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Persistent Spectre {backpost}

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2016 @ 8:44pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: During night hours

Even though the hover-gurney could be summoned from and return to Sickbay without human assistance, the duty nurse and orderly rushed it down corridors together. They could see their patient's eyes widen again and again. Her EEG readings kept spiking. "Otoha, talk to me! What are you experiencing?"

It is often said that doctors don't make good patients. The same might be said of nurses, as well. "Latent dream image... I can't get it out of my head. Would you PLEASE stick me with the sarifisine?"

The attending nurse had seen enough. "Computer. Page the on-call doctor, stat." Two beeps confirmed her order.

On the last leg of their run, diagnostic alarms lit up. Otoha seized up into shock, eyes frozen wide open in terror. They were too close to Sickbay to warrant a transporter beam call, so they ran as fast as they could.

Once again hurled into dreamland, Otoha found herself in a storm of fragmented surroundings that wouldn't stabilize. Only one thing remained stable and constant, the menacing man slowly walking toward her. At least she now understood what it was, an embodiment of collective subconscious hatred of the enemy. Her voice was calm, "Mai... don't you worry about this. He can torment us, but he cannot hurt us." She stood her ground. "Akuma no yume, even if you were made of fire we will no longer fear you!" Unimpressed by her words, the figure walked up and reached to take hold. She tried to bat his wrists away, but his strength was unbreakable. She could feel her her mind overloading and heart once again pound to its limits, "YOU... WILL... NOT... DEFEAT US!"

At that moment, Mai's dream tiger Ouka pounced upon the intruder with a roar. The severe metabolic stress on Otoha lessened. She watched as the two combatants raged. The intruder began to morph, taking the form of the mythological eight-headed Orochi. It began to overcome Ouka until a second tiger pounced into the fray. Otoha could see Mai lying motionless beside her, eyes closed. The dream battle raged amidst deafening shrieks of the intruder mingled with deep, infrasonic roars. At length, it all faded into a distant din. Otoha tried to wake up, but she couldn't. "They have me sedated." There was nothing to do but wait it out. Now able to let her mind drift into normal fragmented, incoherent sleeping dreams, she chuckled, "Mai... you didn't tell me that you have two kitties!"

The medics rolled their comatose patient into Sickbay's ER.

Anna had been sleeping lightly in the on call room when the computer had paged her. She'd jumped out of the chair she was in and dashed the short distance between where she was and sickbay. She walked in, instantly seeing the patient. "What've we got?" She shouted to no one in particular, knowing she'd get an answer from someone.

The duty nurse uploaded her tricorder diagnostics. Several virtual screens appeared above the patient, "Acute hyper stimulus of brain functions resulting in extreme cardio stress. I had to induce coma." Diagnostic images displayed, "Subconscious activity was off the charts. Nurse Takahashi's medical profile lists abnormally high subconscious activity, but she has no history of this kind of seizure." She met eye contact, "Doctor, the symptoms resemble telepathic attack." She checked Otoha's medical file, "Patent is rated as non-telepathic. You should have seen the look on her face. I've never seen fear like that before. She was seeing something, Doctor."

The orderly shook his head, "But look at her now. Sedation aside, brain activity is very low."

Noah entered Sickbay at the change of shift. Looking over at the main diagnostic area he could see Doctor Dunn and a duty nurse hovering over Otoha who was laying prone on a biobed. "Dear God," he exclaimed. "When did this happen?"

The nurse glanced at her tricorder readout, "Her medical bracelet lit up twelve minutes ago, Doctor, but metabolic stress indicates there was a prolonged buildup before then. She went to bed about four hours ago. It looks like the telepathic equivalent of a Klingon worked her over."

Noah looked up at the monitor above the bed. Otoha's heart rate was still at a dangerous level. "Brain wave patterns are erratic." He called up a full brain scan on the computer screen. The image of Otoha's brain spun and stopped. "Her entire brain is lit up like a Christmas tree. What the hell could be doing that?"

"Cortical inhibitor," Noah called. "Set it to block theta waves."

Anna nodded, grabbing the Inhibitor off of the tray next to her, setting it to the correct settings, and placing it on the patient. "Done." She said.

To the surprise of many, the unconscious Otoha's eyes opened. The attending nurse shook her head nervously, "She's not awake. She's completely unconscious." The patient then slowly closed her eyes again.

"Damn," Noah cursed. "There has to be an end. Contact Science. I need them here. Maybe they can help us."

As the biological side effects of brain stress had time to subside, the patient's condition normalized. Two hours later, she awakened with, as her intern physician oft put it, 'one lulu of a migraine'. Her eyes slowly opened, "Sickbay..."

Dr. Noah Fields
Dr. Anna Dunn
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
Bravo Fleet


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