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Tightening the Screws

Posted on Mon Aug 1st, 2016 @ 5:47pm by Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Lieutenant T'Mia

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Secondary Amory - Deck 8
Timeline: Mission Day 2

Deck 8...

When Benj was not on the bridge performing his tasks, this was his life and world. His office, the main tactical complex, the Secondary Armory were all on this floor. The only other place he spent his professional career was Deck 18, the brig, and another armory were located there. This time though, Benj bypassed Main Tactical Office and made his way down the hall a bit to the 2nd Armory. It was sealed with a force field that only he, the XO and the Captain could release. Benj released the field and the door opened. He entered the armory first.

"Computer, Lights, please."

Benj didn't know why he always said please or thank you to the computer... probably was his upbringing. Anyway the computer didn't mind either way.

Weapon cases and caches lined the walls and crates of equipment were stacked neatly in the corner. Benj led Commander T'Mia toward the back where a small alcove with a terminal was located.

"Sorry about how cramped it is in here, Lieutenant. Computer, pull all internal sensor logs for Deck 6 centered on the ODN Relay Access hatch, from 2 days ago to now."

=/\= Requested information will take 15 minutes to compile =/\= stated the computer.

"Thank you computer."

Benj really didn't like to speculate too much about how this problem had happened as it tended to cloud ones judgment. However, he was very interested in the Vulcan's thoughts.

"So what are your thoughts on the situation?"

T'Mia frowned as she looked at the Bajoran security chief. "I do not like to speculate..." the Vulcan replied sternly before quietly adding, "but I believe we could have a security breach aboard, and one we need to seal, quickly."

Benj sighed. "Yeah, my gut tells me the same thing. All we need is for everyone to start suspecting everyone else of something. Mistakes look like acts of sabotage... acts of sabotage looks like mistakes. The ship destroys itself without the Consortium ever firing a shot." What Benj left unsaid was the amount of responsibility he felt over what has happened on the ship. He is in charge of security and tactics and weapons go missing on the first day and now a possible act of sabotage on the 2nd. What will tomorrow bring? The Borg?

The computer console pinged, indicating the visual information had been compiled. "Let's see who has been accessing this section of the Deck and Jeffries Tube." As they watched as the recording was played. When it got to the time of the breach, the sensors only showed static. A few seconds later, they came back on. The only thing that could be detected was a movement of a person stepping out of sensor range. A face wasn't shown but Benj could see a being, slender, in a Starfleet uniform running away from that section of the Deck.

=/\= Computer, who's access code was used to open the hatch?=/\=

The computer answered.

=/\= Unknown at this time. =/\=

Benj's fingers flew across the console, replaying the image and again and then he pulled up the information on the logs. Somehow, and Benj was pretty sure it was sabotage, the records for that opening had been wiped clean. He picked up the device and looked at T'Mia. "Time to check with Himmell. There are not an unlimited supply of these devices. It came from somewhere. I'll start with Engineering and then look at replicators to see if the pattern was accessed recently."

"If you will excuse me, Ma'am, I will hope to get you some answers by the end of the day."

With that, T'Mia and Benj left the Armory. Benj walked with renewed vigor. Who ever had done this might have been the person to take the weapons. It was time to get down to the bottom of this."



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