Timeline of the USS Vindex (NCC-2474-A)

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Timeline of the USS Vindex (NCC-2474-A); ex NCC-75610


March 24th (64227.5): NCC-75610 is laid down at Utopia Planitia with Commander Kosack supervising the vessel's construction.

September 29th (64745.5): NCC-75610 is named Vindex by Rear Admiral John Joyce.

November 23rd (64896.5): Construction of Vindex is delayed due to an accident aboard the vessel which causes severe damage in Main Engineering as well as the decks immediately above and below. It takes two months to repair the vessel sufficiently for construction to resume. Commander Keith Briggs takes over supervising construction of the vessel.


January 28th (65077.5): After repairs are completed construction of Vindex is resumed two months behind schedule. By April 2388 construction of the vessel is on schedule for its new launch date in July 2388.

May 2nd (65334.5): Vindex's first scheduled launch date.

July 4th (65507.5): Commander Claudia Ainscow is assigned command of Vindex. Recruitment of the vessel's senior staff and junior crewmembers begins shortly after her assignment as Vindex's commanding officer. The vessel was due to be assigned to patrolling The Badlands however it is diverted to the Gamma Quadrant to counter the growing threat from The Consortium.

July 18th (65545.4): Vindex is launched from Utopia Planitia on its revised schedule. It undertakes its shakedown cruise whilst en-route to Starbase Unity in the Gamma Quadrant under the temporary command of Commander Keith Briggs. The trip to Starbase Unity takes ten days at high warp with the vessel arriving at the facility on July 28th.

July 28th (65573.4): Vindex arrives at Starbase Unity where Commander Claudia Ainscow - who had been waiting for the vessel's arrival aboard the former Dominion facility - officially assumes command of Vindex on stardate 65573.5. Commander Keith Briggs departs the vessel the following day and remains aboard Starbase Unity.

July 29th (65575.5): Vindex departs on its first mission - headed to the Rakhar system to track down the missing USS Renown.

August 2nd (65586.3): Vindex arrives at the Rakhar system. An away team from the ship lands on Rakhar using the runabout USS Mersey in the hope of finding some clues about the location or fate of the missing Renown. After a short search of the planet's surface two crew members from Renown's away team of eight - Lieutenant Isobel Joyce and Ensign José Muñiz - are located by the away team and are returned to the Vindex.

August 3rd (65589.6): Vindex enters a nebula to track down the USS Renown. A short search finds the damaged starship which had been in a confrontation with The Consortium's USS Cukela. Crew transfers take place between the two starships shortly afterwards.

August 3rd (65589.7): Vindex engages and disables The Consortium aligned Miranda-class starship USS Bozeman to retrieve prisoners from the USS Renown's away team. A team of Marines led by Captain Storr Garlake successfully retrieved all six crewmembers.

August 4th (65592.4): Vindex and Renown set off for Altor after a tip off from Lieutenant Tolan that The Consortium are planning to launch an attack on Starbase Unity. The two vessels plan to rendezvous with USS Brandenburg and USS Sarek - two vessels believed to still be allied to Starfleet.

August 5th (65595.8): Vindex and Renown arrived at Altor. Away teams from both vessels go over to the Brandenburg and Sarek to render assistance in preparation for the task group's (Force C) departure for Starbase Unity.

August 6th (65597.4): Force C leaves Altor.

August 8th (65603.9): Vindex engages and boards The Consortium freighter Polaris. A team led by Captain Storr Garlake retrieves supplies from the vessel for the Vindex. Lance Corporal Jessica Blake is killed in action aboard the Polaris.

August 11th (65610.4): Force C arrives at Starbase Unity. The Starfleet forces successfully repel The Consortium attack on the facility with Vindex destroying The Consortium flagship Dark Horse. After that the vessel heads to Starbase Unity for repairs.

August 13th (65616.3): Prior to departing Starbase Unity after repairs are completed Vindex is re-registered NCC-2474-A. Shortly after repairs are completed Vindex proceeds to Gavara IV as part of Operation Adrestia to retake the planet from The Consortium.

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