Vessels of Task Force 9

Created by Captain Claudia Ainscow on Fri Nov 18th, 2016 @ 5:30pm

Below is a list of vessels assigned to Task Force 9. They are categorised by their allegiance to either Starfleet or The Consortium.

23 starships in Task Force 9 are allied to Starfleet

USS Akihito (Ronin-class); TG3A - Starbase Unity
USS Arizona (Sovereign-class); TG4B - Unknown
USS Black Hawk (Akira-class); TG3B - Hadyn Nebula
USS Brandenburg (Sovereign-class); TG4A - Starbase Unity
USS Callisto (Luna-class); TG3B - Starbase Unity
USS Cochrane (Intrepid-class); TG3B - Hadyn Nebula (reclaimed by Starfleet)
USS Freedom (Sovereign-class); TG3A - Unknown (MIA)
USS Hawk (Argonaut-class); TG1A - Unknown
USS Hopkins (Olympic-class); TG4A - Starbase Unity
USS Jericho (Ambassador-class); TG2B - Unknown (MIA)
USS Kumari (Defiant-class); TG4B - Starbase Unity
USS Maketu (Saber-class); TG3A - Destroyed
USS Nelson (Saber-class); TG2B - Unknown (reclaimed by Starfleet)
USS Nogura (Sovereign-class); TG1A - Unknown
USS O'Carroll (Akira-class); TG4A - Starbase Unity
USS Ottawa (Steamrunner-class); TG4B - Destroyed
USS Perseus (Prometheus-class); TG4A - Starbase Unity
USS Pinnacle (Galaxy-class); TG1A - Unknown
USS Princeton (Century-class); TG1B - Destroyed
USS Sarek (Rhode Island-class); TG4A - Starbase Unity
USS Scorpio (Excalibur-class); TG1A - Destroyed
USS Thunderchild (Akira-class); TG1A - Starbase Unity
USS Triton (Luna-class); TG1A - Unknown
USS Unification (Nebula-class); TG2B - Unknown
USS Valcour (Intrepid-class); TG2B - Unknown
USS Vindex (Sovereign-class); TG1B - Gavara IV

11 starships in Task Force 9 are allied to The Consortium

USS Agamemnon (Prometheus-class); TG1B - Deep Space 11
USS Antares (Concorde-class); TG1B - Deep Space 11
USS Beowulf (Akira-class); TG2A - Starbase Unity (disabled)
USS Bozeman (Miranda-class); TG1B - Deep Space 11
USS Brazil (Galaxy-class); TG4B - Destroyed
USS Cairo (Galaxy-class); TG2A - Wormhole
USS Chimera (Intrepid-class); TG3B - Destroyed
USS Dark Horse (Sovereign-class); TG3A - Destroyed
USS Eenhoorn (Intrepid-class); TG1A - Destroyed
USS Hammerhead (Nebula-class); TG1B - Deep Space 11
USS Hamilton (Akira-class); TG2B - Destroyed
USS Hastings (Akira-class); TG2A - Destroyed
USS Healy (Insignia-class); TG4A - Destroyed
USS Invincible (Excelsior-class); TG2A - Wormhole
USS Karnack (Insignia-class); TG3B - Destroyed
USS Kingfisher (Insignia-class); TG2A - Wormhole
USS Rhodes (Luna-class); TG3A - Starbase Unity (disabled)
USS sh'Paveress (Nebula-class); TG4B - Starbase Unity (disabled)
USS Sovereign (Sovereign-class); TG3B - Deep Space 11
USS Tianamen (Excalibur-class); TG4B - Destroyed
USS Ticonderoga (Akira-class); TG1B - Deep Space 11
USS Triumph (Nebula-class); TG2B - Wormhole
USS T'Pava (Miranda-class); TG2A - Wormhole
USS Vanguard (Prometheus-class); TG3A - Destroyed