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I Brought The Chef With Me...

Posted on Fri Jun 10th, 2016 @ 3:51pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Paul Foster
Edited on on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 2:07am

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 13; Mess Hall
Timeline: Mission Day 1; 13:00

Claudia had now introduced herself to her Tactical Officer and now it was time to see how her chef was settling in. Claudia was offered a gift from Captain Grundy before she left the Endurance - so much to Grundy's surprised Claudia requested to take the Endurance's chef with her. After Paul remained on the Endurance until the Vindex was ready to launch he transferred to his new vessel shortly before Vindex left Utopia Planitia.

Claudia entered the Mess Hall and headed in the direction of the kitchen where she hoped to find Paul. Hearing music from the direction of the kitchen she knew that Paul was in there so she went in to meet the man she had become a close friend of over the last dozen years - she had grown to love Paul's cooking so much that she thought her crew should enjoy it as well. She entered the kitchen and saw Paul was hard at work preparing this evening's menu.

"If it isn't my favourite chef. How are you Paul?" Claudia asked.

Paul was listening to Status Quo whilst he was working - but now Claudia had popped in to visit him he instructed the computer to cease playing the music and turned to face his guest. His Bolian assistant Borek was busy working on one of the choices for this evening's meal time.

"It's good to see you again Claudia. I'm good thank you - how are you?" Paul asked.

Claudia smiled. "I'm fine thank you. What's on the menu this evening?"

"We've got something for everybody tonight - as per every night. I'm doing my trademark dish while Borek is working on a few different soup recipes we decided to try. We'll be doing the usual cook to order meals too" Paul replied.

Claudia loved Paul's Shepherd's Pie and instantly decided she would be having that later on. She could see both Paul and Bovek had done well at keeping the Vindex's crew well fed. Paul always preferred to have an assistant chef - especially on a starship with as much crew like the Vindex.

"Well I know what I'm having tonight. What's for dessert?" Claudia replied.

Paul tapped his nose before turning to the statis units and opening them to reveal two massive gateaux as well as two huge cheesecakes. Paul knew Claudia was partial to his gateaux - so much so that he had to make another one for Captain Grundy's retirement party after Claudia had eaten the remainder so there wasn't any left for the outgoing Captain.

"These are for later...and it's one piece each Claudia" Paul joked.

Claudia giggled. She saw that Paul had a big pile of potatoes to peel for his Shepherds Pie - so she decided whilst she had a little bit of free time on her hands she would offer to help Paul and save him a bit of time.

"Do you want a hand Paul? I've got some time on my hands" Claudia asked.

Paul appreciated a hand in the kitchen and remembered fondly when Claudia came in to help him prepare meals on a regular basis. He reached over for an apron and passed it to Claudia so she didn't get any potato peel or other dirt on her uniform.

"I'll never say no to an extra pair of hands when I've got so many mouths to feed" Paul said with a smile.

Claudia put the apron on and tied her hair back into a ponytail with the bobble she kept on her wrist for such occasions. She picked up the potato peeler and started to peel the potatoes whilst Paul returned to adding the ingredients into the big simmering pot on the hob.

"How's the hydroponics bay doing? I haven't been down there yet but by the looks of it you're doing really well with the fruit and vegetables" Claudia said.

Paul finished adding some more stock to the pot and began to stir it as he replied. The ingredients in the simmering pot were giving off some very nice aromas and he hoped the crew of the Vindex would enjoy his speciality dish.

"It's coming on great. I've planted some fresh carrots, peas and potatoes today and I'll be adding some more vegetables tomorrow depending on what's left after we've finished here. I've saved you a space for your fruit as I promised" Paul replied.

Claudia enjoyed growing her own fruit and planned on letting Paul use some for his desserts. She continued to peel the pile of potatoes over the waste bin - however soon she'd finished and chopped them up ready to be mashed for the Shepherd's Pie topping.

The cheerful Bolian working on the other side of the kitchen came around to report that the Bolian tomato soup was ready. Claudia smiled and decided to go around and give it a quick try to see what it was like. Claudia found Bovek to be very cheerful and she thought they would get on just fine.

"How are you today Bovek? I don't believe we've had the pleasure" Claudia said offering her hand to the Bolian kitchen assistant.

Bovek smiled and shook Claudia's hand enthusiastically. He had always been a cheerful person and he was enjoying working with Paul so far - their different cooking styles had complimented each other better than they both initially thought.

"The pleasure is mine Commander. Please...have a taste" Bovek replied enthusiastically.

He reached for a spoon and dipped it into the simmering soup before gently offering it to Claudia. He watched as she took the spoon and tasted the soup - pleased that she gave a positive reaction once she'd tasted it.

"That's lovely Mr Bovek. I think I'll have some of that later with some of that pie over there" Claudia replied.

Bovek smiled. "I'll have some ready for you"

Claudia smiled back and let the Bolian return to his work. She returned just in time as the pans containing the potatoes almost boiled over. Claudia quickly turned them off and drained the water from both pans before mashing them as Paul requested. Soon Paul had his many servings of Shepherds Pie ready and in their dishes. Claudia helped Paul put them into storage ready to be warmed up for later on.

It had been an enjoyable experience for Claudia in the Vindex's kitchen and she was glad to have been of some help for half an hour or so. After bidding goodbye to Paul and Bovek she placed her apron back on its hook and left to go and find another member of her crew to introduce herself to.


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