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Poker Face

Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2016 @ 2:58am by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN & Lieutenant JG Kevin Pittman
Edited on on Sat Jul 30th, 2016 @ 2:56am

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex > Deck 7 > Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Unlike the rush jobs senior staff gets when they are shotgunned to the front of the line for medical services, junior officers, much like the enlisted side of the ship, have to wait until an appointment window is opened, sign up for it, then show up on time or risk being forced to reschedule.

It had always been a part of life in Starfleet, regardless of your medical readiness before you arrived at your new assignment, full health evaluation were part of standing operating procedure for a host of reasons. The one positive side of medical service to Kevin, was the fact that once you were being treated, you in and out of the process in relative fast order.

Unless they found something.

Lucky for him, being in top physical condition and a recent graduate from the academy, this process wouldn't take as much time as it would for others. Taking a seat in the capacious waiting room after he checked in with the medical technician, Kevin found himself still mesmerized by the amount of room you had at any given point onboard the Vindex, it was a very large ship.

Suddenly, a flustered crewman hurried out of the treatment room hallway without waiting for medical escort. He looked to Ens. Pittman and offered a warning, "They need to put up a sign! 'Abandon hope, all ye who enter herein'!" He then made good his escape.

Kevin's eyes simply widen in both confusion and worry as he remained in that catatonic state until spoken to by medical staff.

Nurse Takahashi wasn't one to idle, when it come to the many hundreds of intake physicals. A crewman willingly reporting for one was a refreshing sight. Computer displayed his name on her tech contact lenses, "Welcome, Ensign Pittman. This way?"

Kevin quickly rose to his seat and looked behind him point to the man who just hysterically ran out of the waiting area. Opting not to seek out the knowledge behind that whole situation was about, Kevin followed the nurse closely and walked toward the table he was motioned to. Laying down, he rested still and listened closely to the instructions.

The preliminary exam conducted by the nurse was a little different than one might find on other ships. As soon as the patient laid down, more than a dozen scanners descended from above like so many jellyfish tentacles. Consoles all around the room lit up with diagnostic readouts. Otoha nodded with approval at the primary readings. "Your muscle development indicates a diversely active lifestyle. Highly active, by these faint traces of bone fractures. Sports injuries?"

Kevin, starring at the scanners directly in front of his face responded. "Ah yes, mountain climbing and weight lifting, though I don't really practice with the weights too much anymore."

"Body chemistry echoes an adrenaline lifestyle, but not from hypertension." She met eye contact, "You know how to relax."

Standing above him, he looked up at her and nodded. "I do, can't be too high string, you're go crazy."

"Brain activity shows organic harmony, no sign of deep subconscious stresses." She surveyed a readout, "You don't abuse yourself with poor diet... skin tissues are healthy." Otoha started to say something, but she stopped herself. "You can discuss sexual matters with Doctor Fields, if you prefer."

Kevin shifted his eyes around for a second and responded. "No, it's fine, should I be concerned about something?" Her paused was now something of concerned to him as he waited to hear what she had to say.

If there was one part of physicals that Otoha didn't particularly enjoy doing, it was reproductive discussions. She herself could be analytical in Vulcanesque fashion, but patient reactions varied from blushes to looks of horror to even anger. "Your only low readings are in mature sperm count. This could be result of a medical condition, but that probability is low. Your testes show no indication of atrophy." In a dull gaze, she pronounced the possibility, "Low sperm count from frequent use."

Kevin couldn't help but smile at the connection. "Man, Starfleet can't keep anything from you guys." He then laughed a little as he admitted to her. "Yeah, we can go with frequent use nurse." Though he had an idea of what to look at in terms of what was giving her that information, he REALLY had no clue as to the medical systems onboard the ship. The extent of his training was activity the HM onboard and telling it what he was looking at.

She closed her eyes for a moment and spoke with quiet voice, "I'm sorry. Intimacies are almost always awkward."

"So is this a medical situation I need to be aware of..." Looking at her like some puppy slightly, he asked. "Do I need to cut back on that recreational activity?" He only joked about it because he didn't see it as a serious problem at the moment. Earth biology told him that if you ceased the activity for a while, level such as sperm count would return to normal. Still, he wanted to make sure that was the case and waited for the nurses feedback.

Otoha sighed, sitting back against the edge of a console, "We're going up against telepathic enemies. Strong sexual activity, especially among males, can become addictive. Telepaths can exploit addictive impulses to exert compulsive control. You'll have to consult with Doctor Fields for deeper analysis. If you do have a biological addiction to sex, then you need to be aware of how you might be vulnerable to teeps. Compulsions can make you helplessly do things that you consciously realize are wrong."

"Not to worry nurse, I can assure you that sex was NOT my reason for joining Starfleet and WILL NOT be a driving force for me onboard this ship. However...with regards to it, I think self-monitoring will suffice for now and should I notice an uncontrollable urge attempt to overcome me, Dr. Noah will be the first to know."

As the scanners began to retract from around him, he inquired. "Anything else?"

Nurse Takahashi became her usual, animated self, "Actually, no, surprisingly. You're one of the most healthy new crewmen I've seen. No red flags, healthy system, you're a good example of what everyone should be."

Lifting himself on his own accord from the bed, he swung his legs over and looked at Takahashi and spoke with a smile. "One of the most in-depth medical evaluations since my application to the academy. Thank you nurse. Next time I'll insist on a dinner and movie before we talk about my reproductive system." A shameless tease, he hopped off the bed and began walking out the medical screening area.

"Enjoy the rest of your shift, Ensign Takahashi."

She shook her head with a smile. "Academy graduates..." Boldness and energy, it was a good thing.

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