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Direction and misdirection

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Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant

Dmitri looked around the bridge of his ship with the half smile that made those who knew him break out into cold sweat, at least when that smile was directed at them. The half smile, though, was directed at the situation in general. For some reason, Dmitri felt that the bridge of the Consortium ship he commanded should have been cast in shadows, with only the dim light of instrumental panels and the occasional spark from exposed wiring to illuminate it.

Ah, well, Dmitri mused, one cannot expect the universe to appreciate the Russian flair for the dramatic.

A young human female at one of the consoles turned, advising him that the latest communication from their informant on the Vindex had been received, and was being forwarded to his PADD. Dmitri read the information, a rapacious grin forming on his face.

"Helm, set a shadow course on the route I'm sending you from my PADD. Make damn sure you stay out of their sensor range," Dmitiri ordered, before motioning to his intelligence specialist, a young human male, to stand by the command chair.

"I need a tight beam instruction for our friend on the Vindex," Dmitri advised. "They've been detected, and they'll need to take steps to make sure they don't fall under suspicion from Vindex's security and intelligence departments."

"Commander, I believe you're in error," the intelligence specialist responded weakly, beads of sweat popping up on his forehead. "Certainly, their command staff might suspect that the Consortium could have taken steps to gather intelligence directly on their ship, but actual knowledge of who our informant is?"

Dmitri waved a hand dismissively. "The chudnoy has already figured it out, even if she isn't aware that she has."

"Shouldn't we take steps to...?" the intelligence specialist asked hesitantly, unable to finish his sentence.

Dmitri shook his head emphatically. "Not with what she might have in her head, just from passing an open door or unprotected screen at the right moment. Neutralize her, yes, but leave her breathing." Dmitri paused, deep in thought, while his intelligence specialist waited.

"We send a tight coded message, usual method, with red herrings for our informant to plant," Dmitri decided. "And once that is done, I have a message that I want the Vindex to intercept."

"To intercept?" the intelligence specialist asked, aghast.

"Don't make it too easy for them," Dmitri instructed. "Coded, garbled, that sort of thing. Make it look like something went awry on our end. Just a simple message. And make sure it's in Russian."

"And what is this intercepted message suppose to be?" the intelligence specialist asked.

Dmitri gave the intelligence specialist a half smile, which made the other man go cold all over.

"Well done, little sister," Dmitri replied.


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