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Talking In Confidence

Posted on Fri Aug 5th, 2016 @ 9:47pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Ensign Anastasia Bogolyubov

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 10; Ten Forward and Deck 2; Ainscow's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 3; 21:30

Claudia was sat in the Ten Forward having a quiet drink to herself after the end of another shift. She liked to make sure she was always visible to her crew so they could come and talk to her if she wanted to. Claudia was enjoying her first spell as a Commanding Officer and she had already began to feel like she'd been aboard the Vindex a whole lot longer than just under a week.

She gently sipped the glass of wine she requested from the bar. The ship's chef Paul Foster had brought a few bottles of wine aboard when he moved onto the ship - giving a number of bottles he had duplicates of to the bar staff in Ten Forward.

It was an opportune time, she decided. She would have an opportune time to present her findings with the ship's captain without possibly alerting the spy that she had detected their presence. She paused for a moment, wondering if this might be something that she she should "send through the chain of command," as she had been instructed to do in Officer Candidate School. However, she had decided that since this concerned an imminent threat to the security of the ship, she was justified in "jumping" the chain of command.

PADD in hand, Anastasia entered Ten Forward, her heading snapping to focus on Claudia.

"Captain," she said without preamble. "If I might have a word with you? In private?"

Claudia was surprised to see who she recognised as Ensign Bogolyubov approach her and ask for a private conversation. Nevertheless she was always happy to talk to her crew so she picked up her glass of wine and after standing up she gestured for Anastasia to follow her.

"Of course you can Ensign. We'll go up to my Ready Room" Claudia said warmly.

Claudia headed out of the door and towards the turbolift.

Quickly following in step with Claudia, Anastasia asked, "Would it be possible to have this discussion in a place other than your ready room, Captain? The nature of the subject I wish to might be best to have this conversation in a locale that would be construed as informal."

"That's fine we shall go to my quarters instead. We shouldn't be disturbed in there" Claudia replied.

Upon arriving at the turbolift Claudia pressed the call button - intending for them to go to Deck 2 where her quarters were situated. The subject did sound rather sensitive so her quarters seemed like the best option - as usually Claudia found once she was there of an evening she had seldom been disturbed.

Once the turbolift arrived Claudia entered and waited for Anastasia to join her inside before stating their destination.

"Deck 2" Claudia instructed.

Anastasia said nothing, following her captain quietly, while the fingers of her right hand tapped out the Thue-Morse sequence on her hip.

The lift whirred up from Deck 10 to Deck 2 within a minute or so. Once the lift slowed to a halt the doors hissed open allowing its occupants to vacate the turbolift. Claudia led Anastasia towards her quarters - once they were there Claudia opened the doors and stood to one side and gestured for Anastasia to enter.

"Help yourself to a seat Ensign. Is there anything I can get for you?" Claudia said.

Anastasia took the proffered seat, spending a few seconds to get her feet in the proper arrangement on the floor. She then turned her unblinking gaze at the Captain. "I've collected evidence which strongly indicates that an operative of the Consortium is operating on this ship, Captain. However, I must temper this report with objectivity by advising you that I strongly suspect that my brother Dmitri is a high ranking officer in the Consortium, which would make me and anything I report to you naturally suspect. But since my brother Dmitri considers me anathema, I feel it safe to say that my familial connection to him does not inherently disqualify my findings." Anastasia's pronouncement was given in a toneless manner, with no sign of emotions on her face.

Claudia took a seat opposite Anastasia and listened to what she said. The suspicions that she, Akiva, Benj, Soren and T'Mia shared seemed to be shared by one of the Vindex's Science Officers. She was initially concerned of Anastasia's connection to a high ranking member of The Consortium but after she explained the familial difficulties her concerns were relaxed a little.

"Well - I appreciate you bringing this to my attention Ensign. I believe we may be on to something aboard the ship although at this stage I really don't want to say too much and I hope you'll understand why. Do you mind if I ask what it is your brother's position is and what vessel he is on?" Claudia replied.

"The last assignment I am aware that Dmitri held was as a platoon sergeant on the marine detachment assigned to the USS Cukela. Dmitri had mentioned in his letters home that he did not think much of the second lieutenant recently assigned as platoon leader to the Cukela. I realize that the information is classified, Captain, but from general fleet missives I have been able to deduce that the Cukela is one of the ships that has aligned itself with the Consortium. I also have evidence that would support the evidence that Dmitri would be in the best position to take control of the Cukela." Anastasia held up her PADD, asking, "If I might send it to your PADD, Captain?"

Claudia listened with intent - it was clear that Dmitri Bogolyubov was close to or in a position of power. It did concern her but at the same time it could work out in their favour.

"Of course" Claudia said as she reached for a PADD from the desk in her quarters.

"All of the information I used to reach my deductions is declassified, Captain," Anastasia assured her. "However, it was not difficult to make deductions concerning information that I assume is classifed. This..." Anastasia added, sending another data package "...are gaps in certain routine operations which would allow information to be gathered without detected, and provide a communication method for a potential operative to contact the Consortium undetected. It should help narrow down the field of potential spys, since there should be only a limited number of people with the ability and access to create those 'gaps.'"

Claudia watched as the PADD she collected filled up with the information that Anastasia had provided her. It was certainly going to prove very useful in finding out who the operative - or even operatives - was.

"This information is most useful Ensign - I'll be sure to pass it on to the relevant departments so they can put it to good use. Is there anything I can get for you - a drink perhaps?" Claudia said.

"No, ma'am. Drinking any liquid while giving a report distracts me, since I have to maintain a constant interval between sips, with allowable derivatives, of course," Anastasia added matter-of-factly. "I believe that is all the relevant information I have, Captain. I shall keep this conversation and observations to myself until you advise me to do otherwise. And relay all pertinent information to you, as it is discovered. Is there anything else, ma'am?"

Claudia took a moment to glance over the information before putting it to once side to read properly later on. Considering what time it was Claudia decided to stay in her quarters and read a book to pass the time.

"Thank you Ensign I appreciate it. I don't think there's anything else - feel free to leave when you're ready. If you ever need to talk about anything I'll be available" Claudia replied with a smile.

"Thank you, ma'am," Anastasia replied, standing. Anastasia decided she had just enough time to return to her quarters before reporting for her shift on the bridge. With a nod to her captain, Anastasia made her departure.

Claudia stood up and watched as Anastasia left her quarters - feeling a little surprised at the events of the evening - but she felt that the information the Science Officer had provided her with would certainly come in useful. Deciding to read the information Anastasia had given her instead of the book she had originally decided on reading Claudia picked up the PADD with one hand her glass of wine in the other and settled back into her chair to relax.


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