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Sweeping The Ship

Posted on Sun Aug 7th, 2016 @ 4:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 16; Main Engineering/Deck 6
Timeline: Mission Day 2; 19:00

Claudia had decided that with the recent events she was going to have the rest of the ship searched in order to see if any other attempts to sabotage the Vindex's systems had been made. She wasn't overly concerned at the attempt that had been made however it made her think that The Consortium had indeed infiltrated her ship and that was something she was worried about.

"Gentlemen...I think to start with we should run some systems diagnostics and see if they show anything. I think it might be an idea to carry them out from somewhere else though as we don't want any potential saboteurs discovering what we're up to. Any suggestions?" Claudia asked.

"I've been running diagnostics and calibrations since coming aboard," Akiva said. "Additional diagnostics wouldn't appear out of the ordinary. The main computer core runs three levels through decks 6, 7, and 8. I suggest we start there with Lieutenant Himmel and I personally conducting a diagnostic of all three levels. We can branch out from there under the illusion of inspecting the core computer systems." His tone was bright; the thought of running such a wide scale diagnostic obviously delighted him, ruse or not. He turned to Claudia. "It would also allow for you to help search while appearing to simply be making rounds across all three decks. Your Ops experience would be an asset in determining if anything's out of place."

Claudia listened and nodded in agreement. She was always more than happy to revert to her experience as an Operations officer even though she was now in the command chair and not behind the Operations console - especially in situations such as these.

"That sounds like a good idea to me, Lieutenant. What do you think, Mr. Himmel?" Claudia asked.

"Ja, that would be a good place to begin. I'm concerned about Main Engineering. As far as I know I did not overlook anything, but if there is something wrong my readings in Engineering could be off. If there is a problem I'd want to know sooner rather than later." The German engineer said with force in his voice.

"Main Engineering is an obvious target for sabotage," Akiva said. "I suspect that, if we are facing a saboteur, he or she will target smaller systems that are still vital. Too much damage to the warp core, for example, would render the Vindex useless to the Consortium. Far more likely they will think to disrupt computer functions or other subsystems like life support or ODN access." He paused. "I will, of course, be happy to assist you sweep Main Engineering."

Soren gave a nod. "Danke, Lieutenant. I think we have a starting point. Hopefully there won't be a long trail."

"Let's get the computer started with a self-diagnostic until we can inspect the hardware in person," Akiva said. He tapped his communicator and looked up. "Computer, initiate runtime subroutine beta-charlie. Authorization: ben-Avram, echo-six-delta."

"Subroutine initiated," the computer's voice replied with its trademark warble.

Akiva gestured toward the turbolift down the hall. "After you."

Claudia smiled and followed the two Lieutenants. She was happy to be getting back to her roots again having not helped out in Operations for a good while - it was like a trip down memory lane for the Vindex's master.

"I think whoever's sabotaging the ship obviously has an idea of what they're doing - this would lead me to think they're part of the Operations division," Claudia said.

Akiva bristled at that. "Loathe as I am to admit it, Captain, I've fear you are correct." He cleared his throat. "Fortunately one of my ensigns who just reported in seems sharp as a whip. I've tasked him to be my eyes and ears for when I'm not around. Ensign Pittman. He's instructed to report anything suspicious to you directly should I be unavailable."

"I appreciate it, Lieutenant - it would be wise to have somebody else to take care of things in the event you are unavailable. It would be a good idea to include him in any briefings in this situation seeing as he'll fill in for you on occasion," Claudia replied.

"I haven't shared any information with him that isn't strictly need-to-know," Akiva said. "He just knows to look for anything out of the ordinary. If he's half as smart as he appears to be, he's already figured out why."

They arrived at the turbolift. "Deck 6," Akiva said. The 'lift whirred to life as it carried the three of them to their starting point.

Soren chimed in, "There is still that strong crossover between engineers and operations personnel. I know some of my engineers have operations experience and others know their way around. I think we may need a pair of eyes and ears their. However, I hate the thought that it could be any of them."

"That's a good point, Lieutenant. If you can find somebody you implicitly trust in Engineering then I would suggest asking them to keep an eye out for you. It may be worth keeping a very discreet eye on anybody who's previously worked in Operations and are now in Engineering or vice versa," Claudia replied.

"What I still wouldn't do for a good telepath on our side," Akiva said. The turbolift came to a stop a moment before the doors parted. "I suppose we should get to it.

Claudia nodded and gestured for the two gentlemen to vacate the turbolift before her. Once they had left the turbolift she followed behind them clutching a tricorder that she had collected from engineering for the task ahead of them.

"Something doesn't feel right gentlemen - I just hope we can find out who's behind the sabotage before we end up dead in space after they've carried out their orders. The last thing we need is to be surrounded by a fleet of Consortium ships and unable to defend ourselves" Claudia said.

Akiva let Himmel and the captain take point, pausing to address the ship computer. /=\ "Computer, how long until Diagnostic Beta-Charlie is completed?"

/=\ "Diagnostic complete," the computer's rhythmic, mechanical voice reported.

Akiva scoffed. "Why wasn't I informed?" He put his hands on his hips and looked up as he always did. "Computer, initiate Level 1 full diagnostic of all main computer sys--"

The power flickered on the deck for just a moment, though Akiva's words were cut off. He found himself immobilized with just enough room to pound against the small force field. The field reacted against his fist, which he held to his mouth and kissed with a grimace of pain. He pressed his combadge in frustration. /=\ "Ben-Avram to Teleporter Room 1." No reply. A bead of sweat began to form along his brow as he stared at Soren and Claudia in mild if growing desperation.

Claudia was partly - however not entirely - surprised to find the Vindex had obviously been sabotaged again. They would soon be approaching potentially dangerous territory and they had a saboteur on the loose who was clearly at work at the present time.

"Great...just great. Let's try and break this thing and get back to the turbolift shaft," Claudia replied.

"What did you say?!" Akiva exclaimed in a muted shout. He could barely make out the commander's words, and figured it was true for them as well.

Claudia could barely hear what Akiva was saying - however it was clear they were now trapped and unable to escape. Just what Claudia and two of her senior staff needed prior to entering a potentially dangerous situation where it would be all hands on deck.

"Let's try and break this thing so we can get back to Engineering! I'll try and scan it with my tricorder!" Claudia shouted - hoping that her voice would have a similar muted effect rather than coming out at the volume she could hear herself shouting at.

Claudia reached for her tricorder and started to analyse the forcefield.

After collecting himself, Akiva had been scanning the force field as well. "I do not believe this is a standard field, captain!" He cupped his hands to his mouth. "There must be a hidden force field generator somewhere nearby!"

Soren scanned around, looking up and pointed, "Right there, the ceiling of the corridor." Himmel was able to access the nearest wall panel on the side of the force field emitter. He popped it open and looked for the connection that ran it's way to the generator. Soren had his hyperspanner on him and made the adjustments. "Alright, I think I got it." Just then another flicker from above, and darkness for a split second until everything turned back on. He couldn't see if the force field was down so he reached out and found no force field.

"It shouldn't come back on, but it is only temporary until we get a diagnostic on the system."

Claudia was relieved that the force fields had at least for now been dropped. She quickly moved from her position up to Soren so they could regroup and carry out a diagnostic from a safer location.

"Well done, Lieutenant. Let's get back to Engineering and run a diagnostic before we get stuck here again," Claudia said.

Akiva heaved a sigh of relief. He scanned the exposed generator with his tricorder. "Definitely non-standard." Looking back to Claudia, he said, "Good idea, Captain. I'm not going to trust anything but a manual diagnostic until we determine the computer core is reliable to run a self-diagnostic. And not, well, kill us." He shook his head in disbelief. "The traitor really must be in my department." He kept pace with the captain and chief engineer on their way back to the turbolift. "We ought to be on the lookout for other hidden generators, as there's no telling what else might trigger them."

Claudia nodded and kept hold of her tricorder to scan for any other force field generators that could potentially trap them again. She continued as quickly as she could with one eye ahead of her to see where she was going and the other on her tricorder.

"Nothing yet...if we move quickly then we'll literally be a step ahead of them," Claudia replied.

Akiva hurried ahead to secure the turbolift. After scanning it for hidden force field generators, or any other nasty surprises he could think of, he waved the others inside. "Main Engineering," he said. The turbolift responded and rushed into motion.

Claudia felt relieved to have escaped what was clearly a very precarious situation. Had it not been for the quick thinking of the two officers she was with it could have led to three of the Vindex's senior officers being trapped while The Consortium's agent slowly carried out their work to seize the ship for their cause.

"Once we're back in Engineering we'll have to find out who's been accessing the areas the force field generators were activated from. We might...just might...get the answers we're looking for," Claudia said.

All Akiva could do was nod as he internalized his stress and feelings of inadequacy. With all the preparations he'd personally seen to, how could he have failed so profoundly? When the 'lift stopped and the doors opened to reveal Main Engineering, Akiva gestured with his hand. "Lead the way, Mr. Himmel."

Himmel led them into the Engine room and straight to the pool table and began to tap away, "I'm looking at the maintenance schedule or anything dealing with the force field generators and computer core." He tapped away as fast as he could, "From here we can also manually diagnose the systems. We may have to do them individually." He pulled up a roster, "Here is the list of personnel and from which department who worked on the force fields and accessed the computer core. We can cross reference and narrow our search. I suspect however that the saboteur is more clever than this, but if in interviewing these people they could have seen someone else working on it." he gestured for the two to see the names. They observed and began to make plans in which to proceed. Himmel sighed, "This may be the only way to narrow our search."


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