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Into The Nebula

Posted on Tue Sep 20th, 2016 @ 8:15pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Captain Isobel Joyce & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Major Storr Garlake & Lieutenant JG Imogen Kaz & Lieutenant JG Tora Benjarvi & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 1; Observation Lounge and Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 7; 09:00

Claudia and the away team had returned from the away mission on Rakhar and she had decided after speaking with Lieutenant Joyce that she would take the Vindex into the nebula to find the Renown - now that the modifications to the ship that would allow them to traverse the nebula Claudia decided it was time to go in and bring their week-long mission to an end.

=/\="Ainscow to all senior staff. Please report to the observation lounge"=/\=

Determined not to be late this time, Akiva delegated his tasks to a junior officer while en route to the nearest turbolift. When the lounge doors parted, he saw that no one else had arrived yet apart from the captain. Always short for words, he greeted her with a nod and took a seat to wait.

Isobel appeared next and took a seat close to Claudia. Although she had no role in the Vindex's command staff she had been invited as she was a member of the Renown's command staff and she knew exactly where they'd be able to find the missing ship in the nebula.

T'Mia vacated her position on the bridge of the Vindex and made her way through the doors at the back of the command center. Once inside, the ship's executive officer made her way to her usual seat at the Captain's right. "It is agreeable to see you again Captain," the Vulcan nodded in respect to her superior as she took a seat.

Storr arrived and was pleased that (for once) he was nowhere near the last to arrive and made his way to the Captain's left and across the lovely T'Mia. He winked at the elegant Vulcan before turning to Commander Ainscow with a smile and a nod. "Captain".

Claudia smiled at the current arrivals. She was happy to see them all together again - even though it hadn't been that long since they were all in the same room together Claudia enjoyed having the group together. This time it was the real deal - the Vindex was going into a nebula and they no idea what else was in there other than the USS Renown.

"How are we all this afternoon?" Claudia asked.

Next to arrive in the briefing room was Annie, she was on her first day back on duty after being stuck in sickbay with a virus. Feeling much better, she arrived at the meeting and chose a seat next to Akiva, and waited for the meeting to start.

*I guess I'm switching places with Captain Garlake*, thought Benj as he entered the Observation Lounge. Normally he would be early, but he was finishing up a report about the away mission on the surface of Rakhur. Benj looked around as he entered and noticed that most of the senior staff was in place. He smiled at Commander Ainscow and nodded to the others and took his seat halfway down the left hand side of the table. He brought out his PADD and activated it, looking at the most up to date information he had on the Nebula.

Not far behind the man came Lieutenant Kazyah Linn. He came in quietly and took an empty seat.

Soren walked in with a cup of dark coffee and sat further down of the long conference table, not making any acknowledgements of the others but had other things on his mind.

One of the last to enter was Imogen. She walked into the room and sat in one of the empty chairs, mind preoccupied.

"Thank you all for coming this morning ladies and gents. We've had over 18 hours to prepare the ship to enter the nebula and I'm hoping we're now ready to enter and we can end our search for the Renown. How are the modifications holding up?" Claudia said.

"Navigational sensors still aren't quite up to standard levels, but they should keep us from going in circles," Akiva reported. "We could potentially boost them if needs be, but we would have to divert power from the main deflector to do so."

Annie nodded, she had tested the modifications made to the navigation controls, and they were working well. She was confident they were going to hold out in the nebula.

"We can fly in whenever you're ready, Commander, the modifications to the navigation controls have been tested, and are working."

Himmel took a quick sip of his beverage, "Engineering is nearly ready Captain. The modifications to our impulse drive are holding steady and the stabilizers are singing the right tune, I'm just going to check on them one more time. Otherwise Vindex is gut to go, she's purring like a kitten."

Benj tapped on his PADD, pulling up some notes that he had made. He had actually been in the shower when it had came to him... so brilliant that he stopped the shower and went to get his PADD without ever pulling his clothes on. So engrossed in the idea was he that he actually made it out of his room by 10 meters before realizing that he had neglected to put on clothes. Luckily his PADD was of ample size to cover his "weapons cache" and he was able to make a tactical retreat to retrieve said clothing. Only an embarrass, but laughing crewman got to share in his discomfort.

"I did have an idea about navigating the Nebula, Ma'am", said Benj. "We could launch a few of our sensor probes out in front of us as we go. They would be able to gather information from their surrounding areas and as we close with the probe, we could download it. I figure if we encrypt the message and change frequencies to simulate background noise, we should be able to use it to guide us around, but also not help any ship trying to follow us. They would just get seemingly background noise." Benj looked around at the rest of the people. It was a thought, but it would require the Engineers to help make it happen. "I remember a report from Voyager that this tactic worked one time for them... well really against them."

Claudia nodded. It was a fair point and it was something that could further boost their chances inside the nebula. Deciding to approve Benj's idea she nodded.

"Good idea Lieutenant - I think that's worth taking further. Mr Himmel - I'd like you to work with Mr Tora on modifying some probes" Claudia replied.

Soren looked to Benj and raised his mug, "On it Captain."

Benj leaned forward and nodded at the Engineer. If his memory served him correct, they had at least 13 probes on the Vindex. That would give them quite a bit of coverage, but also, as they deployed the third probe and those there after, it would give them a path that let them know their path out. He would talk to Himmel about having them just within range of each other so that the Vindex, even with their reduced sensors could still pick up two at a time.

Akiva nodded in approval as well. He did not prefer his own idea, but it could serve a suitable alternative if the security chief's probes were to fail for any reason. "These preparations won't have to last long if we have a head start on the search." He turned to Benj. "By any chance have our special guests been cooperative?"

Claudia nodded. "Very much so. They gave us everything we needed to know to find the ship - the preparations are almost ready I believe. All we're waiting for is confirmation engineering that our propulsion modifications are ready to go"

"Just so that we are all crystal clear," T'Mia sat forward in her chair, "what exactly is the plan when we locate the Renown? I would like to remind everyone that there is a high probability that there are a great many people on that vessel still loyal to Starfleet." She spoke quietly, yet authoritatively.

Isobel looked over at Commander Ainscow. She had promised that if the vessel was in Starfleet hands they would not destroy it - and Isobel hoped that Claudia would keep her promise.

"If the vessel is still in Starfleet hands then we will escort it back to Starbase Unity - it can remain there until we retake control of the wormhole. Prior to that however if they're in decent shape then we could use some extra firepower when we retrieve the prisoners from the Bozeman" Claudia replied.

Benj cast his eyes over at the Marine Captain in the meeting. Once they found the Bozeman, it might take a combined force of Marines and Security officers to board and if possible retake that ship. They might be working together once more... this time it wouldn't be a simulator.

"If we're all ready let's get to it. Mr. Himmel I'd appreciate your support here on the bridge - Mr. Garlake I'd like you to remain on standby until further notice. We don't know when we'll find the Bozeman but I don't think they'll be too far away" Claudia instructed.

Storr met the Security Chief's gaze and nodded, thinking very similar thoughts. Given the two different (though complementary) mission sets that their departments had, it would take the united effort of them both to board, secure and then escort the Bozeman to the Starbase. He was glad that they had a good working relationship and hoped that the limited time that he and Benj (and, to possibly a greater extent, their respective staffs) had spent together would be enough to solidify them as a team. At the mention of his name, he turned back to his right and nodded.

"Aye, ma'am. The Two-Five will be ready at your command."

Sat in the command chair of the Vindex Claudia looked around the hive of activity that the bridge was. The Vindex was moving slowly towards the Renown's last known position at half impulse - so far it was going well although Claudia had an idea trouble wasn't always too far around the corner out in the Gamma Quadrant.

"How are the modifications holding up?" Claudia asked.

"So far, so good, Captain," Akiva said. He kept his misgivings to himself, though his scowl may have given more away than his words. "Power levels remaining steady."

"Only minor fluctuations, I am compensating," Himmel responded, "We're holding steady, everything checks out."

Annie was piloting the ship through the nebula, it was the first time she had done it, but it came naturally to her after a couple of minutes getting used to the modified navigation. Nothing was to be found so far, but she knew that something else would be in there, her gut instinct told her.

Claudia was happy that things were running well so far. She expected there to be minor issues but in Claudia's past experiences nothing went perfectly. Still - for once she was hoping that they would and the Renown would be found with ease.

Soon however it was clear they weren't alone. Claudia just knew that something wasn't right - and she ordered scans to be carried out to check how close they were to the Renown.

"Captain, I'm detecting an elevated concentration of neutrinos dead ahead," Akiva said. "It could be the Renown." He accessed a separate readout on his console. "Although... this is strange. Switching to a lower subspace bandwidth, sensors are now indicating signs of tetryonic radiation." He looked up at Claudia. "That could mean something emerged from subspace quite recently."

Claudia nodded. "Interesting...could we try and send out a hail? If we can ascertain who it is at least we know whether we'll be shooting at them or not"

"Broadcasting a short-band transmission directly toward the neutrino concentration," Akiva said. His console beeped. "No response. Switching to a wide-band transmission on all channels."

A few minutes later after trying to get hold of the ship in front of them the response came. It was the Renown's Chief of Operations Lieutenant Commander Redmond.

=/\="USS Renown here. What can I do for you?"=/\= Carl asked.

"This is Commander Claudia Ainscow of the USS Vindex. We were sent here by Commodore O'Connell to retrieve you and escort you back to Starbase Unity..." Claudia replied.

=/\="I'll go and fetch the Captain for you. I will re-open the link once I have located him. Renown out"=/\= Carl said.

Claudia smiled. "Well...there we looks like we've found her in one piece at least. Miss Wilson take us as close as you can get to the Renown. I'll be in my ready room so I can take the call from Mr Hutchinson in there - Mr ben-Avram the bridge is yours"

"Yes Commander, moving in on the Renown, we should be there in a few minutes." Annie said as she adjusted the Vindex's path to move towards the Renown, with her nervousness now considerably reduced.

"Aye, Captain," Akiva said as he reverently assumed the captain's chair. "Lieutenant Tora, maintain security sweeps of all sectors as best we can with your modified probes. I don't want anyone getting the drop on us."

Claudia departed the bridge and headed for her ready room. It was still a tense time - but she knew at least the Renown had been found and they hadn't fired on them. That was something Claudia was grateful for at least.


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