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Posted on Sun Aug 7th, 2016 @ 3:37pm by Captain Isobel Joyce & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz
Edited on on Sun Aug 28th, 2016 @ 12:39am

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Rakhar
Timeline: Mission Day 6; 07:00

The Renown's away team had just woken up from their much needed sleep and were preparing for the day ahead. Isobel had handed out the morning's rations and was just about to start eating her own when the proximity alarm that had been set up to warn the team of any approaching people started to sound. Not the thing that they wanted to hear at all - especially as they were about to start eating their first meal of the day.

"Mr Muniz you're with me. Everybody else stay here" Isobel ordered.

Isobel went to the rear of the shuttle to retrieve two phaser rifles - one for herself and the other for José.

The two officers exited the shuttle with caution. It was still relatively dark outside the craft as the sun had yet to rise in the part of Rakhar they were currently based. Isobel told José to stick with her as they went towards the direction where the shuttle's alarm indicated the potential intruders were coming from. Suddenly Isobel heard a crunch no more than thirty or so feet away just below the ridge they were on - but in what direction?

"The scanners said they were right here...they must be close" an unknown voice said.

Another responded. "They'll be found easily enough. Now remember - we are under instructions to bring them back alive. The Captain will not be pleased if they are unable to answer any questions as to where their ship is. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir" replied the first voice - somewhat reluctantly.

Isobel tugged at José's arm gently and gestured to go back to the shuttle quickly but quietly. They moved as silently as possible but it was too late - when they were back in sight of the shuttlecraft it appeared it had been discovered by whoever was looking for them. There were at least four Consortium allied people surrounding the shuttle with at least another two approaching from another direction close to José and Isobel. Eight of Renown's crew onto six of The Consortium's seemed like a winnable battle - but Isobel knew the enemy would have reinforcements and they would simply keep sending them until Isobel and her team were all captured.

"What do we do?" José mouthed to his superior officer.

Isobel decided the best course of action would be to buy some time and try to escape - but their shuttle was definitely no match for whatever was in orbit of Rakhar. They would have to think fast.

"Stun them" Isobel whispered as she aimed her phaser.

José nodded and aimed his phaser - but it was just a moment too late. The Consortium agents had managed to enter the shuttle and started stunning the occupants inside ready to be transported to the USS Bozeman in orbit. The two officers knew that they would be next unless they ran away - and fast. Using the noise inside the shuttle they quickly ran to take cover behind a large rock to decide on their next move. There was no way the two of them could take on eight enemies - even if one or two had been overpowered by the away team in the shuttle.

"What now?" José whispered.

Isobel hated to abandon her colleagues but they had no choice now if they wanted to avoid being captured by The Consortium.

"We'll have to find out where they've been taken - we can't call for support from our ship because that'd give its position away and we can't tell what's up there. We should wait until they leave and then get whatever rations we can from the shuttle. We'll just have to hope that somebody comes to rescue us and that they're on our side" Isobel said.

José could see Isobel didn't want to abandon her colleagues but it was clear in the circumstances they had no choice as they were now heavily outnumbered. It seemed like the best course of action - as a rescue attempt now would be an extremely unwise course of action that would result in them being taken to wherever their colleagues were going for questioning.

No more than ten or fifteen minutes passed and the away teams from the Bozeman were satisfied they had the entire team - despite the fact only one of the team remaining on the shuttle was an officer. They had managed to stun two of the Bozeman's away team but they were still quickly overpowered and beamed up to the Miranda-class starship in orbit.

Isobel and José made doubly sure that they were alone - which they were - and made their way back to the shuttle. Isobel knew that in the circumstances it was unwise to try and rescue the team with only herself and José having weapons - but she didn't think the away team who had been kidnapped would agree. Once they were back in the shuttle they decided to remain there for a short while to prepare instead of departing straight away - seeing as it was unlikely The Consortium would come back and look for them again.

José sat at the helm and powered it on to scan for any vessels in orbit - and he found that there was one - but even a ship that outdated would be too much for the shuttle to overpower.

"Lieutenant - we have a Miranda-class starship in orbit. It appears to be the USS Bozeman although I doubt it'll be hanging around for long. There's another unidentifiable starship coming in that appears to be much bigger" José reported.

Isobel nodded. "Very well - we'll just have to hope that starship is on our side. We will wait here for six hours - if that ship does not come and check us out or his hostile then we will make our way to those caves that my team surveyed yesterday"

"It wasn't the best thing to do Lieutenant...but at least we've got a chance of getting them back if we can get help soon. We know where they are and if that big ship is on our side then I don't doubt that they'll help us. Don't blame yourself - you weren't to know The Consortium would come looking for us" José said.

Isobel sighed. "But if they came looking for us...that would mean the enemy has found or at least knows where the Renown is and is going to go and intercept it. I highly doubt they'd randomly stumble on our away team and guess what ship we're from. This shuttle is Cardassian and bears absolutely no markings of the Renown"

"You have a fair point" José replied.

A beep on José's console confirmed the Bozeman had now left orbit. He had set his console to track the Miranda-class starship for as long as it was in range - but even he knew he wouldn't be able to track it forever. The only worry he had was if the prisoners were transferred to another much bigger and faster ship before help arrived.

"The Bozeman has left orbit" José reported.

Isobel simply nodded and closed the craft's external hatch before sitting on the nearest chair. She felt like she'd betrayed the crew she was told to look after - she felt she should have volunteered to be taken prisoner instead and to let the team remain on the planet - but she knew that The Consortium didn't work like that. They stopped at nothing to find out what they wanted to know and certainly wouldn't take a Starfleet loyal Lieutenant's word for it.

"Keep an eye on that ship coming in. Is it still headed for us?" Isobel asked.

José nodded. "Yes Lieutenant. Still unidentified - I'll keep you updated if you want to get some rest. I'll wake you up if I hear anything"

"I'll be fine. We should start preparing our bags in case we have to depart in a hurry. I'll carry the medical supplies and water - I'd like you to carry the food rations and whatever else we can fit in that we need to take" Isobel instructed.

José nodded and did as he was asked. He knew that taking the shuttle wasn't practical in the circumstances and they had a much better chance of survival if they stayed on the planet close to the shuttle - if they went into orbit the first hostile ship would overpower the Cardassian craft within seconds and their survival chances would be much less.


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