad dream."

Her fellow nurse shook her head, "That was no ordinary bad dream, Toh. It was the mother of all nightmares!" She waved her tricorder wand over the nurse and then checked the readout. "Severe cardiac shock. You're going to sickbay. Orderly, a gurney."

"Aye, Ma'am."

The medical bracelet ceased its alarm state. "Otoha panted, "No. I'll be alright. No Sickbay."

"I don't recall giving you a choice."

She met eye contact. "Give me a minute alone."

The nurse shook her head, not understanding. Still, she relented, "Only until a gurney arrives. Then, you're outta here!"

Her comrade stepped out and Otoha sat up, "Mai! Why did you DO that to me?"

Mai sat down next to her. She looked weary, and her tone was subdued, "That wasn't I."

Otoha shook with latent terror, "Well who the hell WAS it? And don't tell me it was a figment of my imagination! He was REAL!"

"Maiden... that was hatred distilled into recognizable form. That was our enemy."

"We're under telepathic ATTACK?"

"Easy, Otoha! No, it wasn't a weapon." Mai sighed, "Telepaths who harbor hatred often radiate their deep, subconscious darkness. When many are like that, that radiated hatred can be felt."

Otoha stared at her, "By you."

"Yes, by me. Because you are my host, you shared what I experienced."

She shook her head, "Oh, Mai... I am so sorry. I didn't know."

Tears misted, "I am the one who is sorry. Here I am supposed to be a support to you, and look what happened."

Otoha shuddered in a sigh, "Okay. How do we deal with this?" She thought like a nurse, "Sarifisine. I can still have the dreams, but they won't overload me into physical trauma."

Her cabin door opened to the orderly. He pushed in a gurney, "Too-toot! All aboard!"

The nurse helped her up. Her legs were shaky, and she felt faint. "I've got you."

Otoha laid down, "No sedatives-" It was too late. She heard the hiss of a hypo.

"Just something to calm that heart down, Toh. It's beating way too fast. I don't blame you for not wanting to sleep right away."

"Don't call Doctor Fields... no need."

"I'll be the judge of that."

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