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Created by Captain Claudia Ainscow on Sat Jun 11th, 2016 @ 6:13pm

Here is a posting guide for the USS Vindex:


Although it isn't critically important or a rule that all mission posts are posted in chronological order it's preferred that the "Timeline" information is filled in to the best of your knowledge before you submit your post.
Where possible please include the Mission Day and time of your post in the "Timeline" box. Don't worry if you don't know or are unsure of the Mission Day - if it's set before or after a particular post (written by yourself or another player) just write "Before (post title)" or "After (post title)" in the "Timeline" box instead. This way other players or people who aren't members of the sim that are reading the posts have a general idea of when the post takes place during the mission's storyline. Posts don't always have to be set during the timeline of the current mission though - if you wish to write a post about your character's past (such as a dream or a past event) you are more than welcome to.


Where possible please fill in the "Location" box before submitting your post - this allows other players or people who aren't members of the shim that are reading the posts to know where the post takes place. If the post takes place on the ship example locations could include and are not exclusively limited to:
    Deck 1; Main Bridge, Main Bridge or Deck 1.
    Deck 5; Crew Quarters, Crew Quarters or Deck 5.
    Deck 16; Main Engineering, Main Engineering or Deck 16.
In some cases posts may take place off the ship - such as on a planet or a starbase. In this particular case precise locations aren't necessary and the name of the planet or the starbase is sufficient.

Posting frequency:

Although the desired posting frequency is one post per 14 days (two weeks) this isn't a hard and fast rule and is more of a guideline. A player won't be removed if they haven't posted for 14 days as things do happen outside of simming that may prevent a player informing the game master/Commanding Officer or Executive Officer that they will be absent from the sim for an extended period. This also applies to players who are currently working on a joint post (JP) which hasn't yet been completed as they would still be considered active players and they are intending to post as soon as possible.


This section describes how to format posts should you wish to use bold or italic text in your posts or personal logs.

Bold: Copying this template - <html>Text</html> - replace "html" with "strong".
Italic: Copying this template - <html>Text</html> - replace "html" with "em".

These posting guidelines were devised by Commander Claudia Ainscow for the USS Vindex of Bravo Fleet.

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