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Posted on Fri Jul 29th, 2016 @ 12:52am by Lieutenant JG Kevin Pittman

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: USS Vindex > Deck 8 > Junior Officer Quarters
Timeline: Current

Entering the quarters were he would be spending his formative Starfleet years, Kevin got the first look of the common area with the perfect view of the current star-base they were at. Upon entering, he took notice of two things, first. He was sharing this space with another officer who had all but occupied the room to the right.

The second was how clean this place was. The common area would be the area they both shared, so it went to reason that it may have been dirty, but it was not. Having your own smaller living area on your side of the quarters plus hygiene and showering facilities made the area quaint. Walking into the common area, Kevin took a seat on the couch nearest to his living area and just relaxed for a moment.

Resting his head on the back of the couch, he allowed his thoughts for a few moments to drift. His mind was on the journey he'd committed himself to. Second later, the door to the area opened to reveal Lieutenant Hall, who he meet earlier from operations, and another gentlemen with her wearing red.

Simply turning his head towards them, Hall paused middle step as she realized her new roommate was Pittman. The look on her face was one of regret as she walked in more and softly introduce the two.

"Ensign Pittman, I take it we are roommates?"

"I believe so Ensign Hall."

Nodding for a second, she replied.

"Lieutenant Jennings, Ensign Pittman, recent graduate from the Academy and newly assigned ops officer. Ensign Pittman, Lieutenant Jennings, Strategic Operations for the Vindex."

"Nice to meet you." Jennings said as Kevin simply waved at him.

Jennings and Hall then exchanged some private conversation and confirmed dinner that evening as Kevin closed his eyes and attempted to just settle in into his new home. As Hall's companion left, she moved into the common area and sat across from Kevin as she inquired.

"Captain of Starfleet One, that's pretty ambitions for a operations officer." Smiling, she took a seat and allowed her hair to fall onto his shoulder as Kevin opened his eyes and sat up. Hearing a segment from his professional profile, he commented. "You look at all the officers bios before the come onboard Hall?"

"Just the operations officers, Lieutenant runs a tight ship here, we want to know about any problem children before they come aboard."

Kevin nodded slowly before motioning towards the door. "He a problem child?" Hall laughed at the prodding before pushing herself off the couch and heading toward her quarters. "We'll work opposite shifts in ops and rotate bridge duty among the operations staff so you'll rarely see me." Kevin nodded as he pulled his PADD out to take note of the duty roster.

"Or him..." She said before disappearing into her area. Kevin smiled as he looked at the shift, then at the current time. His shift was due to start in less that an hour, wincing, he got up and went into his living area to sonic shower, shave and get ready.

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